The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Everyone is Special, Mullinsa Loses Her State

“This is a defection, Lin Weapon has betrayed our Weapon Spirit clan, simply a wolf with white eyes.”

“Elder, send someone right away, to capture Lin Weapon and return, and Lingslaughter, that is our hope.”

“We can’t let Lin Weapon go, not to mention, Lin Weapon is only a mortal, if he encounters those extra-terrestrial demons, he’ll die for sure.”


Lin left a letter and took away a message from the Spirit of the Greatest Sword.

Almost instantly, the entire Artifact clan was shaken up.

Countless people feel incredible, even heartbroken, over this.

Because before that.

Linqi is the pride of all the Artificer clan.

But now…

He betrayed the Artificer clan.

In the face of a large number of people.

The old men of the Weapon Spirit clan, however, all looked silent.

They passed the letters left by Linqi back and forth, reading them over and over again.

Finally, an old man sighed and said, “What do you think of this?”

Before his words fell, there were immediately other old men who shook their heads and said, “That boy Lin Weapon, we have watched him come this far, to say that he defected from the Weapon Spirit clan, he would definitely not do such a thing.”

“I think so too, except that he was a bit reckless in taking Lingslaughter away without permission.”

“That’s why this kid Lin Weapon left this letter, saying that he was going out to find a solution to our Weapon Spirit clan’s status as a sin clan.”

The eyes of the group of elders instantly fell on the 21 letter raft left by Lin Weapon.

In this letter.

Linqi clearly told everyone that he would find a solution to the crisis of the Artifact family.

As for the reason for taking Mourinha away.

That’s even simpler.

Linqi said that since Lingshou had become self-aware, like a normal human being, she should be treated as a normal being, not as a simple weapon…

Foresters’ words.

These old men, and even the entire clan of the Artifact Spirits, would naturally not recognize anyone.

An apparatus is an apparatus.

No one really treats a spirit as if it were a real life.

A group of old men deliberated for half a day.

It was finally decided to leave the forest tools alone for now.

Anyway, the sword is not usable, so Linqi can take it with him.

The method of creating spiritual treasures left behind by Lin Weapon alone is enough for the Artifacts to slowly build up their power to fight back.

Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

The people of Qing Yi and the others could not help but look at the Mu Ling Sa on the side.

She couldn’t help thinking at the moment.

If they were faced with the Mu Ling Sa back then, would they treat Mu Ling Sa as a normal human being.

Just a little thought on the subject.

The word “no” popped up in their minds.

Definitely not.

Mu Lingsha’s identity as an artifact means that no one will treat her as a normal life form.

This feeling.

It’s like no one treats the sword they hold, the chair they sit on, or the house they live in as if they were equal to them.

After all, in almost everyone’s mind.

A weapon is just a tool.

How can a tool be equal to its owner.

It’s because of this mentality.

That’s why everyone was so shocked when they found out that Xiao Yanran’s master was only an artifact spirit.

Mu Lingsha was staring at the raft of letters left by Lin Weapon in the Light of Reincarnation.

The clumsy handwriting on it made her eyes flush.

“At that time, only the master did not treat me as a tool, but as a true friend… even a relative.”

Mourinha’s heart shuddered slightly.

There are countless images of him with his master.

It’s almost all spilling out at this moment.

“Lingslaughter, that’s not a good name. I’ll give you a new name. From now on, you’ll be called Lingsha… Mu Lingsha.”

“Today I’ll take you out to see the outside world. In fact, I haven’t seen much of it either.”

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin Qi took Mu Lingsha and quietly left the area of the Artifact Clan.

The entire Artificer clan is a sinful clan. They can’t leave here at will.

Linqi has also tried many times.

Only with the help of the treasure in his hand did he escape from the territory of the Weapon Spirits.

Since then.

He took Mu Ling Sa to many places in the Ling Xuan Continent.

Several times, they almost died at the hands of the demons from beyond.

But this is dangerous.

For people like them, who are really going out for the first time, it’s all so new.

Compared to the novelty, the possible dangers are nothing.

In the end.

They even made a lot of friends, and together they explored the Ling Xuan continent.

“Come and get me, get me.”

Two years after Linqi and Mu Lingsha left the Artificer clan.

In a small village.

Several children are playing together.

Mu Lingsha, who also looked like a child of seven or eight years old, ran from the side and wanted to play with these children.

But it just came.

The group of children immediately looked at Mu Ling Sa with a wary expression .

Shaking his head at the same time, he said, “Go away, we’re not playing with you.”

Mu Ling Sa figure froze for a moment and said dumbly, “Why?”

An older child bristled, “We fall and we hurt and we bleed… You can’t even do that, you’re a monster, and now everyone in the village knows it.”

Two words for monster.

The first time, Mu Lingsha’s face turned pale and her eyes turned red.

But she didn’t have any tears to shed.

He turned his head and rushed towards the house, and Mu Ling Sa’s crying voice came faintly.

The village.

Inside a modest refinery.

The forestry tool with the cloth tied around his forehead is building a treasure.

He stayed in this village because of the special ore around it.

With the help of these ores, Lin has created a complete set of spirit swords.

According to his design.

This set of spirit swords will be very powerful if they can work together in the future.

Just as he continued to build with a happy face.

But the sound of Mourinha’s crying came to my ears.

Put down the refiner’s hammer.

Lin Ware walked out quickly.

“Lindsay, what’s wrong with you?” Calling Mu Lingsha to himself, Linqi smiled and asked.

Mu Lingsha’s eyes were still red and she looked up at Lin Weapon and said, “Master, am I a monster?”

This question.

It instantly silenced Linqi.

He could guess what was going on without Mourinha describing it much.

Something like that.

They’ve met several times in the last two years.

It was the first time anyone had ever seen a special spirit like Mourinha with self-awareness.

Apart from the initial surprise and curiosity.

Soon Mourinha will be treated like a different kind of monster.

“Rinsa, I’m sorry.”

Linqi’s voice trailed off, “It’s all my fault, I made you appear in this world.”

If Mourinha is just a normal spirit.

Linqi doesn’t have to feel so guilty.

But it’s…

Although Mourinha is a spirit, she has all the emotions.

Every time I saw Mu Lingsha encounter a different kind of 690 eyes because of her status as an artifact.

Lingi can’t help but sigh in his heart.

What happened to Mourinha today.

At the end of the day.

It’s all because of him.

If he hadn’t created the way to create spiritual treasures.

If Mu Lingsha was such a different kind of being, she wouldn’t be there, and she wouldn’t be discriminated against as she is now.

But only for a moment.

A smile returned to Lin Weapon’s face as he shook his head and said, “Of course you’re not a monster, you’re different from the others because you’re the most special being in your own right, just like me…”

Lin reached down and pulled the cloth off his forehead.

The word “sin” on his forehead.

This moment is clearly visible.

“The word on my forehead, which no one else has, is the most special thing about me.”

Look inside the light of reincarnation.

He was smiling at Linqi, who was teaching himself a lesson.

Mu Lingsha’s expression became more and more serious.

Her eyes were faintly red.

She remembers all those years clearly.

But she had just been born, like a newborn baby, and was insensitive to all this.

Now look at these images again.

She’s just been through it.

How much the master sacrificed for her back then.

The word “sin” on the master’s forehead.

It’s definitely the saddest and most painful part of the owner’s heart.

But for her.

But from that day on, the master never hid the word “sin” again.

“You are the most special, I am also special, if others do not like us because of this, they only have themselves to blame.” The master’s laughing words came back to Mu Lingsha’s ears at that moment.

A short speech, but Mu Ling Sa body slightly trembled.