The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 119

Chapter 119: The True Genius of the Weapon Refining Lineage

“This reincarnation of the Prince has not restored his memory at all.”

Looking at the image in the light of reincarnation, the blue dress looked gloomy.

She can see that.

The screen of Linqi, not at all like the previous lives, quickly recovered Lin Tian’s memory.

That’s why.

In this life, Linqi has not gone to her for a reason.

And she waited foolishly under that big tree, never going out to look for him.

If she’d known…

If my son is reincarnated as a Linqi.

She’ll definitely move to pick up Linqi and help him regain his memory.

But at the moment.

What she wanted to know more than anything was where her son was going to end up.

This time reincarnated as a forest vessel.

His soul is already very weak.

The next time you’re reincarnated, you might not be able to make it.

If the reincarnation fails well, then my son will really have to disappear completely.

Behind Qing Yi.

Mu Lingsha’s eyes began to shine with a strange light.

She’s the only one who knows.

According to the image that appears in the Light of Reincarnation, soon it will be time for her and her master, Linqi, to officially meet.

Look at the familiar face in the light of reincarnation.

Mu Lingsha’s eyes, faintly showing excitement, and even in the heart can not help but scream one after another.

“Master, master…”


This is the most skilled clan in the Ling Xuan Continent.

It can even be said that the whole Ling Xuan continent.

All of the weapons refiners come from the Weaponry Spirit Sect.

The influence of the Weaponry Sect in the Ling Xuan Continent is quite frightening.

Only when the Heavenly Emperor was in power could the Weaponry Sect be suppressed.

But today…

The many cultivators of the Weaponry Sect, including those who are obsessed with refining weapons, all came out of the refiner at this moment and looked up at the light of reincarnation above their heads.

The image that appeared on it made them all look dismayed.

“Inscribed Spiritual Weapon, this kind of refining technique was actually created by Lin Weapon…”

These cultivators of the Weaponry Spirit Sect, each with wide eyes kozo looking at the sky.

The refining technique of the forest weapon in the sky, although in their opinion, still very raw.

But the inscription is a technique that Linqi himself created.

That alone.

They knew that the young man Lin Weapon in the Light of Reincarnation had a talent for refining weapons that far surpassed theirs.


Look at the picture of Linqi’s uncultivated face.

They sighed one by one.

If Linqi can practice, he will become a great weapon maker in the future.

But now he’s got nothing.

There is no way to cultivate, even if you embark on the line of weaponry, you are not destined to achieve anything.

Inside the Light of Reincarnation.

Those old men of the Weapon Spirit lineage, although they knew that Lin Ji could not possibly go too far in the refinement of weapons.

But Lin Weapon’s talent for refining weapons is too frightening.

So they brought the forest tools to their place anyway.

Where these old men live.

It’s not like the normal Artificer clan with the word “sin” carved on their foreheads.

They live on the edge of a huge volcano.

The whole volcano is a huge furnace, a convenient refiner.

Fortunately, these old men’s training has not been nullified.

That’s how they can live here.

Otherwise, the heat from this huge volcano would have killed them all.

Of course.

This is not to say that these old men are in a better position than the ordinary clan of the Artifacts.

In fact, their situation is more difficult than that of the ordinary people.

The commoners, though their veins are broken, have the word “sin” inscribed on their foreheads.

But at least you can have your freedom.

But these old men, despite their cultivation, were locked up, with no way to escape and no place to escape.

He has to stay here forever, hammering out all kinds of treasures for other monks.

The status of a commoner, a mere sinner.

And they are slaves to sin.

A steady stream of smithing materials are sent here from all directions.

In the hands of these old men, they are hammered into various treasures.

And then they were sent out to the outside world to defend against the demons.

Linqi is just an ordinary man.

There was no way to live in the depths of the volcano, so we had to stay on the edge of the volcano, temporarily.

But even so.

It was also enough for him to gain access to more rare materials and even stronger refining techniques.

“Lin Weapon is just a mortal, but he actually refined a holy weapon, this is a treasure that even a great saint can use.”

“As expected of a reincarnation of the Primordial God, even though he doesn’t have the cultivation talent anymore, this weapon refining talent is really amazingly strong.”

“No way… He would not want to try to refine the immortal weapon, immortal weapon and other levels of treasure, that can be completely two levels of existence.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Countless people watched as the light of reincarnation continued to create a treasure from Linqi.

Their eyes were already wide open.

With the help of a special inscription refining method, Linqi was able to refine the grade of the treasures that he could produce, which had been getting higher and higher.

Even at the end.

He’s actually trying to make an immortal weapon.

You know.

Immortal weapons are different from other levels of treasure.

The immortal weapon is a terrible treasure that contains the laws of time and is capable of reversing the picture of time and space.

Even the latter-day Ling Xuan Continent.

There aren’t a lot of immortal weapons either.

Even the master of the Weapon Spirit Sect, the immortal-level master smith, want to refine an immortal weapon, but also depends on chance.

But now it’s good.

Lin Weapon is just an ordinary mortal, and he’s trying to make an immortal weapon.

If this can be made.

I’m afraid that all the current refiners in the Lingxuan continent will have to kill themselves immediately, so as not to lose face.


The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Linqi stared at a scimitar in front of him.

This scimitar is the immortal weapon he wants to make.

In order to make this immortal weapon successful, he even carved inscriptions all around the entire refining room.

By means of these inscriptions, the power of inspiration is invoked.

And further.

Invoke the power of the law and pour it into this immortal weapon.

He may be right.

But after all, he’s just a mortal with no cultivation.

Whether it’s the control of spiritual power or the perception of the power of the law, he has no experience at all and relies entirely on himself to find out.

So this time…

As more and more power was poured into the scimitar in front of him.


Finally, with a crack in the scimitar’s surface.

This scimitar is a total blast.

The force that exploded in a roaring torrent rushed in all directions, and even Linqi himself was knocked straight out.

The good thing is.

An old man from the Weapon Spirit clan arrived and saved Linqi.

“Lin Weapon, don’t try anymore, this is already your limit, the power of the immortal weapon is too powerful for you to control.” The old man sighed and admonished Lin Weapon before turning around and leaving.

In the last few months…

Linqi had already tried several times, to refine the immortal weapon.

But in the end, they all failed.

These old men were really worried, afraid that the forest tools would go on like this.

It’s possible that the uncontrolled power of the weapon will kill him.

After this failure.

The next long period of time, Linqi did not try to refine the immortal weapons.

Just when the Artificers thought he’d given up for good.

This day.

But the forest tools have created a big disturbance that will shock everyone.