The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 170

CH170: [Side Zion] Majin

The plains.

I walked into the farm farm and saw an endless field stretching as far as the eye could see.

You can see all the way to the horizon without any noticeable obstacles.

“This labyrinth is the culmination of hundreds of years of Order technology. Every environment ・・・・・・ exists on this level. Don’t be limited by visual information.”

Titania responds to my mutterings and alerts me.

Yeah, I know.

I’m surprised by the sight that makes me think that the plain really stretches forever, but I know what it’s like since Titania told me what this place is like beforehand.

As she said earlier, it seems that here in front of us is a plain, a marshland, a desert, or even under the sea, all of these environments exist at the same time, separated by some kind of invisible wall.

But the wall is just a concept. Humans and monsters can easily climb over it.

Therefore, it is possible that we step into a lava field one moment when it seems that the plain is still continuing from the visual information.

… Yeah, without Titania’s lead we’d be lost for sure… and our health would be seriously affected.

“I’ve heard about it, but it’s still amazing to see it in person. The ・・・・・・・ sight of magical beasts killing each other…”

Yes. The plains spread out before us now… and the monsters are killing each other.

Normally, hexenbiests have a habit of targeting magic stones, but there’s no mechanism in place to attack other hexenbiests.

This is because Hexenbiests were originally created as biological weapons.

If we kill each other’s kind, we’ll be outnumbered before we can use them as weapons.

“We don’t know much about that either, but it seems to be based on an old Eastern magic.”

“Fuka told me about it a long time ago, but I don’t remember that much either. I think it’s called ‘poison ivy’ or something like that.”

I heard this story before Fuka and the others left for Tutrail… so it’s been more than five years now.

I miss it.

… Let’s not lose focus, okay?

Then please guide us to the next level. We’ll take the shortest possible route with the fewest possible environmental changes… [flying comment]. !”


I then begin to follow Titania’s lead as I fly through the sky with the fighting monsters at my side.

Of course, some hexenbiests will switch their targets to me if I get too close, but I’ll use my magic to destroy them without mercy.

It’s a labyrinth with quite a few monsters, but it’s a good thing they’re not all coming at me.

I’d have no problem dealing with all of them, but it’s simply too much trouble and I don’t want to waste time on it.

The real work is in the next level, the second level.

By the way, [Flying Levitation].” was developed by Orn’s father’s uncle.

It can move through the air as fast as a horse can run.

However, since this magic requires constant construction of formulas and inflow of magic power while it is in effect, it requires a great deal of concentration, and fatigue accumulates accordingly.

I’m quite confident in my magic, but I have to devote about thirty percent of my capacity to it while it’s active, so it’s a win-win situation.

“The demonic beasts here should be on par with the demonic beasts that inhabit the lower levels of the Grand Labyrinth, but you’ve managed to defeat them so easily. I thought I heard that humans don’t go into the lower levels of the Grand Labyrinth alone, but I guess they don’t need our help.”

I’ve switched targets to me and I’ve been using my magic to kill the beast from the sky.

“The hexenbiest’s movements are simple enough that it poses no threat to me. Besides, my role ・・・・ is to destroy the city at large. I’m supposed to reap what I can and make way for the king. I should be able to do that.”

A hexenbiest’s movements are instinctive, so they’re easy to read and easy to deal with.

That’s because hexenbiests aren’t intelligent.

The floor bosses of the Grand Maze seem to have some intelligence, but they are still far from human intelligence.


We’re here. The second level is just up ahead.

We have come through a number of environments to the doorway to the next level.

Take a few deep breaths in front of it to calm your mind.

“…. Let’s go.”

As I descended the spiral staircase to the second level, I remembered what Titania had told me about the farm farm.

This is one of the research facilities of the Order of Cyclamen.

The project is to create a Fiend.

A demon is a person with the characteristics of a demon or beast.

Basically, the physical and other combat abilities of demonic beasts are far superior to those of monsters.

The humans closed the gap with their wits and surpassed them.

So what if there’s a hexenbiest that’s as intelligent as a human?

Even skilled explorers and soldiers will have a hard time.

In addition, in order to create a Majin, you’ll need test subjects who will be subjected to inhumane treatment.

That is unforgivable.

Demons must not be allowed to exist from both a humanitarian and military standpoint.

I was thinking about that when I arrived at the second level.

The second level was the complete opposite of the first level, and was artificial, like the inside of a building.

And the mournful cries of a child, which seemed to emanate from afar, reverberated through the labyrinth and reached my ears.

You’re all outcasts…

I hear their voices, and I’m surprised I can’t kill them myself.

Titania, we’re going to take control immediately. Tell me the target to destroy and the enemy’s position!”

“Don’t get too excited. We just can’t see into this labyrinth, but I’m sure there’s a third level.”

