The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 65

CH65: Cheering

Two days after exploring the ninety layers.

Today is the day when the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky finally sets out to attack the ninety-second layer.

As usual, I arrived at the ops room around 7:00.

“Good morning, Orn. Are you always here this early?”

Will sees I’m in the ops room and says hi.

… I’m gonna have to be harder on you than usual.

His face is tense, and he doesn’t look at all like his usual flirtatious self.

“Good morning. Did you sleep okay?

“Uh, it’s subtle. I think I’ve been having a lot of shallow sleeps. But it’s not like I haven’t slept enough, so it’s not a problem, right?”

… That’s right.

I’m sure all four of you have more feelings than usual about today’s labyrinth search.

I can’t say a word.

“… Will, will you hang out with me for a minute?”


I took Will to the indoor training facility.

I don’t have permission to use it, but according to the schedule on the wall, it won’t be used until ten o’clock, so I’ll let you use it.

“What the hell are you doing bringing me here?”

I’m going to make a wooden double-edged sword appear from my storage grimoire and then I’m going to let go of it to Will.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

After confirming that Will has received the double-edged sword in a puzzled manner, a wooden long sword appears.

“If you’re going to waste time over there, why don’t you join me for a mock battle to get ready?”

“… Huh, that’s a good idea.

Will, who agrees to the proposal with a wry smile, takes a stance.

Then the sound of wood hitting wood echoed through the training area over and over again.

It’s been a little over an hour since Will and I started fighting.

We’re both out of breath.

“Huh… Huh… Huh… That was a hard warm-up exercise.

Because Will is going to do it, for real.

“Ha-ha-ha, I was only about 40%.”

You’re breathing a little heavy for your taste, aren’t you?

“… Whew… Thanks. You made me feel better.”

Will thanks me when he catches his breath.

“… I was just using Will to get ready. I didn’t do anything to warrant a thank you.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll take that as a yes. Well, let’s take a shower and go back to the ops room. The others should be here by now.

I think Will has lost some of his expression.

I wish I could have thought of a better way.

What do you mean, “poor dexterity”?

You’re too clumsy…

After washing off our sweat in the shower room attached to the training ground, we moved to the operations room.

By the way, you were dressed differently for the simulation, remember?

We can’t have a mock battle in labyrinth clothes.


When I came back to the ops room, the other three had already gathered there.

“Good morning, you two. It’s unusual for you to be on the edge, Mr. Orn, let alone Will.

“I was developing a friendship with a man.”

They’re all looking so stiff.

Leclerc, who always makes the atmosphere better, doesn’t seem to be in high spirits today.

I’m trying to get him to relax, but I can’t think of a good idea.

“So today we’re finally going to the ninety-second level. Our goal is to defeat the Black Dragon and reach the ninety-third level. Let’s step on the ninety-third layer today!

“””” oh !!!!”” “””

I think Selma’s expression is softer than the other three.

Still, you seem more nervous than usual.

I hope everyone will be back to normal once we start exploring the maze.


And we’ll leave the ops room and start moving towards the Grand Labyrinth.

<The grounds of the Night Sky’s Silver Rabbit headquarters are quite large.

In addition to the main building, which houses the living quarters and the exploration rooms, there are a number of other buildings.

It is a short walk from the main building to the gate to leave the site.

When I arrived at the gate, there were many members of the group gathered there.

First squad, good luck!

“Let’s defeat the Black Dragon today!”

“If you guys are now, you can go to the ninety-third layer!”

The whole squad is cheering for the First Squadron.

When I was a member of the heroic party… the people would sometimes cheer for us as we dived into the Great Labyrinth.

I got a lot of power then, but I feel it more now.

I just joined the clan and this is what I get.

I think the other four are beyond description.

“Master! Go slay the Black Dragon once more!”

“Shishou! I’m rooting for you. Go for it!”

“Mr. Orn! I’m sure you’ll come back safely!”

The members of the Tenth Group came running up to us and cheered us on.

I pat the three of them on the head.

“Thank you. I’m going to the ninety-third level first.

“Hehe, we’ll catch up with you soon too, just wait and see!”

Yeah, I’ll be waiting. You guys can catch up to me.

“Hehehe~. I love it when you stroke my head. Tomorrow and the day after, you’ll be stroking my head too, so make sure you come back, okay? I don’t want you to not come back like Alba-san.

“Of course. I’ll be back, okay?

Please, do your best.

“Thank you. I’ll do my best.”


“Good luck, big sister Rain!”

“Rain-san is the strongest Mage, I won’t lose!”

“Please protect them all!”

“Oh, no, I didn’t hear this…”

Mr. Lane is in tears.

I’ve seen you in so many ways in such a short time, but I’ve never seen you cry.

Raine was obsessed with being everyone’s big sister, and I’m sure she was trying to force herself to look the part.

I may have just seen the real Mr. Lane for the first time.

“Hey! Wilkes! Don’t look so glum! You’re the best defender in this clan! Don’t look like a defender! You’ll make your friends uneasy!

“Yes, yes! You look your best when you’re all flirty and flirty like you always do! Don’t give me that look like you don’t even know who I am!”

“Lecrae is here! I bet they’ll all come back unharmed!”

“Lecrae, it’s okay! You’re strong! You’ve worked too hard! You’re not going to let me down!”

“Ha-ha-ha, that’s a great help…”

Will mutters, his voice shaking.

“Yeah, right. I guess we’re not alone in this fight.

Lecrae agrees with Will.

“Good luck with your leadership!”

“How can the continent’s best grant master still be stuck at the ninety-second layer? Hurry up and overtake the heroic party and become the best in both name and reality! Today is the first step!”

“You guys…”

We’re getting a lot of cheers and then the chief appears before the first squad.

“A great deal has changed in <Yoten no Ginrabbit> in the past year. The members of the leadership, including myself, have been renewed, and we are no longer as strong as we were then. Some of them even said that the Nightly Rabbit was no more. But I believe that this past year has been worthwhile. <I want you to let the world know that the Night-Heavenly Silver Rabbit can still make great strides! And above all, I want you to do your best today for yourselves. All the members of the group, including me, are praying that you will return here safely with smiles on your faces.”

Selma hears the Commander-in-Chief’s words and looks up at the sky with her eyes closed.

After a moment, he opens his eyes and looks straight at the president.

I’ll make it to the ninety-third level! Let’s go!

With the cheers of our friends at our backs, we step out of the gate.

Before I knew it, the four of them had lost all hardness in their expressions.

I realized how great it is to have an ally.