The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Tearing the Sky, A Giant Change in the Ancient Period

If we talk about the people of the Ling Xuan Continent before.

If you’re looking at the images in the Light of Reincarnation and simply want to see what happened to the gods of the beginning.

So, at this moment.

What they are more concerned about is the ascension platform and the great changes that are about to take place in the Lingxuan continent.

Only this great change concerns each of them.

As they watched.

Inside the Light of Reincarnation.

The giant soaring platform in the sky, which was only visible at first.

But as the soaring platform was built to perfection.

This ascension platform has become an almost eternal existence, beyond reality and illusion.

The existence of this ascension platform can be clearly seen from anywhere in the entire Lingxuan Continent.

The whole ascension platform.

It was like another sun, floating in mid-air, emitting a soft light day and night.

The monks in the Light of Reincarnation.

When they looked at this ascension platform, they all had a look of indulgence on their faces.

But the monks outside the light of reincarnation, the face is becoming more and more ugly.

They’ve already guessed.

The day this soaring platform is completed.

I’m afraid it’s the time of great change in the Ling Xuan Continent.


It took a few years.

This soaring platform is completely finished.

The date of completion.

A chariot carrying a drum of war, running around the Ling Xuan continent.

The rumbling of the war drums resonated throughout the ancient world of Lingxuan.

This drumming.

It’s a celebration of the completion of the soaring platform.

It’s also a gathering of powerful monks from the ancient times.

Almost all the immortal-level powerhouses in the Lingxuan Continent are rushing to the Ascension Platform.

Even if you don’t take part in the ascension.

They also wanted to get a closer look at the world that was higher than the Ling Xuan continent.

Tens of thousands of strong people with Immortal level or above.

Gathered on the Ascension Platform.

There are dozens of them in the Eternal Life realm alone.

So many of the most powerful people in the world have come together.

That terrifying aura, as if it could be transmitted to the afterlife through the light of reincarnation, shook the entire Ling Xuan continent.

“It’s terrifying, the number of powerful people in the ancient times is more than dozens of times more than we have now.”

“This is evident by looking at the number of those who are strong in the Eternal Life Realm, in our era, only the Heavenly Emperor has risen to the Eternal Life Realm by his own power.”

“The Heavenly Emperor alone had blocked the countless extra-terrestrial demons inside the Bronze Gate. Now that so many powerful people have gathered on this ascension platform, those extra-terrestrial demons shouldn’t be a problem.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

The first time I saw the light of reincarnation, many people actually trembled.

But more people .

A look of suspicion began to appear on his face.

Those extra-terrestrial demons, they’re really scary.

But even a Celestial Emperor who has not yet entered the Eternal Life Realm can stand up to these countless extra-terrestrial demons by himself.

There were so many powerful people in the ancient times.

How could they be destroyed by these demons.

Under their suspicious gaze.

Screen changes in the Light of Reincarnation.

Lin Tian and Xiao Jian were standing on a hill at the moment, looking up at the soaring platform above their heads.

“Sir, you are also an immortal level powerhouse, do you want to go over there and join the fun, you might be able to get a great benefit.” The first time I saw this, I was looking up at the ascension platform overhead, and my eyes were glittering with hope.

This ascension platform has attracted more than most of the strongest people in the Lingxuan Continent.

I’ve always felt that.

It’s because of her that my son didn’t go to the ascension platform.

Hearing Kijim’s words, Lin Tian brushed aside his mouth and said, “Kijim, ascending is not that fun… What’s more, I’ve just become a big brother in the Lingxuan Continent, so I’m not going to ascend to be someone else’s junior right away.

Look at Lin Tian with an expression like he’s a fool.

Kotori laughed softly.

Whatever you decide, she’ll be satisfied as long as you don’t break up with her.

And while the two of them were muttering.

The ascension platform above their heads suddenly emitted a blinding light.

This moment.

This soaring platform shines brighter than the sun in the sky.

Almost everyone’s eyes were drawn to the soaring platform.

Even though the light from the ascension platform made their eyes water, many people still stared at the platform with their eyes wide open.


With a sound like a thunderclap.

The sky above the ascension platform split open at that moment.

It’s like a mirror breaking, a crack that’s rapidly growing in size.

In almost an instant, it turned into a huge rift that traversed the top of the Lingxuan continent, as if it were a dark abyss facing the Lingxuan continent below.

“Open up, upper sub-dimensional passages.”

The countless number of monks who saw the sky split open let out a sound of surprise.

Because they’ve sensed it clearly.

The distinctive aura emanating from the rift in the sky.

It is a presence that is soft and ancient, desolate and many other strange things.

Even a low-level cultivator will feel a sense of worship the moment he feels this aura.

Even those ordinary monks from the ancient times are now in a state of shock.

Not to mention the countless monks on the ascension platform.

Looking up at the huge rift overhead, some of them rushed straight towards it.

Just as this immortal powerhouse was about to break through the rift and enter the higher sub-dimensions.