“I know. I’m not gonna let my anger get the best of me. But if something goes wrong, I’ll leave you to it.”

“… If we’re going to interfere, we’re going to have to go through Zion here. We can’t help you so many times.”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a last resort insurance policy. I can basically handle this on my own… [flying review].”

She finished her conversation with Titania and began to move on.

I’m going to invoke [Flying Levitation].” to follow it.

The second level, which is like the inside of a building, is closer to the ceiling, so [flying levitation].” requires more detailed control, but we use it to reduce the risk of being detected by footsteps to zero.

If the invasion is completely exposed, then we’ll [FLYING REVITATION].” but we want to reduce their numbers as much as possible before they know we’re in.

The first target is through that door. Inside are five enemies and a child who is being used as a test subject.”

“Copy that.”

When you see the door ahead, Titania tells you what’s going on inside.

(It would have been easier if there were only enemies inside… but if there are test subjects inside… we can’t be too rough with them.)

[Flying Levitation].” and lands right in front of the door without making a sound with your footsteps, an iron cylinder filled with a special gas appears from the storage grimoire.

Then quietly open the door a little bit.

This guy’s no good.

“Oh. Hey, take it upstairs and feed it to the hexenbiests.

The conversation coming from inside the room makes me uncomfortable.

After confirming that the gas in the tube had come out, he used his magic to create a slight breeze that immediately circulated the gas around the room.

This gas is not lethal, but breathing it will temporarily paralyze your throat and render you unable to speak. It’s also fatiguing, so it’s a good tool to use if you want to take them by surprise.

Actually, you can counter it instantly with [Heal Heal], but even if you know that, you’ll gain a moment.

… That one moment was enough for me.

Open the door completely just in time to hear a muffled scream and get the enemy in sight.

After trapping your enemy in a block of ice, you disperse the gas in the room and approach the boy who is lying supine on what looks like a medical examining table.

(Good . It’s not too late ・・・・)

The boy, who was bound hand and foot and unable to speak, was in a state of panic when he saw me approaching.

“I’m sorry. Just hold on a little longer.”

After telling him that, he uses [time travel] to return the boy’s body to the state it was in ・・・・・ before he was played with.


“… This is what we’re looking to destroy?

The magic stone embedded in the magic tool has a different size and magical power than ordinary magic stones.

Dungeon core, most likely.

If the Order can create a labyrinth, they can create the core of the labyrinth, the dungeon core.

“Yeah. They said it was a magical tool developed to create demons.”


Destroy the magical artifact in front of you with your magic and retrieve the stone.

“… Let’s go next.


It seems that the first level is as big as the deepest level of the Grand Labyrinth or even bigger.

However, the second level is not that wide, probably because most of the capacity is allocated there.

But it’s still about the same size as the middle level of the Grand Labyrinth, so it’s definitely bigger than the other labyrinths.

There are six magic tools that are targeted for destruction on this second level.

And you destroyed all of them.

We believe that the reason why we have not been able to mass-produce dungeon cores is because we cannot prepare them immediately.

It would’ve taken them a while to generate the dungeon core, which would’ve stopped their research.

Then, I restrained all of them and their enemies with [Chokubetsu Stillness] and found a doorway that leads to the third level.

Titania, what do you think?

“… No change. I thought it might get closer, but as usual, I can’t see beyond this… What’s really going on here? I have no idea why.”

So we can’t expect much help from Titania from here on out?

We’ve been able to progress this far because of Titania, no doubt.

Thanks to her, I had a good grasp of the structure of this labyrinth and the placement of the enemies.

I’m a little nervous about not having that information, but I’ll take it.

I’m sorry.

“You’ve helped me enough so far. Besides, isn’t there just some sort of boss area beyond this point?”

“Oh. When we had the vision, there was nothing beyond it but a big dome.”

“Then I guess there’s a floor boss ahead of us, probably a successful demon… It’d be easier if it’s within the time frame we can maintain…”

My ability to go back in time allows me to rewind time.

But there’s a condition for keeping it rewound.

Whether it is within the period of maintainability.

This period depends on the target, so it’s not easy to say, but if you rewind to the previous state, you’ll be back to the state you were in just before you exercised [Retrograde] after a while.

It has its uses, but you have to be within this period of time to turn the demon back into a human.

If it’s beyond that period, I can’t undo it.

“In that case, you’ll just have to make up your mind. If it wasn’t for Theon, we wouldn’t even have that option to begin with.”

I know.

I reassess the situation and step onto the stairs leading to the third level.

And now we’ve come to the third level.

It was a domed space like the boss area of the Grand Labyrinth, just as we had been told.

In the center of the room, a man was sitting in a chair.

The man looked to be in his early twenties, with long ash-colored hair tied around his shoulders and dressed like an aristocrat.

We’ve been expecting you. <Lord White Devil.

The man said to me with a friendly smile.