The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 137

Chapter 137: The Absolute Heavenly Pride that saves the world

The joint training of the world’s best?

The light of reincarnation, Lin Zhengyang and other people’s faces showed a hopeful look.

The people located outside the light of reincarnation.

But most of them can’t help but shake their heads.

Although most of the time, a true genius, the role is really huge.

It’s like the Emperor of Heaven.

One person can suppress an era.

The problem is.

Such geniuses are so rare that only one will appear in a few years.

And even geniuses, their growth paths are different, not to say that cultivation can be cultivated.

“Mr. Lin Feng, this reincarnation of Taichou will appear soon, take a good look and see if there are any memories.”


A group of evil cultivator demons, whispered to ask Lin Feng.

They had been hoping that Lin Feng could recover some memory.

Even if only a little recovery, it is enough to immediately flip.

But what can I do?

Lin Feng looked at the picture in front of the light of reincarnation, but looked a little dazed.

He seemed to have a vague idea of what was going on.

But it has nothing to do with the picture in front of the light of reincarnation.

“No, it’s definitely not right… My identity is definitely not ordinary.” Lin Feng’s heart, at this moment constantly roared.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

The fairy was still speaking her mind.

“These people, although we are also considered geniuses, but cultivation so far, the potential has been exhausted, it is impossible to have much of a breakthrough.”

“But if we can find a true absolute heavenly pride, we will bet everything we have on him…”

“Our spiritual energy, and even all the heavenly treasures, can be given to this Heavenly Pride, so that he can become the top strongest person in the Lingxuan Continent.”

“Only in this way, there is a slight possibility of blocking the traces of the sky…”

Lin Zhengyang and others, although some people feel that the proposal of the fairy Bihua is somewhat unreliable.

But here and now.

They simply have no other choice.

The aura of the Lingxuan continent is still weakening.

The time left for them is not much.

They can only do what the Fairy of the Sea said.

Go find a real genius, and then provide all the heavenly treasures they have to this genius.

Only then will we have a chance to make a last ditch effort.

But the premise of this method is.

They were able to find such a great genius.

Lin Zhengyang and others were able to become immortal-level powerhouses despite the previous lack of aura.

They are all geniuses in their own right.

But now they need to find a more genius than they are, more demonic existence.

This is difficult to imagine.

“We have no other choice but to use the method that Fairy Bihua said to take a chance.”

“Yes, I agree to follow Fairy Bihua’s plan and take one last shot… I will leave behind all the heavenly treasures in my body.”

“I also agree.”

Lin Zhengyang and the others finally agreed to the fairy’s proposal.

Seeing all the people around agree.

The Immortal Bihua continued: “All of you, we don’t have much time left, let’s set out now to find such a heavenly pride… Three years later, we will lead the best geniuses we find and reunite here… If there is no one who can surpass us, then we should not bother any more and just wait for death.”


A group of immortals got up one after another and started to go to various gathering points of cultivators in the Lingxuan Continent.

The search for the ultimate talent that could save the Ling Xuan continent.

Three years.

Almost in a flash.

In the third year, the monks agreed on the time of the year.

They rushed back one by one to the place they had agreed to before.

Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan were the first to arrive here.

Looking at a lone saint back, their faces gradually became grave.

Such a saint rushed back alone.

It is clear that they have not found the absolute pride they were hoping for.

On the contrary, these saints, when they saw Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan, each of their eyes kozo bright.

Because in Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan beside, there is a white and tender little guy.

“Zhengyang, Xiaowan, is this little guy the absolute heavenly pride you found?”

These saints came together with their faces full of expectation.


The answer of Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan made the hope on their faces dissipate immediately.

“Don’t misunderstand, this is my child with Xiaowan, named Lin Shu… When Xiaowan was pregnant with this child, she was severely injured, so Lin Shu not only has difficulty in cultivating, but also has a very weak body.”

Lin Zhengyang had a bitter smile on his face.

Lindsay was born two years ago.

Just as he and Qin Xiaowan had feared.

Because of the influence of Qin Xiaowan.

Lindsay was born weak and basically unable to practice.

This situation, so Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan, is also full of helpless, more and more love for Lin Shou.

Even today came to rejoin the others, but did not want to leave him alone, but brought him here.

With the passage of time.

The number of saints who came back is also increasing 680.

But almost all of the great saints came alone and were not able to find the absolute heavenly pride they were looking for.

In this case.

Naturally, everyone’s face was in despair.

At the end of the day, only the fairy Bihua had not yet returned.

Lin Zhengyang and others no longer have any expectations in their hearts.

A great saint, with a bitter smile on his face, muttered to each other.

“Gentlemen, I am back.”

Suddenly, with an excited voice.

The fairy, pulling a little girl in her hand, tore open the space and came out.

The fairy’s face was cheered up and she said, “Everyone, my luck is good, I was able to save us, save the entire Lingxuan continent’s supreme genius… I found it.”

The words of fairy Bihua.

The audience was immediately astonished.


Their eyes, betting on the little girl pulled by the hand of the fairy Bihua.

This little girl.

It looks about the same age as Lindsay.

It is also very good-looking.

Followed by Fairy Bihua.

The girl’s eyes, however, immediately bet on Lin Shu, a small child of about the same age as her.