The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 162

CH162: 93 Layer Strategy (2) Singular Mage

I knew it. It’s not doing much damage.

Will’s mumbled voice echoed in my brain as he saw the serpent that didn’t seem to be damaged even though it was being rained upon by Rain-san and Lecrae’s attack magic.

“No, the damage is definitely accumulating little by little. It’s frustrating, but we’ll just have to continue to chip away at it bit by bit with our magic. Selma-san, the attack with the magic sword wasn’t effective either, so I’m going to join Will in following up the rear guard.”

Physical attacks don’t work very well against a serpent’s constitution.

I’d hoped that the sword would be enough, but after that blow I knew that it wouldn’t be very effective either.

So we’ll switch to full-fledged magic combat.

“Okay. You all heard Orn. It’s an endurance battle from here on out. Stay focused!

“””” copy!!!!”” “””

I’ve settled on a battle plan for this battle.

I touch the ground with my left hand and then construct a formula to channel the magic into the ground.

Then you cancel [Unseal Culmination] and switch to [Unseal: Restoration Quintuple (5th level)].

Selma was right. It’s gonna be an endurance battle from here on out.

I’ve still got a job to do, so I can’t afford to lose any ground this early in the game.

Rain-san and Lukre have increased the density of their attacks even more now that we’ve decided to refrain from close combat with the serpent.

We place [Amplified Chain Raise Repeat] on the projectile line.

At the same time, Will and I put on some accessories with magic stones before cutting down the shrubbery.

The serpent’s magic is that it can interfere with plants and control them at will.

Sometimes new plants appear, like the giant tree that grew in an instant earlier, but other times the shrubs in the boss area act autonomously like living creatures with a will.

To prevent this, we will remove the trees that get in the way while we can.

<The serpent that fought in the Golden Dawn was crawling across the ground in all directions.

The giant body was a threat just by moving around, but now the serpent has hardly moved from the center of the boss area, just like a snake that stops its activity in winter.

They don’t fight back with magic much either, probably because of the cold environment.

The fact that he hasn’t moved even though he’s taken some damage from the spells means that our plan to lower the temperature in the boss’s area has been a great success.

I can’t thank the Night Sky Silver Rabbit’s magic development room enough for developing this magic tool.

But… But I don’t think he’s gonna let it go that easy.

The situation remained one-sided for a while, but then the serpent suddenly emits a threatening sound like “Shah! The scales turned bluish in color.

It seems to have adapted to this cold environment, as I had assumed as one of the predictions.

The scales of the serpent turned a dark blue,・・・・・・・・・・, and it seemed as if it had been lying still for a moment before as it plunged ・・・・・・・・・・ toward Mr. Rain at a speed that didn’t match its huge body.

This is why I told Will before we entered the boss area that this enemy was different.

Unlike normal monsters, the serpent doesn’t target the magic stone as much.

The magic stone is not completely meaningless, but it is more likely to target a rearguard who is using magic than a defender who is wearing a magic stone.

Physical attacks are ineffective and magic stones cannot be used to guide them.

Therefore, the serpent is one of the most difficult monsters for the defender to fight.

Whether this is a unique behavior of the serpent or not, or whether the floor bosses in the future won’t be able to use the same hate management as before, we won’t know until we face the floor bosses in the ninety-fourth level.

A vanguard that has reached the depths, such as Will and I, can deal with the serpent’s rush without difficulty.

That’s probably why the serpent is charging at the rear guard who isn’t good at close combat.

Mages have little experience in close combat, since they usually destroy enemies before they get close to them and leave close combat to the vanguard.

So, you are right in your decision to challenge the rear guard to a close combat.

But, serpent.

That’s taking too much out of Mr. Lane.

“Rain, do you need a follow-up?”

The snake is heading towards Mr. Rain and Selma asks him about it with her telepathy, but there’s no urgency in her voice.

“Just keep the buffs up. I’ll draw them away, so you guys get ready to attack. Lecrae, you’ll need to be on standby for water magic.

Mr. Rain, on the other hand, showed no sign of nervousness at all in spite of the approaching serpent and answered in a nonchalant manner.

As the distance between Mr. Rain and the serpent gradually narrows, she taps the ground with the staff in her hand.

Immediately afterwards the ground around Mr. Rain rises up, and random stone pillars appear like obstacles blocking the serpent’s progress.

