The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 63

CH63: Deep

It’s been another week since I consulted my grandfather about witchcraft.

I’m on my way to the smithy in the weapons lab.

I’ve finally finished my sword.

“Good morning, Mr. Allan.”

Hey, Orn. Good morning. It’s finally done! Your sword!

He handed me a sword wrapped in cloth.

After receiving it, roll up the cloth to reveal a sword whose hilt and blade are all black.

As requested, I used black dragon scales, but they are not shiny, on the contrary, they are black as if they would swallow the light.

It’s a long, double-edged sword, shaped to my height.

The shape is simple, without excessive decoration, but it seems to have a presence that is easily recognizable as a work of art.

“Thank you, Mr. Allan. May I take a quick swing?”

Yeah, sure.

Move to an empty space and swing your black sword.

The sword feels comfortable in the hand and does not cause any discomfort when wielding it.

Perfect center of gravity.

(So this is the sword that’s tailored just for me. Amazing…)

How’s it feel?

“No problem. You’re the number one blacksmith of the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky. It’s perfect.”

“Good. As Orn requested, the scales and ore from the black dragon have been infused with Hyde Turtle blood. I don’t know if that’s why it’s a little less durable. It’s still a lot stronger than most swords out there, though.”

“That’s not a problem because I can cover it with my support magic.”

“Okay. So? Have you named the sword yet?”

Yes. It’s called a schwarzhase.

“Schwarzhase? That’s a word I’ve never heard.”

“Of course. It’s a regional language.”

“Oh. I didn’t know there was such a thing. What does that word mean?”

“It means ‘black rabbit’. <It’s a black sword born from the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky.”

“I see. That’s good.”


After I received the sword I went to the operations room where everyone had already gathered.

“Good morning, Mr. Orn! Hey, hey! Show me the sword you made!

As soon as I walk in, Leclerc is all hyped up and wants to see my sword.

“Good morning, Lecrae. Good.

I’ll get the Schwarzhase out of the storage grimoire.

Leclerc is not the only one who looks at Schwarzhase with interest.

“Oh! It’s black! That’s so cool!”

“If they used black dragon scales, they’re not very shiny.”

Will raises the question.

“I asked them to take the shine off. It would stand out in the light.”

Now we’re finally ready to go deep.

Selma-san mutters with a wry smile on her face.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

“What, we’ve been waiting a year. It’s within the margin of error.

“Yes, I know. It’s finally time for some deep… It’s time for revenge!

I feel that Mr. Lane’s words are filled with his deepest feelings.

“Then, as we’ve talked about before, we’re heading to the depths! Today we’ll explore the ninety-first layer. If there are no problems, we’ll begin the assault on the ninety-second layer again! Everyone get ready!

We shake our heads at Selma’s question.

“… Then let’s go!”

“””” oh !!!!”” “””


I’ve come to the ninety-second level of the Great Labyrinth.

At last, our first in depth meeting as a team.

The ninety-layer is an area of marshland.

The ground is muddy, and I can’t stand on my feet properly.

Some of the trees are leafless and rotting.

Most of the monsters that appear here are either rotting or just bones.

Their actions are simple, and each of them is a low-powered fighter.

But the number of them is crazy.

They just keep popping up, one after the other, and we’ve got to deal with them.

If you don’t collect the magic stones from time to time, the monsters that take them will become stronger.

A few pieces won’t make a noticeable difference, but when the dust settles…

There’s nothing we can do to keep them from capturing the Demon Stone.

Hexenbiests alone are a nuisance, but this place stinks.

The air is stagnant and the environment is so bad that you’ll feel sick if you stay here for a long time.

The hexenbiest showed up early.

A bipedal, ape-like, rotten Hexenbiest.

There are roughly 50 or more.

This is still a small group in this hierarchy, which shows how large the number is.

In this level, the theory is to fight in groups.

With that many monsters, it’ll be hard to manage their hate one by one.

The rear guard cannot show their full strength if they are approached, so here the vanguard fights with the rear guard on their backs.

The three rear guard form a tight circle and put up a magic barrier around them.

Will and I will stand in a diagonal line around the perimeter to deal with the approaching monsters.

Rain and Lecrae are using magic to attack the monsters coming from afar.

Selma, as always, will be in charge of instructions and buffing.

Here, you need to be able to attack multiple monsters at once.

I’m ready! Both of you get inside the magic barrier!”

Rain’s voice echoes in my brain and I enter the magic barrier as instructed.

Rain-san confirmed that and then activates the magic she’d spent so much time carefully constructing her formula.

It’ll create a 360-degree tsunami around us.

The four of us except Rain scatter lightning spells into the water to cause an electric shock and take out the beast at once.

“There’s too many hexenbiests and it stinks. I hate this place!”

Lecrae complains when he’s finished defeating all the monsters.

Well, I don’t know how you feel.

The hexenbiests are also deformed, rotten, and disgusting, and the environment’s so bad…

“It’s a near-perfect environment, but if I can fight for a long time in this environment, I should be able to withstand similar incidents in the future levels, right? Luckily the monsters here are not that strong just because there are many of them. Let’s try a little harder.

It’s true that if you can fight in this environment without any problems, the ninety-second and ninety-third layers are better than here, and I can understand Selma’s point.

The ninety-fourth layer is a different kind of harsh environment from this place, and the ninety-fifth layer and beyond, which I’ve never been to, may be worse than this place.

We fought many more battles after that.

Each battle takes longer than the other levels.

We don’t have much time to rest, and the deeper levels are more difficult than the lower ones.

And the amount of magic stones we’ve obtained has increased considerably so we’ve decided to return.

The ninety first layer and the ninety second layer could be said to be the exact opposite, but for the time being I’ve learned that with the current members we can get through the deep layer without much injury.