The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 52

CH52: re-watch (1) Sermon

I entered the room that Estella-san had told me to go to and it was a room that looked like a smaller version of the strategy room where we had met yesterday.

And as expected, three members of the Tenth Squad were sitting in the chairs.

The three of them were chatting until I came into the room, but the moment I walked in, they stopped talking and all looked at me with nervous faces.

Logan used to look down on me, but now that he’s seen me slay the Black Dragon with his own eyes, he doesn’t seem quite the same as before.

Rather, I sense a sense of awe.

“… It’s been four days. How have you been? As I’m sure you’ve heard, I’ve been assigned to teach you. I’m looking forward to working with you again.”

Try to speak in a cheerful voice.

After I finished, the three of them got up from their seats.

“I’m sorry I was so rude to you the other day!”

“”I’m sorry!””

Logan apologized for his behavior the other day and then bowed, followed by Sophia and Caroline.

No, Sophia doesn’t have to do this.

You’re a really serious girl.

“I know you don’t want to deal with us like this, but could you please guide us? Please!”

Logan’s gonna ask me to teach him a lesson.

It was kind of a letdown…

Whether you’re looking down on me or scared of me, I thought we were starting from a negative place.

Well, it’s easier this way.

… Well, I don’t know what to say.

“I don’t care. We’re about as different as children and adults, so I just thought of you as a barking puppy.”

I dare you to say that in a mean way.

“Ugh… I know… There’s definitely that much of a gap between our abilities…”

Logan’s face is grim, as if my words have hit him hard.

“… During the search, our relationship was just a temporary one. So I warned her, but I let her do whatever she wanted… But from now on, it’s different. As fellow clan members… and as people who can teach you things… we’re going to take you seriously. I may be harsh with you. I may even push you away. But I’ll always be on your side. So I want you to give it your all and come at me with everything you’ve got.”

This is a sworn affidavit.

Putting it into words made me feel even more tense.

My grandpa was my mentor.

Like a grandfather, I watch over them warmly, sometimes strictly, and give them advice if they are in trouble.

And they’ll always be there for you.

That’s the kind of ideal teacher I want to be.

I make sure that all three of them nod before continuing.

“I’m going to teach you the knowledge and skills I’ve gained so far. But before I do, there’s one thing you must keep in mind… No, two things. First, always be thinking. There are many ways to solve things. Don’t get caught up in one way of doing things. Sometimes a simple conversation, a simple scene can turn out to be the solution. And second, don’t think I’m right.”

All three of them understood the first one, but the second one didn’t seem to make sense to them, and all of them had a hatchet in their heads.

“I’m not omniscient. Don’t think I’m right. I’ve made many mistakes in my life. Don’t just take my word for it, but chew it up before you use it for your own knowledge and experience. You can ask me anything you want. Do you understand?”

“”””Yes!”” “””

Pleasant replies emanate from all three.


So the first thing I’m gonna do… I’m gonna give you a sermon.


Logan reacts to the word preach.

“I know this is gonna hurt your ears, but listen. You three are very talented. You have the potential to be the clan’s leading explorers in the future. But not the way you acted the other day. not to your comrades but to outsiders like that… the dignity of the Night-Heavenly Silver Rabbit itself will be called into question. Each and every one of you should be aware of the fact that you’re carrying the clan’s signboard on your shoulders.

That was rude.

If you keep acting like that, you’re gonna end up isolated.

It’s lonely and it’s hard.

Why go to the trouble of acting isolated when you can avoid it?

“Even if you guys make it to the S rank party, there won’t be anyone left to help you if you keep acting like that. Besides, I believe that people who look down on others have a narrow viewpoint. People who can respect others and accept opinions different from their own will naturally attract people and become successful, don’t you think?”

Who would want to follow someone who is condescending and arrogant?

People cannot live alone, and I think it is important to be willing to approach others so that we can work hand in hand with them.

“Never forget the first time.” Why did you become explorers? To show off your powers and revel in them? I’d hate to think you did… but you didn’t, did you? I want you to consider whether your past actions and behavior are suitable for achieving the goal you’ve set for yourselves.

I told you everything I wanted to tell you.

Unlike the other day, my words seem to be having some impact.

The three of them are looking down with a sullen expression on their faces.

I’ll try to keep my face even and my voice soft,

“I’m glad to see my words are resonating this time. Then it’s not too late. I’m sure your reputation will improve if you review your behavior even now. After all, you’re starting from the bottom. The only way is up, right?”

“Ha-ha-ha… Yes, that’s true.

Logan affirms with a wry smile.

“Well, may I take this opportunity to ask why you became explorers? I want to hear about your dreams and your goals. Let’s start with Sophia.

“Yes, yes! Well, I, uh, big sister… I want to be like Selma Claudel. I don’t want to do what’s given to me. I want to decide for myself what I want to do. Well, I haven’t decided what that is yet, but I’ve come into contact with many people in this clan and I’ve realized how small the world I know is. So I became a seeker to find my goals and dreams.”

I have one question about Sofia.

She’s Selma’s sister.

Which means she’s the daughter of a count.

Then why didn’t she go to the House of Lords?

The House of Lords is a place where the children of nobles between the ages of 10 and 15 are educated.

Selma would’ve become an explorer after graduating from the House of Lords.

All of the noblemen who are explorers except Selma-san have become explorers after graduating from the House of Lords.

It seems that the reason why nobles are explorers is because the level of achievement in the Grand Maze is a status in the noble society.

I don’t know the details.

The Claudel family must have some complications.

“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. Being an explorer and a member of the clan, you’ll learn a lot. I’ll help you, and together we’ll find Sophia’s dream.”

“Yes, yes… Yes, yes, please…

Sofia’s face turns red.

Maybe I’m being a little too cool…