The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 172

CH172: [Side Zion] To Walk Next Door


My ancestors were the heroes of fairy tales… <who fought against the evil gods alongside the King of the Aliens.

But now that history has been twisted and buried by false history, there is no one who knows it.

I was born with an affinity for magic and the ability to travel back in time.

For <Amnzarth>, who had been in bitterness ever since he learned of that defeat, I and Oliver, who was born as the pseudo ・・・・ ancestor of the <Brave>, were hope itself, it seems.

Growing up, Oliver and I had all our hopes pinned on that.

And I was about to be crushed by it.

Who am I? Is there no other meaning to my existence than being a witch?

I think it was the same with Oliver.

Then Orn looked straight at us and said.

I’m not…” I’ll say “no” out loud as many times as I have to! Theon is Theon and Oliver is Oliver. I don’t deserve to be at the mercy of grownups!

…” If the extremists don’t stop messing around with the two of you, I’ll be the two kings ・・・・・!”

…” I heard that a king is supposed to protect his people. So I’ll be their king and protect them! So you two go down the path you’ve chosen. I’ll respect whatever choice you two make!”

Maybe Orn knew at that point that he was the ancestor of the <King of the Aliens>.

I guess that’s why I said “I’ll be king” as a child.

Looking back now, I realize that Orn’s words at the time were the imaginings of a child.

In a sense, it is an irresponsible word.

Still, those words meant a lot to me and to Oliver.

I am Theon because of Orn’s words.

And I’ve learned something else, too.

Just as I was bound to the Witch… Orn is bound to the King of the Aliens as well.

So now it’s my turn.

I want to catch up with Orn, go to where he’s standing, step into the world he sees, and tell him, “Orn is Orn. I want to tell him that he doesn’t have to be bound by that.

I needed to be strong for that.

Otherwise, my words will never reach Orn.

Never leave Orn alone.

Walk the place side by side with Orn.

Even if it means turning the world against us.

That’s what made me decide to fight.


“If our king Orn was here, he wouldn’t run away. And he’d get over it. That’s why I won’t run away. If I run away here it’s like admitting that I’m not ・・・・ qualified to do so.”

“… Qualifications?”

“So. I don’t want to walk next to Orn… I don’t want to follow Orn. I want to walk beside him! That’s why we have to get over this ・・・・ situation!”

“… You’re his offspring after all.”

Titania laughed weakly as if to say “Oh dear” when she heard the words she had said to blackmail herself.

“Gimp, what are you talking about? Are you afraid of dying?

“No, I was just remembering where I started. Thanks for waiting. Kill me if you can.

“Good girl! I’ll kill you right now!”

I say to Dewe as if to provoke her and she instantly closes the distance between us with a look of madness on her face.

From his elbow to his fingertips, there’s a liquidy, fluid-like substance… I’ll call it “magical water” from now on… and it gradually changed shape to look like a sharp blade.

As it moves straight ahead, you create a wall of ice on its path with your magic to block its progress.

But as expected, the ice wall was no longer a barrier, and before Dewey could even touch it, a large hole appeared in it as if it were wax that had been exposed to high heat.

Dewey is able to get through the hole with ease, and is still closing the distance between the two.

I have some skill in close combat, but I’m nowhere near a martial arts master like Fuuka.

My fighting style is based on magic.

I therefore keep my distance from Dewey, keeping my ki around my body to prevent him from getting too close to me.

Her [magic-eating] and physical abilities are impressive, but I don’t think she has any combat experience.

There’s no sign of tactics in that move.

It is best described as acting on instinct.

Dewey shouts “Don’t run away, Gimpatsu!” Ignoring this, I fire several offensive magic attacks at them from medium range and try to gather information for now.

As part of this, he questions Titania with telephemes.

Titania. I’m sure that the [Magic Eater] is a barrier that blocks the fairies who have been given to the Evil Gods and at the same time it circulates the magic within the sanctuary?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. However, all the existing fairies in this dimension are under our control, so it’s not as if they can act as a barrier.

So do you think the magic that’s gone out here is circulating through here?

“We can’t see the flow of magic here either, so we don’t know that. But I understand what you’re saying. That’s worth a try. It could interfere with what’s happening on the first level. Either way, it shouldn’t be a waste.”

Okay, I’ll get ready when I see a big opening. Get ready to move.”


The stalemate continues as he continues to cast offensive magic while speaking telekinesis, but as usual it disappears into the void before it can reach Dewey.

“Oh! You’re moving around so much, it’s annoying!”

Dewe stomps on the ground as if to express his frustration at not being able to close the distance at all.

Then he said, “I have to kill Gimpatsu because my dad asked me to…!” The blade extending from his arm lost its shape and returned to his original arm.

