The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 108

Chapter 108: The Royal Bloodline

Look inside the light of reincarnation.

Full of happiness myself.

The same happiness was on Qing Yi’s face.

The whirlwind turned gloomy.

It’s been too long.

She hadn’t felt this kind of happiness for years.

Since my son left.

And she was left alone.

Even if there were other ancient goddesses later on.

But I can’t find that unique feeling when I’m with you.

“Back then, my lord said he’d come back when the Heaven’s Trace was closed…”

Think about it.

Only then did the gloomy look on the face of the revived Qing Yi slowly disappear .

Although we don’t know yet.

In what way will the Prince recover.

But Qing Yi was convinced that her son would not deceive her.


Inside the Light of Reincarnation.

A thunderbolt flashes.

It was a rare rainstorm, with lightning and thunder everywhere and the wind howling.


In this bad weather.

But there were two figures, hiding quietly in a cave.

“Kotori, are you ready? I’m going to fuck your son.”

“Come on, my lord.”

With a short conversation.

Lin Tian’s figure flew into the sky against the torrential rain.

In the midst of the thunder of the sky.

An aura with the smell of immortality suddenly emerged from Lin Tian’s body.

Boom, boom, boom!

The thunder all around suddenly became countless times stronger, turning into an electric snake, striking towards Lin Tian’s body.

“Lin Tian is crossing the immortal tribulation, right.”

“Yes, it’s true. He took advantage of the thunderstorm to go through the robbery, probably because he was afraid of being discovered.”

“That’s too much, he’s already an immortal.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Look inside the light of reincarnation, Lin Tian who is crossing the immortal tribulation.

Almost everyone looked completely speechless.

The immortal tribulation means a lot to a monk.

Once you have crossed it, you can become an immortal and stand in the world.

But Lin Tian in the picture is fine.

Even for the immortal tribulation, it’s all so careful.


When I think of the ancient times, when the strong were everywhere.

The speechlessness in the hearts of the people disappeared at once.


Previous question of doubt.

It came to their minds again.

From ancient times to the present.

What’s going on in the middle.

The aura of the Ling Xuan continent has dissipated and has become what it is today.

Even in the olden days.

I don’t think anyone would have thought of that.

I can’t believe someone would take advantage of a thunderstorm like this to perform the immortal robbery.

Because this kind of weather will actually greatly increase the power of the immortal tribulation.



With the thunder in the sky, getting stronger and stronger.

It seems to be much harder for Lin Tian, who is in the midst of his tribulation, to cope with it.

Several times, I was almost struck by those horrible thunderbolts.

Koten in the cave below.

At this moment, he was standing at the entrance of the cave, looking at Lin Tian in the sky with an envious and worried look.

Her training has reached the late stage of initiation.

Just one step away from entering the Daoist stage.

For most people, she’s got a pretty good talent.


With Lin Tian as the benchmark, Jensen had a very low self-esteem.

After all.

She’s a few years older than Lin Tian.

But the difference between his cultivation and Lin Tian’s is too great.

Just as Kotchan was staring up at the sky.

The figure of an old man with white hair appeared silently beside her.

Step by step out of the storm.

The rainstorm overhead did not affect the old man in any way.

“Come with me, girl.”

He came to a place only a few feet away from Jensen.

The old man opened his mouth at once.

Kotsu’s energy, all put on the sky Lin Tian, did not notice the people around him.

Now I hear the other side suddenly.

I was shocked.

The first time I looked at the other side, Kotsu’s expression was immediately cold.

She’s afraid that this old man will affect Lin Tian’s tribulation.

“Who are you?” After a moment’s hesitation, Kotchan took the initiative to speak.

The grand aura that came from the old man made it clear to Kotchan.

This old man’s strength is definitely beyond her reach.

So she had to find a way to delay them as long as possible.

Heard Kotori ask.

The old man looked up at the sky and said as if he was talking to himself, “Not even twenty years old, and you’ve started to cross the immortal tribulation, you’re really worthy of being one of His Majesty’s favorites.”

A little sigh.

