The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 60

CH60: [side hero party: Luna] Thread of Binding

I’m back, Father.

“… Oh.”

When I returned to my parents-in-law’s house, I immediately went to my father-in-law’s study.

When I greet him, he responds to my greeting without lifting his gaze from his papers.

Well, I don’t mind about this, because it happens all the time.

Normally I would leave immediately, but today I have something to tell you, so I will speak to your father-in-law again.

“Father-in-law, I know you’re busy, but would you mind if I asked you a few questions?”

“… What?”

Your father-in-law gave a small sigh and looked at me.

“… I’m actually thinking of leaving the Braveheart party. It’s obvious from this morning’s paper that the party is in decline. There’s no reason for me to stay in the party. I’m planning to leave as soon as I finish my penalty.”

“What the hell are you talking about… What are you talking about? What if you do that and we end up cutting a deal with the Forgath Marquises? !”

My in-laws own a trading company called the Flockhart Trading Company.

The Flockhart Trading Company is one of the largest merchant houses in the country, doing business with several noble families.

The Marquis de Forgas is the largest trading house in the city, and over the past decade, it has become dependent on the Marquis de Forgas.

We used to deal more extensively, but now we deal only with the nobles of the Marquess of Forgath’s faction.

It’s true, if the Marquis de Forgath abandoned us, this Trading Company would be on the rocks.


I was once an orphan, adopted by this family when I was seven years old.

I’ve never felt the love of my parents.

So why did they take him back? The reason is simple.

To be the instrument of this family’s political marriage, which has failed to produce a child.

But I thought it was okay.

The living environment is much better than when I was in the orphanage and I thought that if I married into a big merchant house or a baron’s house, I would have a good living environment there too.

I thought I was better off than most orphans.

But he was not the instrument of a political marriage.

Marquis Forgas found out about my abilities through my parents-in-law.

When the Marquis de Forgas found out, he offered to do more business with the Marquis de Forgas if I agreed to certain conditions.

The in-laws decided to accept the terms of the agreement immediately.

The condition was to form an explorer party with the two boys who are coming to this town.

I then formed a party of explorers with Mr. Orn and Oliver as instructed, as if by chance.

Perhaps it was to bring in a talented person like Mr. Orn.

How he knew about Mr. Orn is a mystery.


“Is a party without Mr. Orn worth it? I’m sure Marquis Forgas-sama thinks the same thing.”

“What the hell is wrong with you? I asked you to form a party to support Oliver Cardiff. Not some fake who just happened to slay the Black Dragon!

A genuine hero?

You’re certainly a talented man, Mr. Oliver.

But Mr. Orn is far beyond that.

“With all due respect… but a deep level floor boss isn’t something you can defeat by chance. And certainly not by yourself. Isn’t that a feat on par with the heroes of fairy tales?”

“… Don’t you talk back to me you ignorant girl! The Marquis of Forgath has deeper thoughts than you could ever fathom! And who do you think saved your life! All you have to do is follow our orders! Don’t you talk back to me! You will not leave this party! Do you understand?”

“… Yes, yes… I understand.

Your father is right in a way.

If she’d stayed in the orphanage she might already be dead.

I owe my life to this house.

I owe you that.

But if you stay with the heroes’ party… the party will be broken up by Derrick and Aneri who are running amok.

In the worst case, you will be killed in the labyrinthine search.

I don’t want to die…

I can’t be a bystander anymore if I can’t leave the party.

We need to be proactive in communicating with you guys, so we don’t crash the party.

It was a bad idea to pick a fight with Derrick the other day…

But there’s no point in mourning.

We have to do everything we can.

I’m not gonna lose my life over this crap.

Huh… What if… I’d like to be saved by a hero from a fairy tale…

Well, there’s no such thing as a…

My life will end up being driven by someone else’s convenience.

I know it’s unforgivable, but I… I want to be free, to break every thread that holds me back.