The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 120

Chapter 120: This sword… It’s me

Inside the Reincarnation Light screen.

Since the last failure to build a fairy weapon.

Linqi didn’t build any more treasures for several months.

Instead, he kept a long sword in his hand and kept inscribing inscriptions on it.

Even when it’s not inscribed.

He never leaves his sword. It’s like it’s all he has.

This obsessive look made many of the clan members of the Weapon Spirits shake their heads.

There are many people in the Weapon Spirit clan who are obsessed with refining weapons.

Not many people are that obsessed.

One day, a few months later.

Linqi is sleeping.

“Linqi, Linqi?”

With the sound of shouting, a member of the Artificer clan walked into the place where Linqi was sleeping.

Seeing Linqi sleeping soundly.

He shook his head, stopped calling Linqi’s name, and crept in.

He came here today because he wanted to borrow a material from Lin Weapon.

Now see Linqi sleep sweetly, simply will plan to take this material first, wait for Linqi woke up, and then tell Linqi.

But he didn’t think.

He had just reached out and grabbed that piece of material.

The long sword that was grasped by Linqi suddenly glowed and flew straight up, stabbing at this Weapon Spirit clan member.

This is a surprise attack.

The Artifact clan member was startled.

He rolled and crawled out of Lin’s room in an awkward manner.

Look back.

But I saw that Linqi was still sleeping soundly, but the long sword, as if it had its own consciousness, was hovering in the room, guarding Linqi.

“A living spirit sword?”

The clansman of the Artificer clan stared for a long time before rushing away with a shocked face.

He’s going to tell the elders about this strange sword.

Ling Xuan Continent.

The crowd looked at the image in the light of reincarnation, and they all looked horrified.

The Artificer clan.

I don’t know what’s going on with this sword in Linqi’s hand.

But as future generations, they know it well.

A sword that protects itself and has its own consciousness.

It’s a treasure with a spirit.

Although almost all the spirits have no emotions of their own and only act on instinct.

But the biggest advantage of this kind of treasure with a spirit is that it doesn’t need to be controlled by the monk himself.

Under the control of the spirit, these treasures are capable of great power in their own right.

That is to say.

Even a mortal who cannot cultivate can be extremely powerful if he can master an artifact with a spirit.

But it’s not common to find such treasures with spirits.

It depends on luck to make it.

But it’s a good one.

It’s only been a few months since I’ve made a sword with a spirit.

His talent for smithing is horrific.

“Even if I can’t cultivate, my master is still the strongest.” Mu Lingsha looked at Lin Weapon within the Light of Reincarnation, and his eyes flashed with excitement.

For the owner’s past.

She’s heard a lot about it, though.

But now it’s the first time I’ve seen it in person.


The eyes of Mu Ling Sa, but even more faintly a few more expectation.

She hopes that she will meet her master in the light of reincarnation soon.

Inside the Light of Reincarnation.

A group of elders from the Artificer clan found Lin Weapon again.

Linqi, who had just woken up, didn’t know what had happened before he was brought to the elders.

“Lin Weapon, I heard that your spirit sword can protect its own master, can you let us see it too.” An old man’s eyes were shining, his eyes were staring at Lin Weapon with expectation.

Although Linqi’s face was suspicious, he nodded his head.

He reached out and gently patted the spirit sword in his hand.

The surface of this spirit sword immediately emitted a bright light, and at the same time, it flew out by itself with a swoosh.

After a few laps around the forest.

This spirit sword cut into a boulder around it.

A large stone was chopped into countless pieces by this spiritual sword in almost a blink of an eye.

Such a scene.

The fact that the company is a member of the Weapon Spirit clan has made it possible for almost every member of the clan to stare in awe.

If Linqi is a monk.

This is just a small demonstration.

But he can’t cultivate anymore, and he can do this simply by relying on the power of the spirit sword itself.

It’s a bit unbelievable.

This gives mortals the ability to fight against monks.

“Lin Weapon… Lin Weapon… You are the true genius of our Weapon Spirit clan, the future of our Weapon Spirit clan.”

The old men of the Weapon Spirit clan even kneeled in front of Lin Weapon in agitation.

