The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Giving Lin Feng One Last Chance to Perform

More and more of the power of faith began to converge.

It finally merges into the figure at the end of the light of reincarnation.

With the integration of these reincarnation lights, this figure appears more and more sacred and radiant.

An aura beyond the realm of immortality slowly diffused from it.

The smell alone.

A lot of people around the room looked very different.

But more people, at this moment, had shock and suspicion on their faces.

For example, the revival of Qing Yi.

“The power of faith is all incorporated into the Heavenly Emperor, and the Refugee Heavenly Emperor is the reincarnation of the Duke.”

A confused look appeared on Qing Yi’s face.

Originally she really thought…

The Duke’s resurrection must have something to do with Lin Feng.

But now, the power of faith has all converged on the Heavenly Emperor.

Such a scene.

Anyone who sees it will probably feel something wrong.

Especially Lin Feng, his face changed dramatically.

The identity of the reincarnation is the only thing he can rely on now.

If we don’t even have that to fall back on.

Then he’ll be a real joke from now on.

“Impossible, I’m obviously the reincarnation of Taichou.” Lin Feng couldn’t help but shout out of his mouth.

But even those evil demon heads beside him.

At this moment, they are all a bit dumbfounded and dare not open their mouths to agree.

The people who were closest to this light of reincarnation, Xiao Yanran and others, had a look of surprise on their faces at this moment.

Because they’ve felt it.

The figure inside the light of reincarnation, the vitality of the body, is rapidly becoming stronger.

That means.

Linam may come back to life soon.

The reaction of the outside world.

In fact, at this moment, Lin Yan has no time to pay attention.

Because now his energy is spent on sensing his own changes.

The body he now possessed was even more powerful than the original Heavenly Emperor’s body in the Eternal Life Realm.

This power is worthy of the word “invincible”.

“At last, I can come back to life.”

Lin Yan muttered in his heart .

Only when the body was perfect did Lin Yan’s eyes start to scan the people outside the light of reincarnation.

He’s thinking about it now.

How will I face these people out there when I’m really back?

Although in his previous stories.

He and his sister Xiao Yanran and his concubine Xiao Mei are all in love with each other.

But after all, he made it all up. It’s not real.

It’s a safe bet.

Lin Yan thought he’d better keep a distance from them in the future.

Lin Yan’s silhouette became more and more solid.

But on Lin Yan’s body, Qing Yi couldn’t feel the slightest aura of a gentleman.

This made Qing Yi finally start to panic.

“My lord… You will surely come back to life.”

The ancient goddess in blue, the goddess of the past, screamed in disbelief.

I can’t even stay calm at the moment.

Her face was lost in thought, and she almost went limp.

Countless years of waiting.

Now it could turn out to be an empty one.

This is the result.

Don’t talk about people like Greenie.

Even the other ancient goddesses around her had sympathetic and worried looks on their faces.

“This Ancient Goddess Revive Qing Yi, should no longer continue to firmly support Lin Feng.”

Look at the lost soul outside the Light of Reincarnation.

Lin Yan couldn’t help but shake his head.

What he has just compiled is mostly based on the fragmented legends that have been passed down in the Ling Xuan Continent.

It’s very difficult to write out of thin air like this.

In many places, it doesn’t even stand up to scrutiny.

If he continued to write, he was beginning to worry that the system would reject it because of bugs.

The good thing is.

Now it’s finally over, and he doesn’t have to write any more.

“It’s just a bargain for this fellow Lin Feng, even without the support of Revive Qing Yi, the other four ancient goddesses, I’m afraid they will still side with him.”

Lin Yan sighed under his breath.

I couldn’t help but look at the four ancient goddesses beside Qing Yi.

In terms of looks alone, these ancient goddesses are definitely the best.

It’s a shame.

It seems that the author wants to make these ancient goddesses the heroines of the second book.

So in the first book.

Apart from a brief introduction to the ancient goddesses, there is no detailed introduction to the other ancient goddesses.

Even if it’s Linam.

Little is known about the ancient goddesses.

Or else.

He wouldn’t mind making up a little more, making Lin Feng a real loner, with no chance of getting back on his feet.

Compared to the beginning.

Now Lin Feng, though, looks a lot worse for wear.

But with the support of these four ancient goddesses, he shouldn’t be in too bad a position in the future.

“Or I’ll crush him to death when he comes back to life? Leaving such a heavenly hero is always a scourge.” Lin Yan looked at Lin Feng and sized him up.

Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

The crowd is getting rowdy.

Even Qing Yi was staring at the soon-to-be resurrected Heavenly Emperor.

Lin Feng’s face was becoming more and more ugly.

“Everyone, I have a way to prove that I am the reincarnation of Taichou and all the other ancient gods.” Gritting his teeth, Lin Feng suddenly opened his mouth and said.

That’s what I said.

The moment everyone around, all eyes were on Lin Feng.

Especially the ancient goddesses such as Qing Yi.

“Resuscitate senpai.”

Being watched by the crowd, Lin Feng seems to have regained his poise as a leading man.

Lin Feng, who even had a smile on the corner of his mouth, waved his hand and took out a five-colored stone in his hand.

“The five-colored stone …”

Look at this five-colored stone in Lin Feng’s hand.

Reviving Qing Yi’s eyes lit up.

“This is one of the treasures left behind by your son.” The face of Qing Yi was shocked, and he went up and grabbed the five-colored stone in his hand.

Lin Feng’s palm flipped again.

Several treasures came into his hands in quick succession.

He handed a small ancient sword to the ancient goddess in battle armor and said, “This senior, if I’m not wrong, your name should be Mu Lingsha, and this precious immortal sword is closely related to you.”

The ancient goddess in battle armor, like a goddess of war.

See this little sword.

Immediately, his eyes glowed and he grabbed the small sword in his hand.

“Yes, I’m Mourinha. This is the master’s stuff.”


Lin Feng looked more and more smug, and showed the remaining three treasures separately.

It was a pen, half a broken talisman, and a small seal.

These three treasures.

Although the light is faintly emitted, it appears to be unusual.

But the quality is quite mediocre.

The people around him just took a glance, but they weren’t interested.

But these things…

In the eyes of the three remaining ancient goddesses, they were shaken and struck by lightning.

The reaction of the three ancient goddesses.

The fact that Lin Feng had already completely mastered the main scene, his mouth was full of words: “These treasures are closely related to those ancient gods, if I didn’t have a destiny with them, they would not have fallen into my hands.”

“That’s right, Lord Lin Feng is the reincarnation of Taichou and the other ancient gods.”

Seeing that Lin Feng took out these evidences, the evil cultivators around him immediately got energized and started to praise Lin Feng.

The other people around, their faces also became strange at this moment.

“Sure enough, a hero is a hero. He’s still got it in him.”

Looking outside the light of reincarnation, Lin Feng’s face was full of smugness.

But Lin Yan didn’t care at the moment.

And he doesn’t even have to care.

When he comes back to life, with his indestructible body, he’ll be able to kill Lin Feng in a second.

Even if Lin Feng is a good fighter, it’s useless.

In the face of absolute power, these tricks of Lin Feng are just a joke.


In Lin Yan’s anticipation, the system’s voice rang out on time.

“Lin Feng, it’s time for you to die.” Hearing the system’s voice in his ear, Lin Yan’s face revealed a smile.

Now that Lin Feng has done this.

Let’s just give him one last chance to perform.