The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 49

CH49: 86 layer exploration (3) Wool shearing

There have been many battles since then, but since the opponent was a long-range demonic beast, Rain and Lecrae were playing a major role.

This level is the sole domain of rear-guard attackers.

The eighty-seventh layer has a lot of grouped monsters, so the vanguard has a chance to play an active role, but the eighty-sixth layer has mostly single monsters…

“What do you think? We’re not bad, are we?

After the battle, Selma will talk to you.

“Not so bad… You’re not at that level. I really think you’re the first unit of the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky.”

I’ll be honest with you.

This party is no less than a brave party.

I think Selma, Will, and Rain are already better than anyone in the same position in the heroes’ party.

It’s me and Lecrae, it’s the other guy.

I’d compare him to Oliver, but he’s a genius.

I don’t know how good this new filly guy is, but I’m pretty sure he’s better than me at boosting his support magic.

If so, your overall ability has been improved, though the explosive power of [Instantaneous Ability Super-increase Impact] has been lost.

If we go all out, I’m sure I’ll win, but my buffs will be time limited.

I think it is difficult to give a relative superiority or inferiority when we look at it as a searcher.

And Lecrae’s comparison is Luna.

As far as I know, Luna’s the best rearguard explorer we’ve ever had.

The most important thing to remember is that the best way to get the most out of a Mage is to be a Mage Attacker and a Mage Healer.

She also has a gift.

Her abilities synergize well with magic.

I’m still being pushed around, but if I can completely own it, there’s a chance I could become a better Granting Artist than Selma-san.

He’s very reassuring to have in the party.

“Well… From Orn’s point of view, do you think we can conquer the ninety-two layers?”

We can see that the other members are listening to Selma’s questions.

I think I can do it.

“… Is that because Orn is here?

No. He thinks he can defeat the Black Dragon with or without me.

This is not a lie.

All the members are so well-trained that it makes you think so.

I wonder how they lost with this team.

I’m sure they’ve all been training hard since Albert’s death.

“Thank you, Mr. Orn. We’ve been working so hard all year but we weren’t sure if it was paying off. You’ve made it to the top, so hearing you say that makes me feel more confident.”

Rain-san thanks me with a smile, though her eyes are filled with tears.

It is hard to imagine how difficult the past year has been for these people.

<The Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky is a clan that has set the conquest of the Grand Labyrinth as one of its goals.

But we haven’t been able to find a replacement, and I haven’t been able to do a proper deep dive in the past year.

Besides, being the top explorer in the clan, he was expected to set an example for the other explorers.

Every day you keep trying, but you don’t know if it’s going to lead to results.

Pressure from sponsors.

It must have been very stressful.

But in my eyes he’s just as good as the rest of the heroes in our party.

I really want to help these people and hope that their efforts will be rewarded.

All I can do is try my best to conquer the Grand Labyrinth.

I recognized it again.


About two hours had passed since we had begun our descent to the 86th layer.

Finally find Noxious Sheep.

This one is a little smaller than average.

This time it’s for the wool of the Noxious Sheep.

We need to get to the wool before we take them down.

When the beast is defeated, it disappears, leaving behind a magical stone.

There is a low probability that some parts of the beast will remain, but if you have the desired beast material, you don’t want to leave things like that to chance.

Because there’s a surefire way to get a hexenbiest part.

It’s the part of the hexenbiest that separates it from the beast while it’s still alive.

That way, that part of the body will remain in place even after the beast is gone.

Orn, how much do you think we can get from him?

Selma asked me how much wool I could shear.

“I think we can get at least two-thirds if we don’t get in the way.”

That’s enough. Then the rear guard will hold them back and keep an eye on the perimeter. Will please follow Orn so that he can move easily. I want to try Orn’s [Instantaneous Power Increase Impact] when we’re done mowing. Can you match Rain’s magic?”

“If we know what kind, where it’s triggered, and when…”

“Okay. I’ll give him a reminder. Let’s go!

Will runs toward the Noxious Sheep as Selma calls out.

Selma buffs it.

The actual daggers are not the long swords I was using earlier, but two daggers about half the length of the long daggers.

You buff yourself with [Technical Up], [Agility Up], and [Double Double], and buff both daggers with [Sharpness Up].

Rain restrains your feet with [Rock Bind], and Lecrae slows you down with [Thunderbolt Thunder Shock].