I don’t think we’re gonna get caught if we don’t.

He talks lightly, as if to provoke without letting down his guard.

“Now’s the time to start acting like you can afford it!”

Dewey raises his voice at my provocation and extends his right arm to show me the palm of his hand.

(What’s he up to?)

She’s direct and doesn’t play games, so it’s easy to see where she’s going.

The high center of gravity means that he has given up trying to close the distance and switched to attacking from a medium range, just like me.

I don’t know what they’re gonna do, but I think the timing is right here.

If you are alert to your surroundings and pay attention to Dewey’s every move, the five fingers of your right hand will turn into magical water.

As each strand grew, it turned into a whip.

Sharp fingertips move around me, and they come at me, trying to pierce me.

It’s also water that drowns out magic, so you can’t use magic if you get too close to it.

The only thing is that they are surrounding me and coming at me from the front, back, left and right, so in order to avoid them I have to step under the influence of the [Magic Eater].

Well, I guess I’m not entirely without ideas.

I don’t know if it’s instinctive or rational.

But that means nothing to us.


I’ll signal Titania faster than I can get my location under the influence.

“[Transition shift]!”

Titania hears my voice and activates her magic.

I was near the entrance to the third level of the dome, and in an instant I had shifted to a position on the diagonal of the same level.

And there is a dungeon core embedded in the wall.

“[Super explosive EXPLODE]!”

I immediately activate my magic and destroy the dungeon core.

When did you…?

What makes a labyrinth a labyrinth is the presence of a dungeon core.

Without it, of course, the labyrinth loses its function as a labyrinth.

Now this is just a subterranean space.

In particular, the first level, in which all spaces existed at the same time, would no longer be possible.

It is not hard to imagine that the first level is now transformed into a hellscape.

But this is only a side effect.

The real question is whether or not Dewey’s [Magic Eater] has been neutralized.

If they had faithfully reproduced the [magic-eating], it would have neutralized them, but the man just ordered Dewey to overrun the principality as well.

It proves that you can fight without any problems outside of this place.

By destroying the dungeon core the vast amount of magic contained within it began to spread throughout the dome.

The more dense the magic, the more visible it is.

There was such a dense magic in this space that it could be visualized like a thin plume of smoke.

But the smoke fades away into the void as they approach Dewey.

“I was going to take a chance, but it seems that this labyrinth and that girl’s [Magic Eater] are not linked after all.”

Well, that’s good to know. Now we just have to figure out where that magic went.”

“I agree. She can’t hold a huge mass of energy in one place without a supernatural ability. It’s highly unlikely that she’s a psychic from the start.”

“… Ugh… Ugh…”

Titania and I are discussing Dewey’s [Magic Eater] in telepathy when Dewey suddenly begins to suffer while holding his chest.

As I watched Dewey with growing caution, I could feel the magic gathering around her mouth.

(The magic around her still disappears, but why is the magic only around her mouth?)

Dewe, who had been suffering for a while, suddenly looks up and brings me into view, then opens his mouth wide and lets out a loud cry.

The magic power that had been gathered at the mouth became a mass of pure destruction and came at me at a tremendous speed as if in response.

It was like the breath of a higher level demonic beast.


He immediately kicks the ground and gets out of the line of fire.

Dewey’s breath gouged out the ground and made a hole in the wall nearly three meters in diameter, and the place where I had been standing just before was swallowed up in a vortex of destruction.

“Whew. I feel great!”

Dewe, who had brought such destruction, was muttering to himself as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“That’s a hell of a lot of power.”

“Yeah, there’s not gonna be enough to snatch it… But I think I see a way through. ・・・・・・・”

We still don’t know how her [magic eating] is established, but if she is a demon, we can naturally guess the flow of magic power ・・・・・.

I’m going to have to push myself pretty hard, but I’m prepared for that.

“Gimpatsu, you look so relaxed.”

“I’ve seen things. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do to save you. So I’m gonna kill you as painlessly as possible.

“Kill me…? Ha-ha-ha! What are you talking about? Your attacks don’t work on me! You can’t kill me if you’ve been running around all this time! Besides, you’re already dead! Gimpatsu!”

As Dewe’s words made me more alert, I heard something stirring in the wall behind me.

“… What?

I have a bad feeling about this, so I trust my instincts and turn around and kick the ground to get away from the wall.

But faster than I could move away from the spot, the thorns of the Demon Water appeared from within the wall and closed in on me.

I know in my head that the water will make the magic go away.

Still, the habits that had been cultivated over the years of fighting were ingrained in his body.

I found it difficult to lose the thorns faster than I could think and I quickly created a magic barrier to keep them out.

(We can’t lose this…!)

The thorns of the magic water erased the magic barrier into the void and pierced through my body.