The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Lord Ru Sheng and the only way


After seeing the prosperous scenes of the Ling Xuan continent in the ancient times.

Almost everyone in the Lingxuan continent had an envious look on their faces.

In the ancient times, the aura was abundant and everyone could cultivate the environment, which brought them a great shock.

But look at the picture in the light of reincarnation at this moment.

But they started to feel happy again.

Now the Lingxuan continent, although the abundance of spiritual energy, far less than the ancient times.

But this era.

At least it’s not as desperate as it was in the Middle Ages.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin Zhengyang panicked for a moment and then quickly calmed down.

As immortals, the couple naturally accumulated a lot of heavenly treasures, as well as the finest spiritual stones.

Take them all out, draw out the aura from them, and inject them into Qin Xiaowan’s body.

Qin Xiaowan’s condition has improved a lot.

But after just a few pieces of spiritual energy, Qin Xiaowan reached out and stopped Lin Zhengyang: “Zhengyang, don’t waste these treasures anymore, now that the spiritual energy of the Spiritual Continent is declining, even immortals cannot be born, these heavenly treasures will be our last hope to turn the tide.”

Lin Zhengyang looked gloomy, nodded his head and put all these treasures away.

He also understands the reasoning.

Now the Lingxuan continent, only these heavenly treasures, still contains an abundance of spiritual energy.

In the future, if they still want to repair the sky of the scar of the sky.

Must be with the help of these heavenly treasures contained in the aura, only with the help of these aura, they may return to the immortal realm for a short time.

So now, every piece of natural treasure is very precious.

“Xiaowan, take a rest, I’ll go out and see what’s going on.”

Lin Zhengyang pacified Qin Xiaowan and walked out alone.

This time they failed to make up the sky.

Not only is the last hope, the bronze door, left behind.

More to the point.

The concentration of spiritual energy in the Lingxuan continent has decreased, resulting in no more immortals in the Lingxuan continent.

This psychological effect.

Already let the outside world many low-ranking cultivators, began to fall into the madness.



After Lin Zhengyang came out, he saw almost all the desperate scenes.

But the good news is.

Soon other great saints appeared and began to try to pacify the people.

Seeing these great saints busy in all directions, Lin Zhengyang’s face also suddenly appeared a bit of despair.

The strength of the saints.

For ordinary practitioners, it may be considered an extremely powerful existence.

But for the sky of the trace of the sky, and the many ancient cultivators guarding the trace of the sky, and many extraterrestrial.

The great sage level monks, even with their qualifications to fight.

Therefore, at this moment, looking at these great saints, Lin Zhengyang has a feeling of despair.

“Can not give up, my child will be born soon, even if I die, but also for him to fight a future.” After taking a deep breath, Lin Zhengyang took a big step forward.

He is going to look for other Great Sage monks.

The purpose is to unite them together and fight for a future for the Ling Xuan continent.

“These ancestors are too difficult.”

“Yes, if we were in the situation we were in, we would have collapsed.”

“This is not necessarily, but we have a heavenly emperor, if there is a heavenly emperor, even if it is located in the Middle Ages, maybe there is still a way to solve the crisis.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Look at the light of reincarnation, Lin Zhengyang and other predecessors, even if the realm fell, desperate situation, but still refused to give up the figure.

Many people looked very excited and even had a feeling of encouragement in their hearts.

Confucius College.

This is also one of the top sects in the Lingxuan Continent.

But the Confucian Academy is different from other sects such as the Taisho sect.

The Confucian Academy is facing all the lower level cultivators in the Lingxuan Continent.

Anyone who likes to read can join the school.

As a result, the Confucian Academy has the largest number of students of any sect.

And today.

The numerous scholars of the Confucian Academy, plus the numerous disciples of the Confucian Academy, were all looking up at the light of reincarnation in the sky.

The top group of practitioners of Confucian Academy.

At this moment, he is located in front of the light of reincarnation at the top of the Confucian Academy and is pouring his power into the light of reincarnation.

But look at the image that appears in the light of reincarnation.

Among these monks, someone could not help but exclaim: “Dean, the Lord Confucian Sage, did he appear in the Middle Ages.”

The dean of Confucius College is a middle-aged man who looks rather elegant.

The first time I saw this, I was able to get to the bottom of it. The records left behind by our Confucian Academy are incomplete, but it is certain that the desperate plight of the Middle Ages was solved by Lord Confucius himself.”

“Haha, the legend about Lord Confucius in the Lingxuan Continent is so rare that people don’t know the greatness of Lord Confucius, today is the perfect time to let them understand that Lord Confucius… It’s definitely no worse than the God of the beginning0”

“That’s right, the Taichou Sect has always claimed to be inherited from the Taichou God, now it’s time for them to see the greatness of our ancestor, Lord Ruosheng, of the Ruosheng School.”

All around the Confucian Academy practitioners, each face showed a look of excitement.

They are located in Confucius College.

He has always claimed to be an authentic Confucian heir.


The legend of Confucian saints in the Lingxuan Continent is very rare.

Now with the light of reincarnation, we can greatly promote the greatness of Confucianism.

For them, the self-proclaimed heirs of Confucianism, this is naturally a great blessing.

“I just don’t know when the Lord of Confucianism will appear in the picture.” Many of the practitioners of the Confucian Academy continued to look up at the light of reincarnation in front of them.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin Zhengyang and a group of surviving immortals had all gathered together by now.

The fifth generation of human emperors fell.

They were supposed to go on to elect the next emperor.

But in the face of such a desperate situation, a group of people do not even have the idea of electing the next emperor.

They scanned each other and looked at the people around them.

At this moment, there is only one thought left in their minds.

That is… What do we do next?

Although the current situation.

They seem to have no other choice but to wait for death.

But as the top cultivators of the Lingxuan Continent, they would not be willing to wait for death.

“Gentlemen, I have an idea.”

When the group of them all looked blank and didn’t know what to do next.

A female immortal suddenly stood up, face gloomy open mouth.

“Immortal Bihua, you have any ideas, please say it quickly, we are really out of options.” The other cultivators around, immediately all look at this female immortal.

The female immortal’s face was grave: “Now the Lingxuan continent is so short of spiritual energy that even immortals cannot be born, so there is only one way for us to go… That is, we join hands to cultivate a true supreme heavenly pride, as long as this supreme heavenly pride can surpass all of us, there is still hope that we can mend the sky that scar of heaven, and even reverse the plight of the Lingxuan continent today.”

Other monks around.

In my mind, I thought about what this fairy said.

I have to say.

The method proposed by this fairy of Bihua at this moment.

It seems to be the only way they have left at this moment.