The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 121

Chapter 121: From now on, no one can force you

The ancient goddess Mu Ling Sa, is this the sword?

Mourinha’s words.

Almost everyone around her could not help but look at her.

Especially the Green Cloths.

The astonished Qing Yi shook her head and said, “This is impossible, Ling Sa, if you want to integrate yourself into the law and become a law deity, you must first have a physical body, if you are this sword, there is no way you can become a law deity.”

One must have a physical body in order to become a god.

This is one of the secrets of their ancient gods.

Mu Lingsha shook her head and said, “My physical body was condensed for me by the master, so I also want to know how exactly the master did this.”

Hearing Mourinha say that.

Qing Yi also looked surprised.

“To give the spirit a sense of self and eventually a physical body… This life of your son’s is quite extraordinary.”

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

The sword, which was made of countless precious materials, was finally finished.

It hangs in the middle of a volcanic furnace.

Anyone who approaches this sword will immediately feel the terrifying aura emanating from its body.

But this is not the final form of the sword.

According to the thoughts of Lin Weapon and the old men of the Weapon Spirit clan.

This sword must have its own spirit to be truly perfect.

In this way.

The sword does not need to be controlled by the Artificer to protect the Artificer.

In time.

The Artificers will be free from the sin race.

If there are any other cultivators who dare to oppress the Weapon Spirit clan, they will be killed by this sword.

For the next few months.

Almost all the clansmen of the Weapon Spirits began to try to give the most powerful sword a spirit, following the method created by Lin Weapon to give the treasure a spirit.

Through the efforts of countless members of the Artificer clan.

Anyone can sense it clearly.

A faint consciousness began to emerge from the most powerful sword.

The group’s consciousness.

It’s like a newborn baby, very weak at first.

But it soon got stronger.

“The Supreme Divine Sword has been successfully built.”

All the clansmen of the Weapon Spirit clan who knew the secret of this supreme divine sword could not help but cheer at this moment.

But soon.

Their mood, they’ve hit rock bottom.

For they were shocked to find that the consciousness born from this Supreme Sword seemed to be much higher than the other spirits, and not only possessed self-awareness, but also seemed to have emotions.

If that’s all it is, then so be it.

But the question is.

The consciousness born of this mighty sword… I dare not kill.

Once that’s confirmed.

Almost everyone was stunned.

The most powerful sword ever created by almost everyone in the Artificer clan, using countless rare materials.

I can’t believe I’m afraid to see blood and kill people.

What a ridiculous thing to do.

If the Sword can’t be used to fight, then what’s the point of its existence.


In the days to come, the many clansmen of the Artificer clan.

I’ve tried every possible way to give this sword the power to kill and to use it in combat.

For this.

It even has a name.

The tomb kills.

Mausoleum is the word for tomb, and kill is the word for kill.

Look at the image that appears in the light of reincarnation.

The other several ancient goddesses, the face some intolerant look to Mu Ling Sa.

The newly born Mourinha.

Like a little girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing.

She doesn’t want to kill anyone, and she doesn’t want to fight anyone.

But the Artificer clan, in order to force her, used almost every means possible.

She was even forced to kill a life form every day.

You can see it in the picture alone.

At that time, Mourinha was in a state of fear almost every day.

Look inside the light of reincarnation.

The shivering self, Mu Lingsha’s face, is also faintly white.

Those were the days.

It’s almost the biggest nightmare of her life.

But the good news is… She was eventually rescued by her master.

With expectation in her eyes, Mourinha continued to look at the light of reincarnation in front of her.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Mu Lingsha, who had transformed into a little girl, was now cowering in a corner, shivering.

In front of her.

There are many fierce beasts, and vicious snakes, and so on.

This is a cage created by the Artificer clan for Mourinha.

Inside the cage.

All these beasts were put in place so that Mourinha could learn the meaning of bestiality.

These fierce beasts kill each other almost every day.

The sight of blood flying.

Not only did it not awaken Mourinha’s killing intent.

Instead, she trembled in fear.


While Mourinha was clutching her head and shivering in fear.

The door to this cage was suddenly opened.

A long-awaited forest instrument.

Step by step, from outside the cage.

“Lingslaughter, come with me.”

He came to Mu Lingsha and extended his palm to Mu Lingsha.

The fearful Mourinha slowly raised her head and looked at the man in front of her.

Maybe it’s the rare kindness you feel from each other.

Mu Ling Sa slowly got up, reached out and grabbed the man’s palm.

Seeing Mourinha’s good behavior.

The smile on Lin’s face grew brighter and brighter.

With a flip of his palm, he took out a small thumb-sized sword from his hand.

“Lingslaughter, your body was created by gathering all the treasures of the Artifact Spirit clan, I can’t take you away… So I can only create another sword, so you can stay here for now.”

The smile on his face grew brighter and brighter.

Lin Weapon continued, “Don’t worry, from now on you can do whatever you want to do, if you don’t want to do anything, then don’t do it, no one… can force you anymore. No one can force you anymore.”

If it were anyone else.

Even if it means creating another spirit sword.

There’s no way for Mourinha to transfer into it.

Colin is different.

The most powerful sword of the Weapon Spirit clan was created by Lin Weapon himself.

Now this little sword he built.

Although the quality is much less than that of the Supreme Sword.

But Mulinsa can easily move into it.

The day.

Lin left a raft of letters.

Then he took Mourinha and left the Artificer clan alone.