The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 48

CH48: 86th Layer Search (2) First Unit vs Earth Dragon

When I’m halfway across the distance, I see him.

So it’s a dragon. What do we do now, Selma?

The identity of the enemy is confirmed and he asks Selma about the future course of the battle.

A terrestrial dragon looks like a quadrupedal wingless dragon.

The average length is four meters.

But they move fast.

However, their scales are softer than those of other dragons.

“Hexenbiests… He’s the only one. Can Ornlun catch him?

No problem.

The earth dragons are certainly quick, but their reaction time is not that fast.

And he’s wounded from Mr. Lane’s attack.

If we take the initiative, we can handle it.

“Good. Then Orn and Will will take them out. As a precaution, have Rain build a formula. If it takes too long, switch to assisting Rain’s attack. I’ll decide when to activate it… [Vanguard Ability Increase Vanguard Up].”

After Selma gives the order, she buffs Will.

[Vanguard Up] means that you can activate five of the six basic types of support magic, excluding [Magic Up], at the same time in a parallel construction.

I also activate [Quadruple Quadruple] of [Agility Increase Agility] on myself.

I’ll go in head-on! Orn, you go around the flank!”

With that said, Will once again erased the magic bullet with his double-edged sword and rushed towards the earth dragon.

I’m taking the long way around so naturally Will will make contact with the earth dragon first.

The earth dragon lunges at Will.

Okay, okay, hold still!

Will doesn’t catch it, but instead uses one blade of his double-edged sword to fling it away while swinging the other down to smash the earth dragon’s face into the ground.


I couldn’t help but admire it in my heart.

It was such a sophisticated and brilliant move.

I’m ready to attack now that I’m only a few meters away from the earth dragon.

… But I could feel it behind me.

I kicked the ground as quickly as I could, and something passed right under me as I moved up into the air.

I looked back in mid-air and saw a tortoise-shaped Hydroturtle blending into the background.

The Hyde Turtle is a one-meter-long tortoise that lives throughout the Lower Zone.

As the name “Hiding Hyde” implies, the body is transformed to blend into the hierarchical landscape.

He’s a hexenbiest with a knack for surprise attacks.

However, its attack power is low, so that’s its only saving grace.

Though their attack power is low, it doesn’t mean they won’t kill you instantly, though if you’re hit badly you’ll be injured enough that you won’t be able to return to the front line.

It’s very nasty when it shows up with other monsters.

(I didn’t notice. You’re still good at hiding.)

shoots 3 [rock arrows] at a Hyde Turtle in midair.

All three hit the hard carapace and shattered on the surface without penetrating.

But it’s better this way.

The rock-arrows that suddenly shatter in mid-air should let everyone in the rear know that the Hyde Turtle is there.

I’ll leave it to the rear guard to deal with the Hyde Turtle, and I’ll use [Converge Magic] to create a foothold.

and plunge toward the earth dragon at high speed.

Will’s been so busy buying hate for the ground dragons that he hasn’t noticed me in his blind spot.

“[Strength Rise Strength Up],[Technical Strength Rise Technical Up],[Sharpness Rise Sharpness Up]!”

Buff yourself and then hold the sword with both hands.

When the scales are about to be melted by Rain’s [Super-Explosive Explosive], you unleash a Kesa Zashiri (Slash from the Kesa).

Just before the blade strikes it he activates his [Instantaneous Ability Super-Rising Impact] and cuts the dragon in two.

“One sword…”

Will mutters in a tone that can be taken either as surprise or dismay.

The earth dragon disappeared with a black mist and only the magic stone remained.

You see it, then quickly turn around and catch sight of the Hyde Turtle.

White smoke was rising around the Hyde Turtle.

The next thing you know, the Hydroturtle is on ice.

After that, the Hyde Turtle is pierced by several [Fire Javelins] which Rain activates, and disappears with a black mist.

“Good job Orn. You’ve managed to cut down all the monsters in this level! Is that the instantaneous power surge impact you were talking about? That’s amazing…”

Will is approaching, and he compliments me.

“Will pulled me back so I could focus on the attack. And Will was amazing. The double-edged sword is a notoriously difficult weapon to handle and you’ve mastered it perfectly.”

A defender who can parry your opponent’s attacks and counterattack at the same time.

I guess you could call it a counter type.

You will be less shocked if you go forward than if you just catch the attacker.

