The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 126

Chapter 126: The Chance of Flesh and Blood Reborn

“Kill the magic sword, she’s too dangerous.”

“The Demon Sword is under the protection of the Lord of Men. If you want to kill the Demon Sword, you must report it to the Lord of Men.”

“The human emperor is the human emperor of all of us, not the human emperor of Demon Sword alone, I believe that even if the human emperor knows about this, he will definitely not spare Demon Sword.”

Around the volcano, a large number of monks have gathered at this moment.

Facing the captured Mulinsa.

Most of them had anger on their faces.

But they didn’t choose to execute Mulinsa right away.

On the one hand.

Mourinha’s form is special. It’s not easy to execute her.

On the other hand.

Almost everyone knows that Mourinha is close to the human emperor Linqi.

If we want to kill Mourinha, we must inform the Emperor Linqi.

Inside the Light of Reincarnation screen.

The figure of Linqi has reappeared.

He’s standing in front of that huge bronze door.

This bronze door is the superb treasure he poured his heart and soul into to seal the Scars of Heaven.

Just standing in front of the bronze door gives you a feeling of powerlessness and insignificance.

In terms of quality alone.

This bronze door is definitely the most powerful treasure that the refiners of the Lingxuan Continent can produce.

But alas.

That alone is not enough.

The scar in the sky above is more than just a spatial rift.

What’s more, there are countless extra-terrestrial demons and the owner of that huge eye behind the Traces of Heaven.

As long as they’re still around.

It’s not that easy to block the Sky Scars.

So this bronze door still needs to be strengthened.

This process could take hundreds of years.

The ideal bronze gate of the Linqi can only be made successfully.

“A few hundred years.”

Linqi sighed softly.

He can’t practice, and he can’t afford to wait hundreds of years.

“This life of my son, I’m afraid he’s going to die soon… If only I had known this earlier.”

Look at the lost eyes of Linqi in the Reincarnation Light screen.

Qing Yi was also lost.

If she had known that Linqi was the reincarnation of Gongzi, he would have tried his best to help Linqi reverse his destiny and gain immortality.

More to the point.

She’s a little worried.

You can’t practice in this life, your soul is not strengthened.

If you die like this, you won’t be able to continue reincarnation.

In time.

He’s really going to disappear completely.

These thoughts come to mind.

The young man, who had been in the middle of a reincarnation, could not help but take a look at the Heavenly Emperor, who was within the light of reincarnation, before looking at Lin Feng.

All she can do now is hope.

One of the Emperor and Lin Feng is related to the reincarnation of the Prince.

He stared at the two of them for a moment.

The gaze of Qing Yi was turned to Mu Lingsha.

Mourinha is here for a good reason.

That’s already been said.

She must not have been executed.

And he washed away his demonic nature and became a god.

It’s just that in the meantime…

I’m afraid only Mourinha knows what’s going on.

Qing Yi wanted to ask Mu Lin Sha a few questions.

But look at Mu Lingsha’s face is gradually becoming serious, and even the breathing has become rapid.

She could only shake her head.

Keep looking at the screen in front of you.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin stood in front of the bronze door with a grim look on his face.

He knows it well.

With his life expectancy, he won’t be able to wait until the bronze door is completely finished.

But the good news is.

The bronze door is almost complete.

As long as the later monks continue to inject various inscriptions into it, the bronze door will be completed sooner or later.

When the bronze gate is complete.

Then you can use it to block the sky with this scar of heaven.

“Lin Weapon, come quickly, we have a surprise to tell you.” Suddenly, a voice of surprise appeared next to Lin Weapon’s ear.

This is the voice of one of the elders of the Artificer clan.

A suspicious-looking Lin Ware.

Turn around and walk towards where this elder is.


Then he came to a secret room.

In this chamber, there were already more than 20 immortals.

Seeing Lin Ware come in.

Especially seeing the word “sin” on Lin’s forehead.

Most of these immortals had a look of guilt in their eyes.

They had a hand in turning the Artificers into a sinful race.

Although now at the order of Linqi .

The status of sinner has been removed from all sinful races.

But people like Linqi, who had been completely deprived of the possibility of cultivation, could never restart it.

With the talent shown by the forest tools.

If you can practice, you may be able to repair the scar in the sky with your own power.

“My Lord, we’ve come here today to show you something.”

An immortal with a guilty look in his eyes stepped forward and waved his hand.

All of a sudden.

Starlight came out of his hand and danced around the room.

As these stars gradually coalesce.

A massive phalanx appeared before them.

Look at this huge phalanx.

In particular, there is a vibrant energy that continues to emerge.

Linqi’s face also began to show a look of surprise.

“Is this the Ancient Law of Flesh and Blood Rebirth?”

An old man next to him smiled and said, “That’s right, Lin Weapon, this spell is the rumored ancient spell, the rebirth of the spirit and flesh, with the help of the spell, you can reorganize your flesh and blood and regain a body… With your talent, if you can cultivate, you will soon reach the immortal realm, or even immortality.”

The old man’s words.

The look of surprise on Lin Weapon’s face became more and more obvious.


He was also looking forward to the possibility of having a practice.

Although he has created a way to be powerful with the help of spiritual treasures.

But this method, after all, has its flaws.

For example, the life expectancy is not increased, the body is weak, and so on.

Unlike a monk, once he breaks through his cultivation, he will be able to improve his life expectancy and strength in all aspects.

“You guys, you actually managed to find this Ancient Law Formation, originally I already swore that I would never forgive you guys… But now if they can let you cultivate again, then I will not hate them anymore.”

These old men of the Artificer clan.

At this moment, his face is also full of joy.

If Linqi can be reborn in flesh and blood, the possibility of regaining cultivation.

That would be an absolute joy for all of them.

Especially the Artificer 57.

“Flesh and blood reborn?”

Ling Xuan Continent, the source of reincarnation.

Mu Lingsha’s eyes were rounded.

Now she had a sneaking suspicion.

How did she come to have a body when she was a spirit?

It’s obvious.

It was her master, Linqi, who gave her the chance to rebirth her flesh and blood, to rebuild her body.

That’s how she was able to take on a physical body and become a god.

And her owner, Lin Ware.

But because he couldn’t practice, he died completely.

Look up at the light of reincarnation in front of you.

The face of Lin Weapon was full of expectation, which made Mu Lingsha’s heart ache even more.

Anyone can see that.

The forest tools are full of hope for the rebirth of flesh and blood.

But in the end, it was because of her.

This led to Linqi passing up such an opportunity.

“No, there must be other ways to survive, master.” Mu Lingsha’s face was grave, staring deadly at the light of reincarnation in front of him.