The old man’s gaze, only to put back on Jensen said, “I come from the Great Xuan Dynasty, before all the way to track you, want to catch you, are considered my men.”

“It’s you.” Xiaosim’s expression suddenly turned ugly.

The two of them, because of this series of arrests, had to leave the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

He fled all the way to the current Sword Spirit Dynasty.

If it weren’t for these mystery men…

Now she and Lin Tian are still safely in the manor left by the old master, so they don’t have to go anywhere.

I saw Kotchan’s face turn ugly and her expression became even more alert.

The old man sighed and said, “Don’t be so nervous, I can assure you, I have no ill will towards you… If you come back with me and meet His Majesty, we’ll see what happens.”

Say it.

The old man reached out and grabbed Jensen.

This is Sword Dynasty territory.

He’s an immortal of the Great Xuan Dynasty, he has to be careful at all times, so the quicker he solves things, the better.

Anyway, the little jimmy in front of me.

In his hands, he’s almost defenseless.

And Lin Tian, who could protect Jensen, was in the midst of an immortal tribulation at the moment.

And it looks like he’s having a very hard time crossing the tribulation, so he can’t interfere with anything else.

The reason the old man is here now.

It’s a great opportunity.

Just as the old man was about to catch Jensen.

Above his head, there was a sudden brightness.

Lin Tian, who was holding a thunderbolt in his hand.

With a cold smile at the corner of his mouth, he descended from the sky like a heavenly god and slammed the electric snake in his hand into the old man.

Look at Lin Tian’s relaxed look.

The old man was actually a little lost in thought .

Something’s not right.

It’s obvious that he’s struggling to get through.

How could it be that in the blink of an eye.

You’re just playing with the thunderbolts of the immortal tribulation as if they were toys.

“I’ve been trapped, this kid doesn’t take the Immortal Robbery seriously at all, that strained look just now is just an act to show himself.”

When these thunderbolts hit you.

Only then did everything suddenly dawn on the old man’s mind.

While wearing a bitter smile on his face

The old man could only show his immortal-level strength and resisted the thunderbolt.


Just as he was blocking the thunderbolt.

Lin Tian, who was in front of him, had already turned back quickly, reached out and took Kotchan, and disappeared in a flash.

Wait until the thunderbolt has completely dissipated.

Only the old man was left standing, staring at the spot, wide-eyed.

Now he understands.

Why did the Great Xuan Dynasty send out so many experts before, but they were not able to capture Lin Tian and Xiao Jian back.

That was the case.

If Lin Tian hadn’t been concerned about Jizen, he would have taken her away with him.

When he was caught off guard, he was afraid that he would suffer a great loss at the hands of Lin Tian.

A bitter laugh.

The old man’s figure disappeared with him.

Sword Spirit City.

Lin Tian and Jizen went back to their place in the city.

Before the two of them could catch their breath.

There was a knock at the door.

Also appearing.

There was also the voice of the immortal old man: “Mr. Lin Tian, Miss Xiaosim, I am looking for you both, without any malice, please meet with me.”

An immortal powerhouse has come to us.

Malice or not, there’s no room for complacency.

Lin Tian barked a few words at Jiao-sim before he walked over and opened the door.

Outside the door, there stood the old man from before.

Look at Lin Tian and Xiao Jian inside the door.

The smile on the old man’s face became more and more obvious, and his divine thoughts moved slightly, passing a string of ideas directly into the minds of Lin Tian and Xiao Jian.

Sensing what the old man has passed on.

Lin Tian and Xiao Jianshen were immediately wide-eyed.

“Little Sim actually has the royal bloodline of the Grand Xuan Dynasty?” After a few moments of dumbfoundedness, Lin Tiandian looked back at Xiaojian.

For as long as he can remember.

Kotoko is located in the Lin family’s dilapidated manor.

It’s said that Lin Tian’s parents picked up the orphan.

Who would have thought.

This orphan has a royal bloodline.

Don’t say Lin Tian.

Even if it’s Kotsu himself.

They were all stunned by the news at the moment.