The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 110

Chapter 110: The Ascension Platform, The Reason for the Decline of the Lingxuan Continent

“It’s really worthy of the previous life of Mr. Lin Feng, only Mr. Lin Feng is so resourceful that he was able to save Miss Xiaojian from all the immortal experts.”

“Gunpowder is something that will definitely bring great changes to the Lingxuan Continent, all thanks to Prince Lin Feng.”

“That’s right, even in this life, Prince Lin Feng was very clever before, or else he wouldn’t have been able to trap the Heavenly Emperor… Trapped.”

A group of evil devils praised Lin Feng.

For them.

I’m going to make Lin Feng feel better.

You won’t have that chance after that.

Especially the evil cultivator at the end, who wanted to praise Lin Feng by defeating the Heavenly Emperor.

But you’re only halfway through.

I knew something was wrong.

After the previous screen of the Emperor’s soul fragments.

Who doesn’t know that Lin Feng was fed by the Heavenly Emperor.

To bring this up again now would be a slap in the face to Lin Feng.

Sure enough.

When he heard this evil cultivator mention the word Heavenly Emperor, Lin Feng’s expression immediately turned ugly for a few moments.

The kozo glanced at the evil cultivator.

When he saw that his opponent was scared out of his mind, Lin Feng’s anger dissipated.

The eyes shifted to the ancient goddesses, the reviving Qing Yi, at the side.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Seniors, I seem to have vaguely recalled some past events… After I escaped from the Great Xuan Dynasty, I think I found a place where no one could find me and went to cultivate in peace.”

That’s a very clever thing to say about Lin Feng.

Don’t move.

He has taken the primordial Lin Tian in the Light of Reincarnation as himself.

But his words…

However, Qing Yi frowned and scanned Lin Feng up and down several times.

It doesn’t say anything.

With a soft sigh, he returned his gaze to the light of reincarnation before him.

The reaction of Qing Yi’s reaction caused Lin Feng to be a bit stunned.

According to his speculation.

Lin Tian and Jizen have offended the Great Xuan Dynasty, and they’ve stirred up chaos in their capital city.

They’ll be wanted by the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

In this case.

They should definitely find a place where no one is around, hide and practice in peace.

But the reactions of the revival of the green coat…

Apparently not.

This made Lin Feng’s face turn ugly and at the same time, he couldn’t help but spit in his heart.

“In this past life, I was too puzzled.”

Inside the Light of Reincarnation.

Lin Tian took Little Jensen with him and didn’t really escape from the capital of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

The two of them circled around the capital of the Great Xuan Dynasty.

Then Lin Tian himself cut off the karmic aura and the time frame belonging to him and Jizen.

Then the two of them swaggered back to the capital of the Great Xuan Dynasty.

“The most dangerous place is the safest place… If we run away, the immortals of the Grand Xuan Dynasty will be out in force and will find us sooner or later.”

As he entered the city, Lin Tian explained his purpose to Jizen.

Sure enough.

A few days later, the Grand Xuan Dynasty issued a wanted notice for both of them.

And a large number of experts from the Grand Xuan Dynasty have left the Imperial City to capture them both.

No one even thinks about it.

Lin Tian and Xiao Jian had the audacity to hide in the closest place to the Imperial City of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, and they were wandering the streets almost every day.

The two are in the capital of the Great Xuan Dynasty.

A few years in hiding.

Wait until the Great Xuan Dynasty starts to ease up on their manhunt.

Lin Tian and Xiao Jim had already started thinking about leaving the Great Xuan Dynasty.

This day.

Above the capital city of the Great Xuan Dynasty, a huge carriage suddenly appeared.

One wheel of a wagon is as big as half a mountain.

The horses pulling the chariot are unicorn-like beasts with flames on their hooves, looking extremely powerful.

The moment I saw this chariot appear.

The entire capital city of the Grand Xuan Dynasty was in a frenzy.

Because this chariot, it’s called the Chariot of the Beginning.

As the name implies.

The owner of the chariot is the most powerful man in the human race, Taichou.

A human Taishu, holding a Taishu order, can drive a Taishu station wagon to inspect any part of the Lingxuan continent.

Everywhere it goes.

Everyone must obey his orders.

“Pass on the order of the Great Primordial of the Human Race, all immortals of the Great Xuan Dynasty, immediately rush to Mount Taichou, and together build the Ascension Platform.” A loud voice came out from the chariot.

At first.

No one knows what’s going on with the so-called soaring platform.

But as time passes.

The news about the Ascension Platform began to spread more and more among the cultivators everywhere.

The so-called ascending platform.

It is a superb treasure created by a group of powerful people from all races, who have gathered countless precious treasures.

This is a superb object that can tear the walls of the world apart.

And other high level worlds, linked together.

As long as we can get a connection to other higher worlds.

Not only will the spiritual energy of the Ling Xuan Continent be more concentrated in the future.

More to the point.

A monk can break through the limits of the eternal life realm and reach a higher level.

The reason why many human monks, including Taichou, chose to build this ascension platform.

The main reason for this.

It’s really about breaking through to the current state.

In the Ling Xuan Continent, a cultivator can only reach the highest level of immortality.

Although it is called eternal life.

But in reality, even the strongest of the immortals have an end of life.

Only a higher realm will allow them to achieve true immortality.

Look inside the light of reincarnation.

The ascension platform that’s coming up.

The countless cultivators in the Linxuan Continent were first stunned, and then there was an outcry.

“The Spiritual Qi of our Lingxuan Continent has collapsed, it’s not because of this ascension platform, is it?”


“It’s not bad just because the aura has collapsed, but I even wonder now if the bronze gate where the Heavenly Demon appeared from outside the realm is also related to this ascension platform?”

“If our guesses are correct, the cultivators of the ancient era, this is simply a self-inflicted death, almost causing the destruction of the Lingxuan continent.”

“Wait, did you notice that in the ancient times, Taichou was the name of a strong human being, but in our time, Taichou God only represents one person.”

“Don’t look at me, I’m already a bit confused now, I just want to know, the Heavenly Emperor and Lin Feng, who is the reincarnation of Taichou?”

The source of the light of reincarnation.

The reincarnation table appeared in the light of reincarnation.

The look on his face changed dramatically.

Especially the revival of the green coat.

For her, this chakra is the cause of almost everything.

My eyes scanned the faces of the people around me.

Seeing the curious look on everyone’s face, Qing Yi slowly opened his mouth and said: “You guessed correctly, the reason why the ancient times perished was because of this ascension platform… I will always remember that scene, countless immortals gathered, gathered their power, opened the space, opened a heavenly scar in the sky, but what appeared from the heavenly scar was not the high-dimensional powerhouse they were expecting, but the endless extraterrestrial demons.”

The voice of the revived green clothes is low.

The others around me, though, couldn’t relate.

But when I think of the scene before when the Emperor closed the bronze door in the sky.

They looked serious all of a sudden.

If the Emperor hadn’t closed the bronze door, they would be facing endless demons.