The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Eternal Sinner


The broken door of this house was kicked in.

A number of Xiantian stage cultivators, from outside the door stride in.

“Hammer, I hear your son has been born.”

These Xiantian stage cultivators scanned the room, and their eyes immediately fell on the baby on one side.

The man named Lin Hammer.

He had just faced the tragic death of his wife, and his face was already desperate.

When they heard the words of these monks, their faces turned pale.

“Gentlemen, my wife is weak, and the child she gave birth to is also weak, and has no talent for cultivation… Please, let him go.”

Lin Tie hammer stooped and pleaded with the monks in front of him in a low voice.

But this gesture.

In the eyes of those monks, it makes them even more disdainful.

“Lin Iron Hammer, you Weapon Spirits have ended up in this situation, are you blaming us…”

“If you want to blame your ancestors, blame them for what they did, but they had to build that ascension platform. If it wasn’t for your ancestors of the Weapon Spirit clan, our Ling Xuan continent wouldn’t have ended up in this state, even the Taichou Gods died in battle.”

“You Artifact Spirits are a sinful race by nature, even if all of you die, you will not be able to pay for your sins.”

The more these monks talked, the sadder their faces became.

At this moment, the sky is far away from the sky, and the trace of the sky appears.

It’s been almost a thousand years.

Although after three successive lifetimes of restoration by Rin Tin.

The scar of heaven in the sky is only a 10,000-mile area.

But no one in the entire Reiken Continent can continue to repair this rift.

This leads to…

The whole Ling Xuan continent is still infested with countless extra-terrestrial demons.

Although the native monks of the Ling Xuan Continent have recovered a lot.

But compared to the ancient peak period.

It’s not even worth mentioning.

What is even more tragic is that.

The trace of heaven in the sky is still absorbing the spiritual energy of the Lingxuan continent.

Sooner or later, the Reiken continent will be completely drained of its spiritual energy.

Under such desperate circumstances.

Almost everyone has made the monks who built the ascension platform a thousand years ago, forcibly tearing out this rift, as sinners.

As the offspring of sinners, they are naturally sinners.

Lam Tieh Hau, is such a sinner.

His ancestors, because of their skill in refining weapons.

That’s why he became the main maker of the lift table.

Several monks cursed at Lin Tiehang for a moment.

The descendants of sinners must also be sinners.”

Say it.

One of the monks, directly waved his hand and grabbed the baby in his hand.

Just grab it.

In the hand of this Ascendant, a surge of spiritual energy shot out.

The power of the spirit is like a knife, and it penetrates into the baby’s body.

Destroy his dantian, qi sea, divine palace, tendons and all other nodes related to cultivation.

And that’s not all.

After doing so, the monk’s fingers gathered a fire spirit power.

The hot fire power, a little closer to the baby’s forehead.


A clearly visible word for sin was carved on the baby’s forehead.

Just like the word “sin” on Lin Hammer’s forehead.

The offspring of sinners.

Not only is it not possible to practice, but you even have to bear the word “sin” and suffer the scorn of everyone.

This little baby.

Hara was already very weak, and after suffering so much, she had completely passed out and lost consciousness.

And those monks .

When you’ve done all the work, you drop the baby and turn around and leave.

As if he had lost his soul, Hammer got up and held the baby in his arms.

He suffered the same thing when he was a boy.

Sinner’s descendants.

Unless it’s completely dead, there’s no way to get rid of the descendants of sinners.

Look down at that little baby in your arms.

Lin Tiehmer slowly reached out and grabbed the baby by the neck.

Although the baby was his son, he didn’t want his son to live like him, without hope, in a life of despair.

But after a few moments of pinching.

Still unable to continue, Lin Hammer carefully placed the baby next to his dead wife.

Holding his dead wife.

The tears rolled down his face.

“These cultivators are too disgusting to torture the reincarnation of the Primordial God Lin Tian like this?”

“In fact, it’s not their fault, they don’t even know that this is the reincarnation of the Primordial God, otherwise, they would never dare to do so.”

“This generation of the reincarnation of the Taichou God is completely unable to cultivate, he probably won’t live long.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

When they saw how Lin Tian’s reincarnation was suffering within the light of reincarnation, many people cursed in anger.

At this moment, Qing Yi’s face was even more furious.

If it wasn’t clear…

The image that appears in the Light of Reincarnation was created countless years ago.

I’m afraid Qing Yi would have killed all those who harmed Lin Tian’s reincarnation.

Mu Ling Sa, who is behind Qing Yi.

But now he was staring at the baby in the light of reincarnation with wide eyes.

“Sinner, sinner… Is that what the word “sinner” on the master’s forehead means?

Inside the Light of Reincarnation.

After witnessing the death of his wife, his son, like him, being cut off from practice and having the word “sin” engraved on him.

Lin Tiehang has lost his soul completely and has been a bit of a muddle ever since.

But the good news is.

He cares about his son.

I have to work hard every day and find a way to feed my son.

He thought.

His frail son won’t survive long.

But to my surprise, the baby survived.

Five years have passed.

When this baby reaches the age of five.

Lindt Hammer has fallen.

He has been forcibly damaged by someone since he was a child, so not only is he unable to practice, but he is also physically weak.

And with the death of his wife and all that.

In fact, he’s exhausted all his energy.

It’s only because of our son that we’ve been able to hold on.

Hanging on for dear life.

Lin Tiehang called his five-year-old son to him: “A thousand years ago, we were the most glorious smiths on this continent. And, if possible, find a way to restore the glory of the Artificers… From now on, you will be called Lin Weapon.”

After telling my son the last of the information about the Artificers.

Lin Hammer also closed his eyes.

All that was left was the five-year-old Linqi, staring blankly at all this.


Look at the child in the light of reincarnation.

The ancient goddesses, including Qing Yi, suddenly turned back to Mu Lingsha, who was at the side.

“Lindsay, what was your master’s name that you kept mentioning before?” An ancient goddess with a puzzled face asked.

At this moment, Mourinha was already staring at the screen above her head with a serious expression.

After a long time, she nodded slowly: “My master’s name is Lin Weapon… That’s right, this child of the Light of Reincarnation is my master.”

The reincarnation of the primordial god Lin Tian.

I can’t believe he’s the owner of Mulling’s yarn.

This fact made them all look dumbfounded.

And so is the revival of Qing Yi.

“Sister.” Gritting her teeth, Qing Yi reached out and took Mu Ling Sa’s hand and said, “If Gong Zi could come back, the two of us, we will never be separated from Gong Zi.”

Despite what they say.

But in her heart, Qing Yi was already secretly shaking her head: “Sister Ling Sa doesn’t know that this is your son, so it’s understandable that she can’t forget him… If there were other women, I would never accept them… You can only be mine.”

There’s no woman.

You’ll want to share the man you love with someone else.

Even if Qing Yi is an ancient goddess.