If it was a quadrupedal beast, this obstacle might have prevented it from rushing forward.

But it had little effect on the serpent, which crawled along the ground, weaving its way between the stone pillars.

The serpent, which seems to have no regard for the stone pillars, finally approaches Mr. Lane and opens its mouth wide.

The serpent’s upper and lower jaws clamp down on her from both sides, and it closes its mouth to swallow her whole.

Immediately afterwards, a loud explosion was heard in the serpent’s mouth.

A thin plume of smoke rises from its open mouth, and it appears to be a serpent scratching itself in agony.

“Was my magic good?”

Rain-san, who had been standing on the stone pillar for some time, talks to the serpent which has been visibly damaged for the first time.

The serpent turns its hostile gaze on the voiced Mr. Rain, and at the same time it wags its tail so fast that it is difficult for an ordinary person to react.

The tail slams into the top of the pillar where Mr. Rain is.

I’d say civilians can’t react… but Mr. Reyne is an explorer skilled in combat.

It’s also capable of reaching deep levels.

And with her buffed by Selma, she should be easy to spot.

Nice try. Come on.

Rain-san, who had already moved onto another stone pillar, calls out to the serpent in an agitated manner.

The snake’s temper is getting stronger and stronger and it magically grows several ivy-like plants around Mr. Rain.

A lot of ivy is attacking Mr. Lane.

Lecrae, water!

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you’re getting into.

When several magic circles appear above Rain’s head, water bullets rain down.

The ivy won’t slow down when it gets wet, so I’ll use [gravity manipulation] to block its movement.

“Thank you, Mr. Orn.”

Mr. Lane noticed and thanked me.

And then..,

“[Extreme Cold Ice and Snow Blizzard].”

The cold air of white smoke that contains a higher density of magic than the white smoke emitted by the white dagger earlier appears around her when Rain activates her magic.

And the ivy that was about to attack Ms. Lane never reached her because it froze over.

“Hmm. I’m sorry, snake. I guess your attack didn’t reach me again.”

Once again, Rain-san, who dealt with the serpent’s attack with no difficulty, agitates the serpent.

To turn the hate on themselves.

The serpent makes a “shear!” sound and then it lunges at Mr. Rain even faster than before, like a head butt. and then it lunges at Mr. Rain even faster than before, as if to head-butt him.

The sound was not the same as the menacing sound of before, but sounded as if he was furious.

Just before the serpent’s headbutt reaches you, Rain activates [Spatial Leap Space Leap] and transfers to another location.

Magic is finally activated by constructing a formula and then channeling magic power into the formula.

Anyone can construct a formula and channel magic.

However, the type of the construction method is different from person to person.

For example, you are not good at constructing support magic, but you are good at offensive magic, or you are good at fire magic but not good at water magic, and so on.

There are some people who are not good at different kinds of techniques, but they are in the minority.

As far as I know, the only other people who fall into that minority are my grandpa and Aneri, a former member of the heroes’ party.

Most of them have their own specialties.

Selma, it’s a support spell. Lucre, it’s a recovery spell.

And you, Mr. Lane?

Offensive magic?

No, no.

She’s a singular mage, the poster child for sorcery.

A singular mage is essentially the same as any of us.

But there is one big difference.

It’s called peculiar magic. and has such an extraordinary aptitude that no one else can match it.

For example, “can construct a formula in an instant so that it takes no time to construct it” or “can affect a range that is impossible for magic”.

Rain-san’s specific magic is [space leap space leap].

It is said to be the most difficult of all magic to construct a formula, so even those who are familiar with it have a hard time constructing it, but she can do it in an instant.

He seems to have had a tragic experience in the past because he was a peculiar mage and he rarely uses [space leap space leap].

The rear guard is apt to be targeted in this battle against the serpent, so it was safer for Rain to temporarily take on the role of defender, so he unlocked [Space Leap Space Leap].

In the case of using it, you can only transfer the target to yourself, and the transfer distance must be a few meters in radius.

Guys, now!

As the serpent crashed its head against the stone pillar where Rain had disappeared, I heard Rain’s voice echoing in my brain.

Don’t miss that opportunity,

“””[Heavenly Thunder Hammer Mjolnir]!”” “””

“Chaos Slash Chaos Edge!”


Rain-san, Lecrae and Selma-san will use their special magic, Will will use his Chaos Slash and I’ll use my Jet Black Slash on the serpent.