The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Failure to mend the sky, this life is just an ordinary person

The screen inside the light of reincarnation.

The people in the Ling Xuan Continent were stunned.

They also thought.

The fifth emperor will lead many immortals to successfully sacrifice the bronze door and seal the sky.

It was only because of the accident that the door was not completely blocked.

But I didn’t expect it.

These ancient monks, who have been possessed by extra-terrestrial demons, will appear at this moment.

Not only blocked the fifth generation of the human emperor wanted to use the bronze gate, the possibility of sealing the sky that the traces of the sky.

Even to the fifth generation of the human emperor and others, brought such a desperate situation.

Do not say that the fifth generation of the emperor they.

Even if it is replaced by the present in the future.

Faced with those ancient monks, are the situation of death without life.

Other than that.

The combination of dozens of immortal realm powerhouses, plus thousands of immortal-level powerhouses.

Simply too invincible.

“White feather sister, the master of this reincarnation, will not be in trouble at this moment.”

Reincarnation of the head of the light source.

Mu Lingsha can’t help but turn around and ask the ancient goddess behind her.

The ancient goddess with a ponytail and a face full of heroism.

But his expression was a little hesitant.

Especially after sweeping the faces of Qing Yi and Mu Ling Sa, her hesitation became more and more obvious.

There was a moment of silence.

She slowly said: “Nothing, although I was not born at this moment 513, but I also know that the fifth generation of the human emperor’s this seal the traces of the sky, ended in failure, and participate in this matter of the strong, died most of the … Uncle Lin and Auntie Qin, both of them survived.”

“That’s good, as long as you’re okay.”

The two of them have a smile on their faces at the same time.

For them.

As long as the people they care about are not in trouble, it is the most important.

But the more two people do this.

The more the ancient goddess Ling Baiyu looks at the two people, the more odd it is.


She still can’t help but say: “Sister Revival, sister Mu, you’d better make preparations in advance, this reincarnation of Tai Chu, I’m afraid the situation is not too good.”

“Not a good situation?”

Ling Baiyu’s words.

The moment made the face of Qing Yi and Mu Ling Sa changed dramatically, looked back at her and said: “White feather sister, what do you mean by this?”

Ling Baiyu hesitated for a moment.

Finally, he told the truth: “This reincarnation of Tai Chu, who grew up with me… Lin Shu, he is just an ordinary person, and his health has not been good.”

Ordinary people?

Not in good health?

These two points alone have stunned Qing Yi and Mu Lin Sha.

Because if this life of Lin Tian is just an ordinary person.

This means that not only will he not have a long life.

It is not possible to strengthen the soul.

If the soul is not strong enough, the next reincarnation will definitely be annihilated in the light of reincarnation.

“White feather sister, what is going on? How is it possible that the reincarnation of the prince is only an ordinary person.” The revival of Qing Yi some eagerly asked up.

Even others around.

I’m not sure I believe what Ling Baiyu said.

After all.

The horror of the primordial god Lin Tian, they have seen.

Even if it is his fourth reincarnation.

The sinner, Linqi, has been destroyed since childhood, and all possibilities of cultivation have been destroyed.

He was able to study the manufacturing method of spiritual treasures and create such an invincible formation as the Da Geng Sword Formation.

Having such a terrible talent.

Who would believe.

Lin Tian’s reincarnation is actually just an ordinary person.

Ling Baiyu but do not want to say more, just shake his head: “You still continue to look, soon you will know, I say so the reason.”

The crowd’s eyes, which moved back to the light of reincarnation in front of them.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

The fifth generation of the human emperor they, at this moment, each face desperate to look up in front of that dense figure.

“Let’s fight, let’s fight again.”

The fifth generation of the emperor’s face, revealing a crazy look.

The moment they were elected, they shouldered the burden of sealing the scar of the sky.

The first few human emperors.

And he died because of it.

This stout fifth generation emperor, of course, is not willing to fail.

Because he knows very well.

If they fail this time, I am afraid they will not have the chance to strike again.

“The ultimate ascension, eternal life, give me a breakthrough to eternal life.”

The body of the fifth emperor began to appear a trace of immortal aura of eternal life.

But as this breath appears.

The fifth generation of the body of the emperor, actually like porcelain, there is a crack.

“Lord Human Emperor.” The immortals behind the fifth emperor could not help but shout in alarm.

They have seen.

The fifth generation of the emperor, which is fighting with all its might.

He raised his power to the extreme and barely crossed into the realm of immortality.

But his body could not withstand this force.

When the battle is over, regardless of victory or defeat, the fifth emperor will definitely fall.

“Fight with them.”

Watching the fifth generation of the emperor sacrifice himself.

The other immortals located on the bronze gate, also each face furious, the body fighting spirit unprecedentedly strong up.


The bronze door, which was forced back by the ancient cultivators above, once again burst into bright light.

It is like a big mountain.

The bronze gate rushed forward.

So powerful.

Even those ancient cultivators in front of the eternal life realm, can not help but slightly change their faces.

But they have been possessed by the demons of heaven.

The face is still cold, not only did not back up, but took a step forward.

Dozens of strong people in the Eternal Life realm, all together at this moment.


The surrounding immortal-level ancient monks who were possessed, also joined the joint team.

These ancient monks.

It was once the peak existence of the Ling Xuan continent.

But today.

But it became the culprit of the destruction of the Ling Xuan continent.

The power of their joint strikes seems to continue to expand even the scar of the sky.

The bronze gate inspired by the ultimate ascension of the fifth emperor.

and the power of these ancient monks.

Once again, the fierce clash came together.

It’s like two suns colliding with each other.

A bright light burst out from the top of the Ling Xuan continent.

The strong light, even the sting of the monk can not open the eyes kozo.

“Did you win?”

“How are they doing, Lord Human Emperor?”

“It must be a victory.”

Amidst the prayers of countless monks.

The light gradually receded.

Everything in front of me, gradually restored.

But what they saw was a scene that made them desperate.

In the sky.

The bronze door, as if it had completely lost control, suddenly fell from the sky.

The many immortals on top of the bronze gate.

At least half of them have lost their breath.

In particular, the fifth generation of the human emperor, at this moment even the body has been completely dissipated.

Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan.

Although the meteor has not fallen.

But the faces of the two people, both pale in comparison.

Even the immortal aura of the body, began to become faint in comparison.


The bronze door fell to the ground.

The bodies of many immortals, also followed by the smash down.

The pale Lin Zhengyang, barely able to protect Qin Xiaowan, landed on a hilltop.

But it just fell.

Lin Xiaowan, who looked pale, could not help but whisper: “Zhengyang, the child… Our child.”

Outside the Light of Reincarnation.

The first time I saw Qin Xiaowan’s face was pale.

Almost everyone looked grave.

The child in Qin Xiaowan’s belly is the reincarnation of the primordial god Lin Tian.

But now, because of the failure to mend the sky, Qin Xiaowan suffered a serious injury.

A child born under such circumstances.

Something is definitely wrong.

The two people, Qing Yi and Mu Ling Sha, instantly turned pale.

They then realized.

Why did Ling Baiyu say.

Lin Tian’s this life, will be an ordinary person.