Noxious Sheep breathes a reddish-black numbing breath at Will as he arrives at the front, but Selma negates it by creating a wind around him.


Will skillfully wields a double-bladed sword and smashes Noxious Sheep across the face.

I flank him and trim the wool, being careful not to cut too deeply.

The sheared wool is instantly stored.

By the way, the magic tool that I’m storing is not a bracelet that I own personally but a ring-shaped storage tool that was provided to me.

<In the Night Sky Silver Rabbit, the magic stones and materials obtained in the labyrinth must be stored in the magic tools provided to you.

They’ll be given to you before you go exploring the labyrinth, and you’ll give them to the Support Department when you’re done.

The cost of the items you get from the search will be added to your party’s fund later.

If you want to, you can cheat your way out, but the penalty for doing so is too severe.

I have to be careful not to put them in my personal storage.

I was able to mow most of it in about five minutes, except for the abdomen.

Selma must have decided enough was enough.

The countdown begins after Rain-san explains the magic she’s going to invoke in your brain.

I’ll keep my distance from Noxious Sheep and start building my formula.

At the same time as the zero, the ground beneath Noxious Sheep rises up and skewers them.

… But the wool is preventing them from piercing too much.

This is Lucre’s magic. It’s not meant to attack. It’s meant to hold your position.

Lances of lightning are raining down from above.

“[Instantaneous Ability Super Rising Impact]!”

activates [Instantaneous Ability Super-Rise Impact] just before the lightning spear reaches Noxious Sheep.

Lightning sprays around you and Noxious Sheep turns to black mist.

And luckily some of the magic stones and some of the wool that was left over.

“Mr. Orn! Your magic is still amazing! Even though the wool was gone, you were still able to defeat him with just one advanced magic!”

Mr. Lane came running up to me, all hyped up.

He’s in such a good mood that he’s about to jump up and down.

You’re really a gap guy…


After that, we repeated the battle, and after we had gathered a certain amount of magic stones, we returned to the ground.

Noxious Sheep killed about four in total.

We’ve got quite a collection of wool.

“Whew… I guess it’s nice to be on the ground…”

Leclerc makes a dumb noise.

After all, staying in the lower or deeper levels of the Grand Labyrinth for a long time will drain your energy.

I know what it’s like to want to sound dumb when you get home.

“I’m sure you dive the Grand Maze every other day, right? Does that mean you’re free tomorrow?”

I’ll check with Selma about tomorrow’s schedule.

“Oh, yeah. I’ll be in Search and Rescue tomorrow morning. Estella should have told us about what happened earlier.”

I’m assuming by “the case,” you mean “the teaching.

I’ll be leading them in a good deal of the time, but I’d like to know the details as soon as possible.

But still, a clan leader seems to be very busy.

Now that I’m a senior officer, I’d like to help ease Selma’s burden.

Well, it’s a lot easier compared to the days when I had to do all kinds of paperwork after the search in the days of the Brave Party, whipping my tired body.

That was a tough time…

Derrick and Anneli didn’t help me at all…

“In that case, I’ll go with you. Do you three have plans for tomorrow?”

“Yes, we do. Lucre and I will be helping with the development and experimentation of magic and magical tools in the Magic Development Lab and Will will be doing the same in the Equipment Development Lab.”

I see.

If we can reflect the opinions of the top explorers in each field in real time, the development speed will be faster.

A man in a certain position in the clan cannot act only for himself, or…

When I was in the heroes’ party, I did all the administrative work for the party, but it was all for our own good.

But while Selma’s doing what she’s doing, the other three aren’t just doing it for themselves. They should be focusing on developing something that is versatile enough to be used by everyone.

That’s the big difference between a party and a clan.

“Ah! Hey, hey! Let’s have a welcome party for Orn-kun who couldn’t make it yesterday!”

“Oh! That’s great! Let’s have a welcome party! Come on, sis?”

Yeah, no problem. Rain and Orn, too?

Yeah, of course I do.

I’m okay. Thank you, guys.


Everyone’s throwing me a welcome party, so we move to a private room in a restaurant owned by Yoten no Ginrabbit.

The five of us enjoyed the food and drink with much merriment.

The welcome party ended without a break of laughter from start to finish.

… Of course. Mr. Lane was a giggler. He laughed all the time.

And his tone of voice and gestures were more in keeping with his appearance.

I think I understand what Will was joking about this morning.

But the members are all good people.

I’m honestly glad that I can continue to explore the labyrinth with these people.