The Artificers have been treated as a sinful race for centuries.

There are not even many people in the clan who can practice.

In this case.

They have no choice but to be oppressed.

The Kobayashi now has developed this spiritual weapon.

It’s like giving the Artifacts the power to fight against other cultivators.

If the Artificer clan had a sword like this, it would have completely overthrown the identity of the sin clan.

At least.

In the future, we won’t be like this again, where we are at the mercy of others, and we can’t even save our children and grandchildren.

These old men of the Artificer clan.

It was in Linqi that he saw the possibility of changing the Artificer race.

That’s why it’s so exciting right now.

“The Weapon Spirit clan is definitely not willing to become a sinful clan forever, if the Weapon Spirit clan has the power to rebel, they will definitely start a slaying with those cultivators who oppress them.”

“The Artifact Spirits have become a sinful race, so it’s normal for them to resist after being oppressed for so many years.”

“But in the Lingxuan Continent, there are still countless extra-terrestrial demons wreaking havoc. If these monks start an internal conflict among themselves, the ones who will suffer the most will be those extra-terrestrial demons.”

“By mentioning the Extraterrestrial Heavenly Demon, it just suddenly occurred to me that the Heaven’s Mark we saw was but a bronze gate, but what appears within the Light of Reincarnation is still a true Heaven’s Mark.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Many monks look at the image in the light of reincarnation.


A suspicious look in his eyes.


The trace of the sky, although it’s been restored after three lifetimes of the primordial god Lin Tian.

But it’s still a big crack.

This rift runs for tens of thousands of miles.

It’s like a giant scar, trailing across the sky.

Anyone who sees this crack will feel the fear in their hearts.

That’s what it looks like.

It’s very different from the bronze gates they saw later.

Many people have some doubts in their minds at this moment .

How did the bronze door come to be?

To the curious eyes of countless people.

Lin Weapon was solemnly received into the true core of the Weapon Spirit clan by the many old men of the Weapon Spirit clan.

That is, in the middle of a huge volcano.

Although being a sinful people.

But the cultivators in the outside world still have to rely on the Weapon Spirits to help build their treasures and fight against the demons outside the realm.

That’s why they didn’t destroy the core of the Artificer’s heritage called the Volcano Furnace.

The temperature inside the volcano furnace is extremely high.

Linqi is a mere mortal who can’t bear it if he gets just a little closer.


For this.

The old men of the Weapon Spirits clan have found a soul pearl.

So that Linqi can wear the pearl and enter the volcanic furnace.

From the moment you enter the volcanic furnace.

Linqi then began to take on two main tasks.

The first task is to teach the other clansmen of the Weapon Spirits how to make this spiritual treasure.

The second task.

It’s the top secret of the Artificers.

That is to create a true supreme spirit sword with the help of Lin Weapon’s refining talent.

The Weapon Spirits want to use this true Sword of Ultimate Power.

Overturning the clan identity of the Artificer clan.

So, from the day the forest tools entered the volcanic furnace.

Then a steady stream of precious refining materials was sent into the volcanic furnace.

Even the many elders of the Weapon Spirit clan have become Lin Weapon’s assistants.

With the combined efforts of almost all the Artificer clansmen.

One that surpasses all the treasures of the past.

The grade even surpasses the Super Sword of the Immortal Weapon.

It is gradually taking shape in the volcanic furnace.

“Terrifying, this spirit sword, just the materials used to refine it, can be refined into at least ten immortal weapons.”

“Even through the light of reincarnation, I can feel the terrifying power emanating from this spirit sword, but why has such an invincible spirit sword not been passed down.”

“Never mind that it’s been passed down, we haven’t even heard a word about this spirit sword.”

Reincarnation of the Head of Light.

The ancient goddesses, including Qing Yi, were all looking at the scene in front of them with suspicious expressions.

Such a terrible spirit sword.

Its quality surpasses that of ancient artifacts.

But it’s just…

But no one knows about this sword.

It’s as if the sword had never existed.

Only Mullinsa.

At the moment, he looks solemn.

After staring at the screen in front of her for a long time, she said with her lips slightly open, “You’ve all seen this sword before, because, this sword… It’s me.”