The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 164

CH164: Over the Years

After a long battle we defeated the serpent and came to the ninety-fourth level of the southern labyrinth.

“Oh, my God! It’s white! It’s cold! Ha-ha-ha!”

Lecrae is frolicking like a child on the ninety-fourth layer of a blizzard.

“After invoking so much magic, do you still have the energy to be excited…?”

Will mutters in disgust when he sees Lecrae’s high-spirited appearance.

But I agree with you.

Lecrae has also activated his magic quite a few times, though not as many as Rain-san.

The number of times it’s not in the double digits.

Even though they were not doing much brain-demanding work such as massively parallel construction and waiting for activation, the fatigue must have been considerable.

But she’s still going strong, which proves that she’s tough.

The four of us, except for Lecrae, are pretty limp, so maybe Lecrae’s the toughest…

By the way, the ninety-fourth layer is an extremely cold space.

There is a similar hierarchy in the lower levels, but this is a much harsher hierarchy than the lower ones.

A blizzard is constantly blowing and visibility is so poor that you can’t see more than a few metres ahead.

Moreover, there is a possibility that you will lose your sense of direction due to the blizzard, and if you get lost in the vastness of the depths, you will lose your physical strength due to the temperature that is well below freezing, and the destination will be “death”.

<Since I haven’t done any serious exploration of the ninety-fourth layer, there’s a lot I don’t know about this layer.

“Here we are at last. The ninety-fourth layer.”

“Ah. We’ve caught up with Akebono. All we have to do now is get past them.

I could sense a strong will in Ms. Selma’s response to Mr. Lane’s words.

There is little information on the ninety-fourth layer, and the physical destination is not clear.

It is not difficult to imagine that the attack here will be incomparably more difficult than before.

There is a good chance that some of them will drop out.

But because you conquer the highest level and enter unreachable territory… you’re called a brave and daring explorer… <They call me the Brave One.

I’m sure he was anxious, but Selma was staring straight ahead.

(Maybe it’s this kind of thing about Selma that attracts people around her.)

Then Selma and the four others returned to the ground after registering their guild cards with the crystal at the entrance of the ninety-fourth layer.


The sun had already set completely by the time we hit the ground.

“Ah! The people from the <Yoru Tian no Silver Rabbit> have returned!”

And there’s a huge crowd of people near the entrance to the Grand Labyrinth… and the first one to spot us shouts out…

By the looks of the people here, most of them were civilians, though some were explorers.

I remember this morning’s newspaper from Blanka’s office had a big article about our challenge to the 93rd layer.

Soon we’re surrounded by people asking us questions.

The news that we had conquered the ninety-third layer spread through Tutrail in the blink of an eye and the whole town was in a celebratory mood.

I felt again as I looked at the excitement in the city that the loss of the Golden Dawn had inflicted great damage on the citizens as well.

That’s why I wanted to continue to be an explorer who lives up to the expectations of the people.

From the next day, I was interviewed by a newspaper and attended a party hosted by a sponsor, and before I knew it, there were only a few hours left in this year.

We of the First Squad had finally calmed down a bit and the five of us were having a peaceful time.

“We’ve made great progress this year with Orn joining us. Orn, thank you once again for joining <Silver Rabbit in the Night Sky>.”

Thank you, Mr. Orn. Thank you! Thank you.”

Suddenly, Selma-san said thank you to me in a very soft voice, and the other three people were saying thank you to her as well.

The four of them had big smiles on their faces.

“… What’s up with you all of a sudden?”

“Since this year is almost over. I wanted to thank you again. We’ve come this far without a doubt because of Orn.

“Yes. This time last year we had a big wall standing in our way and we hadn’t taken a step forward. And you broke down that wall. We are really grateful to you.”

“Yes, yes! Ever since Orn-kun came to our house, everything’s been going really well! We’ve been relying on Orn until now, but now that we’ve reached the ninety-fourth level, I think we’ve caught up with him a little bit. From now on, we’ll do our best so that Orn-kun can depend on us!”

“Yeah. But I think the five of us can face any hardship together. So let’s keep working together!”

I receive warm words from each and every one of my friends.

Each word stirs up a variety of emotions.

It’s hard to put it into words.

“… Well, thank you. I don’t know what the right thing to say is at a time like this, but you guys made me really happy. I’m grateful to you guys for accepting me as one of your own. Now I can proudly say that this is where I belong. I’m more than happy to have found such a place. So, uh, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

After that, we talked with each other about the good things of the year and our reflections on the year.

This past year has been really valuable.

At the beginning of this year, I never dreamed that I would have a New Year’s Eve like this.

We spent the last few hours of this year together, hoping that next year will be even better than this year.

… A few moments later, the year 630 of the Fourth Sacred Calendar passed.

In other words, it’s been a turning point year for me…