The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 43

CH43: Weapons Appropriate to Their Position

“So let’s end the introductions and questions here. It’s getting late. As for my plans for tomorrow, I’m going to dive into the Grand Labyrinth as soon as possible. The purpose is to check the coordination of the new party with Orn in it. We’re planning to go to the lower levels, but I’ll tell you where tomorrow. First, tomorrow we’ll gather here at 9:00 a.m. as usual. Orn, basically we’ll be here at 9:00 a.m. when we search the labyrinth. We’ll contact you if there are any changes.”


The meeting’s over.

I think Selma’s tone suggests we’re breaking up.

That’s what I thought,

“Well then, let’s have a welcome party for Orn and go out to eat somewhere, shall we?”

Will is going to make a suggestion.

“Uh… That’s a very kind offer, but can we do it after tomorrow? Actually, there’s something I’d like to do now for tomorrow’s labyrinth search…”

I hate to turn you down, but I need to do this today.

“Getting ready for tomorrow? Is that a good one to ask?”

“I’m going to go buy a sword.”

I lost two swords in the battle against the Black Dragon the day before yesterday.

I wish I could have bought it yesterday, but I realized it just before I went to bed last night…

“What? Are you sure you don’t have any weapons?

Will is startled.

The other three have similar expressions.

“No, I’ve got one more to go exploring, but I want to stock up just in case.”

“If that’s the case, we can do it tomorrow. Weapons can’t be made in a day.”

“No, I’m using the commercial kind, I’ll have it by the end of the day, okay?”

“What? I thought they were custom-made!”

They’ll all be surprised.

Well, advanced explorers usually have their weapons custom-made.

I can’t blame you for reacting this way.

“No, I was a B rank swordsman when I was a B rank swordsman so I don’t have a custom made sword. And now I can manage sharpness and durability with support magic, so there’s no need to go out of my way to buy an expensive one.”

“I don’t know much about swords, but I’ve seen commercially made swords that look the same but have a different center of gravity, right? I don’t know much about swords. Won’t it make me feel uncomfortable?”

“That much can be fixed with a few shakes. And as long as you don’t buy something that makes that much difference when you buy it, you should be fine.”

“~~~~! Oh! That may be true, but…! From today onwards, you’re the ace of the first squad of the Night Sky Silver Rabbit! Someone like that shouldn’t let other people see you using a cheap sword from the market!”

Mr. Lane said, and he grabbed my hand and was about to move away.

Hey, Lane! Where are you going?

Ignoring Will’s voice, he tugs on my hand and walks off.


We were taken to a blacksmith shop in another building on the same grounds.

Mr. Lane still pulls me by the hand and takes me to the back.

By the way, the other three are following close behind.

Finally, when I was brought in front of the big, stocky man, he let go of my hand.

“Hey, hey, what’s the deal with the whole first squad coming…”

Well, you’d be surprised what you can find.

“Mr. Aran! Please make a sword for this boy!”

Mr. Lane makes a request out of the blue.

The man called Alan is a blacksmith, if I had to guess.

A sword?

Alan’s staring at me.

“… Are you the dragon slayer they say you are?”

He looked her up and down, then asked her a question.

“I don’t know if you’re the dragon slayer they say you are but I’m the one who killed the black dragon the other day.”

I knew it. You have the bearing of a skilled warrior.

“… Thank you?”

So you want me to make you a sword? I’d be honored to make the dragon-slaying sword you’re talking about. You were part of the heroes’ party. Don’t you already have a famous blacksmith working for you?

You’d think, wouldn’t you? But they’re using store-bought weapons.

Mr. Lane excitedly explains to Alan.

What? What the fuck? Is that true?

“Well, well, yes, it’s true…”

“You’re putting your life in my hands! Why are you just using something you bought at random?

Mr. Alan snapped.

They say a sword is a swordsman’s soul.

And I’m thinking differently now.

What Mr. Lane just said made me think.

It’s true that right now I’m a vanguard attacker belonging to the first unit of the <Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky>.

In other words, you have to be a role model for other vanguard attackers.

Surely you can’t just use any sword on the market.

Not to make you dream, but if the top party’s vanguard attackers use expensive and good quality swords, it might motivate them.

“Until just now, I thought a commercial sword would be fine, but I changed my mind when Rain-san got angry with me…”

“What? You thought I was mad at you? I’m sorry! I’m not mad, okay?”

Mr. Lane fidgeted and tried to show that he wasn’t angry.

I don’t know if you were mad, but I was a little scared.

“No, you were angry, you didn’t say anything, you brought him here, you had a scary face.”

“Hey, Mr. Lane, you scared me.”

Will quips and Lecrae agrees.

Selma’s laughing too.

Yeah, we all agreed.

Hey, hey, hey! Quiet!

“Wow, he’s still mad at me.”

“… Are you guys here for the comedy?”

“Of course not! I’m here to make a serious request!”

“Okay, well… Let’s get back to that. So… What’s your name?


“Orn, yes, I remember. I’m Aran. I’m a blacksmith, as you can see. And what changed your mind?

“Up until now I didn’t care about what people thought of me, so I thought that a commercially available sword would be fine. But now that I’m a member of the First Squad of the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky, I think I should use the right equipment. So please make me a sword! Please!”

He bows to Mr. Allan and asks him to make him a sword.

“… As I said before, it would be an honor for me to make Orn’s sword. I will gladly make it for you.”

“Good for you, Orn. You’re the best smith in the Night-Heavenly Silver Hare. My partner was made by you and I can vouch for its workmanship.

Will puts his hand on my shoulder as he talks to me.

So this is the best blacksmith in the clan. That’s a very exciting prospect.

“Oh, come on, don’t be so uptight. And I’m sure you’ll make it, but there’s just one problem.”

“Is that something that will be resolved soon?”

“The problem is the materials for the weapons. Right now we’re running low on deep materials. We spent all of it on the weapons Wilks made last time. So we need to go deeper to make weapons. It’s a bit of a nightmare…”

Then it’s Will’s fault. Will, go and get the ore from the depths by yourself.

Don’t be absurd! You can’t do this alone… no matter how many lives you have!

Will makes a rude comment about Leclerc’s reckless behavior.

You two are so close.

All I need is some deeper material, you know.

“Then it won’t be a problem.”

“What? Mr. Orn, what’s going on?”

Look around and move to the one with the most space.

“I have quite a bit of deep material.”

With that said, the ore and magical beast materials that I obtained in the depths that could be used to make the sword appeared.

“Wow, that’s a lot!”

Lecrae was getting excited, but the other four were looking blank.