On the other side of the rift, an eye suddenly appeared.

This eye, it’s huge.

The rift that traversed the entire Ling Xuan continent could only reveal a part of this eye.

This feeling.

It’s like someone’s peeking through the doorway.

And that crack in the sky, that’s the doorway.

“It’s a high life.” On the platform, someone shouted in surprise.

From the huge eye outside, they had sensed a terrible aura that far surpassed theirs.

You know.

Among these monks on the ascension platform, there are strong practitioners of the Eternal Life Realm.

Even these immortal realm powerhouses are trembling from the depths of their souls as they look at this enormous eyeball above their heads.

This horrible existence is exactly what they had in mind.

That powerful, high-dimensional being.

But they weren’t happy for long.

The eye on the crack in the sky disappeared abruptly.

In its place, there’s an open mouth.

Inside the mouth, a huge maelstrom has formed.

The maelstrom sucked in the Reiken Continent.

The ascending platform closest to the maelstrom, as well as the many cultivators on the ascending platform, were immediately sucked in by this huge whirlpool.

LOL! Cackle!

A harsh chewing sound, coming from within the cracks of the sky.

The people of the ancient times understood where all those monks on the ascension platform had gone.

They were all eaten by this horrible being above them.

Even those who are strong in the Eternal Life Realm.

Such a terrible picture.

The monks of the ancient period were stunned for a moment, and then they were filled with endless fear.

The Ascension Stage was their hope for access to the higher planes.

But now…

But it’s the thing they fear most.

The terrifying creature inside that rift was able to eat all the powerful people on the Ascension platform.

As long as he enters the Ling Xuan continent, it is not difficult for him to eat other living beings in the Ling Xuan continent.

Sure enough.

Amidst the fearful gaze of many monks in the ancient times.

The terrifying being in the outside world, stretched two tentacle-like existences into the Lingxuan continent, wanting to open the rift in the sky even wider.

But this rift in space is obviously not that easy to open from the outside.

Let this terrible being do his best.

It didn’t hold the rift open.

This went on for some time before he suddenly changed his mind.

He reappeared in front of the rift and blew gently at the continent of Ling Xuan below.

In the gale that he blew out, countless extraterrestrial demons with terrifying aura immediately came in towards the Lingxuan continent in the ancient times.

The extra-terrestrial demons that came in a torrent.

The quantity is ten thousand times more than those extra-terrestrial demons that the Heavenly Emperor blocked before.

The huge rift above the entire Lingxuan continent was swarming with extra-terrestrial demons almost everywhere.

This dense mass of extra-terrestrial demons.

There are so many of them that they are like ants, it makes your head spin.


The monks on the Lingxuan continent look at the image in the light of reincarnation above their heads.

By now, they’re all stone-faced.

It’s the images that are so powerful.

Whether it’s that magnificent soaring platform.

But the high-dimensional passage was forced open by the Ascension Table.

It’s enough to make a big impact.

Not to mention.

The horrible being that appeared after him.

Although only one eye and one mouth are showing.

But the horror of its form is enough to stun everyone.

“Such a terrifying existence is actually lurking in the outside world of the Lingxuan Continent.”

“Those extra-terrestrial demons are just things that blow out of each other’s mouths.”

“If this terrifying being rends the world wall and breaks into our Lingxuan continent, won’t the Lingxuan continent be completely finished.”

After a brief moment of dumbfoundedness, many monks, immediately could not help but mutter in a small voice.

These are the secrets of ancient times.

They’ve never even heard of it before.

Reincarnation of the Head of Light.

The first time I saw the image in the light of reincarnation, even the rejuvenated Qing Yi could not help but tremble slightly at this moment.

The picture of the year.

She did her best to make herself forget.

But obviously, these things can’t just be forgotten.

“Sister, is this the reason for the appearance of the Sky Scars?”

The ancient goddesses behind Qing Yi had a strange look in their eyes.

This terrifying being known as the Scar of Heaven.

They’ve seen a lot of them, though.

But for the first time, I saw for myself the reason for the birth of the Sky Scars.

They thought.

This scar of the sky was forcibly torn apart by those extra-terrestrial demons.

But I didn’t realize that the origin of the Heaven’s Trace was the monks themselves in the ancient times.

This Trace of Heaven.

Since then, it has brought endless suffering to the Ling Xuan continent.

It wasn’t until it was completely shut down by the Emperor that it was completely over.

Count it down.

This Heaven’s Mark has existed in the Ling Xuan Continent for at least a hundred million years.

Revive Qing Yi’s body trembled slightly, nodded and said, “That’s right, this is the reason why the Trace of Heaven appeared… Soon, the Duke will have to show up to seal this Heaven’s Mark.”

The more I speak, the less I hear.

But there was a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

Turning back to Lin Feng, and the Heavenly Emperor, who was inside the Light of Reincarnation.

Qing Yi couldn’t help but say to herself, “When these scenes are over, you should be back by now.”