The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 33

CH33: the Great Labyrinth of the West

It seems as if a long time has passed without any of them opening their mouths.

(I’ve done it… I said a lot of things emotionally… but what’s going on in this air…)

“Mr. Orn, I understand your feelings, but can we proceed with our story first?”

Just as I was trying to figure out what to do about this chill in the air, the guild leader spoke up.

Yes, yes. Of course. I’m sorry. I’m so embarrassed.

My face is turning red right now, isn’t it?

It’s been a long time since I’ve had an emotional outburst like this.

I feel better, but I’m more embarrassed now.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you get so emotional. You’ve always been so calm and unaffected, Eleonora, that I was afraid you were emotionally dead. Good, you seem to have feelings.”

Hey! Guild leader!

Eleonora-san, who was suddenly exposed, is giving the guild leader a panicked look.

Is this the guild leader’s way of making the situation more comfortable?

The atmosphere in the guild side seems to have eased up a bit, though the atmosphere in the heroes’ party is still gloomy.

“Now let’s get back to the story. Mr. Orn, just to be sure… did you kill that black dragon all by yourself? <Selma, the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky, said you killed it by yourself.

The guild leader asks.

To be honest, I wanted to report that I’d defeated it by fighting with the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky, but if Selma had already reported it, there’d be no point in lying.

From the way they looked at us when we entered the building, I’m sure the word has already gotten out to the explorers.

“… Yes. I took him down myself.

“It’s impossible for a single person to defeat a deep level floor boss! Did you use some kind of special magic?

When I affirmed that I had defeated him alone, one of the guild leaders present excitedly asked me a question.

“I cannot tell you how I defeated it. I can only tell you about the Black Dragon’s fighting abilities and weaknesses.”

There is an unspoken agreement not to pry into the combat-related matters such as the combat styles of the players and their original magic.

It’s a small chance, but it’s a disadvantage if there’s a fight between the parties.

And as for original magic, it’s something I’ve worked very hard to create.

Few people like to publish such a thing unnecessarily.

However, you are obliged to report to the guild any information you get in the labyrinth.

And the report will be made public.

Therefore, you are not obligated to report your fighting style or original magic.

However, in the process of reporting, we often have an idea of how he will fight.

I was going to tell you earlier that I didn’t take down the Black Dragon single-handedly… but that’s outside the scope of my duty to report.

You should report the characteristics of the monsters you meet in the labyrinth and the places where you can get ores and other materials, but you don’t have to report who killed them and how.

Of course I know. Now tell me about the Black Dragon.

The guild leader agreed that he could not answer questions from the guild leaders.

I report the new attack patterns I’ve learned from this battle, how they compare to the last one, and what they have in common.

“As usual, you’re on point.”

The guild leader mutters with an indescribably complicated expression.

“Was there anything wrong with my report?”

“No, Orn your report is perfect. But I’d like to know more about how the party fared in the other explorers’ reports, but the heroes’ party is too little known to give us much personal information. You’re still very good at withholding information.”

Information sometimes beats brute force. I’m sorry, but this is non-negotiable. If I’m not mistaken, I have nothing further to report.

“Inedible… Oh, one last thing. I’d like to know what your plans are for the future. You killed the Black Dragon single-handedly… and now you’re free. There will be countless parties and clans that will want you. The guild would like to know what you’re up to.

What’s the plan for the future? To be honest… I haven’t really thought about it…

I was so busy with all the other things I had to do that I hardly had any time for myself.

When the time comes and you’re allowed to do what you want to do, you’re in a lot more trouble than you think.

Is this what you call a workaholic? I don’t think so.

“… You’re not thinking. I can live on my own just fine the way I am. Well, I’m going to continue to be a leisurely explorer. I’m sure I’ll start attacking the Great Southern Labyrinth again at some point.”

“I see. By the way Orn-kun, do you know that the Great Western Maze has been conquered?”

The guild leader suddenly asked me about the Great Western Labyrinth.

I’m in a city called Tutrail in the kingdom of Nochtant in the southwest of the continent.

And the Sauber Empire, which borders the kingdom of Nochtant to the northwest and occupies the western part of the continent, also had a large labyrinth ・・・・.

The name of that city is Sebar.

Sebar had one of the four great labyrinths on the continent called the Great Western Labyrinth.

Philly Carpenter, the newest member of the heroic party, is an explorer from Sebar too, I believe.

About three months ago, a party of explorers known as <Heroes> in that country reached the deepest part of the Western Labyrinth and brought back to earth a huge dungeon core of a magical stone ten meters in diameter.

After that, there are no more monsters in the Western Labyrinth and the materials in the Labyrinth can be taken safely.

This has led to a more active economy, as more deep level materials are available in the market.

The only other Grand Labyrinth that has ever been conquered is this Great Western Labyrinth.

Yeah, of course I know. What about it?”

“The explorers who used to be based in Sebar have moved to the cities with the three remaining labyrinths, including this city, as their base of operations. There are many parties that were disbanded at that time, so there’s a lot of party recruiting going on right now. I’m sure you can handle it yourself, Orun, but if it becomes a big problem, please report it to us.”

I see.

If we can get materials from the western labyrinth safely, we don’t have to be explorers to enter the labyrinth.

Even if the monsters will appear again in the future, we won’t be able to make any money until then, so it wouldn’t be strange if we choose to change our base of operations.

I don’t understand why you’re breaking up on that occasion.

“… I see. I see.”

And so ended the story at the guild.

As for the black dragon’s corpse, I was told that as the one who killed it I had the right to it, so I decided to take almost all of the undamaged scales and sell the rest to the guild.

I don’t know how much yet, but I think I’ll get enough to keep me going for a while.

… I’ve got quite a few of those to begin with, but…

But we still don’t have anything on this case.

Why was the black dragon operating outside the boss area? This is not known, and the guild has no idea what caused it.

Even the guild, where all the information about the labyrinth is gathered, doesn’t know about this.

There are too few materials to make a judgment, and there is no clue to conduct an independent investigation.

After all, this kind of thing might happen again in the future, and we should be careful.

Well, I’m always on my guard when I’m in the maze.

The guild talk is over and I know what I need to know, so I leave to go home.

The brave party members remained motionless with their faces down.

None of the guild members are standing. Perhaps there will be talk of penalties for using deportation.

Let’s get the hell out of here.