That’s another idea I never had.

“Well, I’ve had a lot of training. You can’t protect your people if you’re just doing what you’re supposed to. It’s no use if you’re out of position. I’ve been searching for a style where I can take their attacks and stay standing, and I’ve settled on this one.”

Will speaks with a faraway look in his eyes.

I’ve heard rumors about how the former Ace Albert died.

If the rumors are true, Will has been working very hard all year.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be standing here right now.

We were chatting lightly when Will and I stepped back at the same time.

As a result, the distance between the two sides opens up considerably.

A magic bullet passes between us.

So there was another one!

On my left, I’d say about 50 meters away.

The other dragon was hiding in the ground.

Just as I was about to cut the dragon in two, it suddenly poked its head out of the ground and looked at me.

Hexenbiests basically go where there’s a lot of people.

So we dared to leave an opening so they’d attack us instead of the three in the rear guard.

Well, with Defender Will out there, he might have attacked us without doing that, but just in case.

Orn, Will, thank God.

Selma’s voice echoes in my brain.

This is Selma’s ability, Psychokinesis.

I was in a meeting earlier, and I could hear your voice clearly even at a distance.

As I suspected, it’s a pretty damn impressive mutation.

“It’s no big deal. Orn, don’t you think we’re perfect for each other?

“I didn’t expect it to crawl out of the ground. I’m glad Will was thinking the same thing. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working on a formula to support Will for a while now.”

“Ha-ha-ha. I’m so sorry!”

We’ll talk later. Can you jump, Orn?

Selma asked the expected question.

“Of course. I’m a former grantmaster in a party of heroes, and I’ve already built 80% of my own formula.

“Great work. Will will take the front and Orn will take the back. We’ll use our magic. I need you two to hold them off for a few seconds.



While Selma-san is building up her formula, the other two rear-guards launch attack magic against the earth dragon, damaging it and checking it.

All right, it’s done! Will, let’s go!”


Will reacts to Selma’s call and readies his double-bladed sword, disappearing from the center of my vision.

And then he had moved right in front of the earth dragon that appeared at the edge of his vision.

I see that too and I’m going to channel my magic into the formula I’ve been working on.

“[Space Leap Space Leap]!”

When the magic is activated the view changes and the back of the earth dragon is right in front of you.

[Space leap space leap is a form of assistive magic.

The effect is to move the target to an arbitrary location.

However, if there is already something at the destination, it does not work.

So you can’t attack them by moving an object directly into their body.

[Spatial Leap Space Leap is said to be the most difficult of all supportive magic… It is said to be the most difficult of all the supportive magic.

There are no ranks in support magic… but if there were… it would definitely be a special rank.

The formula is so complicated that it takes me a few seconds to construct it.

It’s a powerful spell that can take you by surprise, but it requires a very detailed setup.

Therefore, it is not possible to use it in a situation where the situation changes at a moment’s notice, such as in the middle of a battle.

[Why can’t I use advanced magic?

Will and I will pincer attack the earth dragon.

The two of you slice and dice the earth dragon, nailing it to the spot.

Immediately after you activate [Space Leap Space Leap], you don’t have time to construct other techniques.

And since our goal this time is to stop the earth dragon, I won’t be using [Instantaneous Ability Super-Rising Impact].

“Launch the offensive magic. Count! Five, four, three…

Selma’s voice echoes in my brain.

Finally, he slashes deeply at the joints of his hind legs, and then distances himself from the dragon.

When the countdown reaches zero, the ground around the dragon turns into a swamp.

The dragon’s feet are caught in the swamp and the rising muck envelops it so that it can’t move.

Immediately afterwards, a huge thunderbolt comes crashing down on the earth dragon with a thunderous roar.

It’s Mjolnir the Thunder Hammer of Heaven.

This isn’t just a simple [Super-Explosive Explosive Explosive] you just activated, Rain-san’s serious special grade magic.

The swamp evaporates in an instant, and the surrounding area is vitrified.

But the earth dragon has not collapsed.

Then Lecrae’s follow-up attack [Ice Javelin] flies in and pierces his body, turning him into a black mist.

“… No more Hexenbiests, guys!”

Will checks around to make sure there are no hexenbiests, then approaches me with his hands raised.

“Oh, good work, Will.”

He pats his hand and gives Will a high-five.

For the first battle with this party, I think it was pretty good.