The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 142

Chapter 142: The Last Three Days

In Lin Shuyu and Ling Baiyu two people, the face is ugly, staring at the outside world to see the time.

Two people on the side.

Tearing open a spatial rift.

Lin Zhengyang and the others walked out of it.

Seeing that Lin Shu is also located here.

Qin Xiaowan smiled bitterly and said, “Xiaoshu, I’ll take you home first.”

In the eyes of people like Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan.

Lindsay is just an ordinary person, so when negotiating things, usually do not let Lindsay participate.

The eyes swept over the faces of the people around.

Look around the face of these uncles, all are unsightly.

Lin Shu knew that they must have something big to discuss.

So nodded and looked back at Ling Baiyu and said, “I’ll go back first, I’ll come back to see you when I have time.”

Ling Baiyu nodded to Lin Shu, his eyes with a reluctant look.

And only when I was with Lindsay.

She was able to relax completely.

Qin Xiaowan reached out and grabbed Lin Shou, tearing open a spatial rift and sending Lin 04 Shou away first.

Then I came back to this place.

“Gentlemen, we don’t have time.” At this moment, Lin Zhengyang, with a grave face, opened his mouth.

His words.

Let the surrounding people all silent.

In recent years, the concentration of spiritual energy in the Lingxuan continent has been decreasing.

Lin Zhengyang and the others have long since fallen from the peak of the Great Sage to the middle of the Great Sage.

This wave of aura decline.

Their realm fell again, leaving them at the early stage of the Great Sage realm.

If this continues, they will not even be able to maintain the Great Sacred Realm.

If the realm remains at the Great Sage realm, with the help of the heavenly treasures in their hands, they can still barely regain their immortal cultivation, and the sky of those extra-terrestrial demons and ancient cultivators, to make a last stand.

But if their realm falls to the Great Sage realm.

Even if there are more heavenly treasures, they are difficult to restore the strength of the immortals.

The gloomy face of Immortal Bihua, looking to the side of Ling Baiyu said: “Baiyu, how is your cultivation now?”

Ling Baiyu nodded slightly, the body of the immortal aura, instantly dispersed out of part.

This part of the breath, so that the fairy Bihua and others.

The first is a look of joy, and then shake their heads full of helplessness.

Just a few years.

Ling Baiyu’s cultivation has actually risen from the early stage of immortality to the peak of immortality.

This level of cultivation, compared to the fifth generation of the human emperor, is not far behind.

If the Lingxuan continent is full of spiritual energy.

I’m afraid that in a short time, Ling Baiyu will be able to break through the immortal realm and reach the eternal life realm.

But now there is not so much time.

Their hands of those heavenly treasures, but also not enough to let Ling Baiyu break through the eternal life.

“Unfortunately, it’s too bad.”

The Immortal Bihua and others, a low face sigh up.

On the contrary, Ling Baiyu, at this moment, his face was grave and said: “All uncles and masters, since there is not so much time for me to continue cultivating, then we will fight once, maybe this time, we can block the sky that trace of the sky, to save the Ling Xuan continent.”

Hearing Ling Baiyu’s words.

Lin Zhengyang and others, also gradually look serious, nodded: “Bai Yu is right, at this point, we can only bet on the last hand…”

A group of people gathered together and talked for a moment.

The final decision is made.

Three days later.

Take out all their cards and strength, and once again go to block the sky that the trace of the sky.

Lin Shu, who didn’t know anything about all this.

I still follow my old habit of reading late into the night and then going to bed.

But to his surprise.

Early the next morning.

When he opened his eyes in a sleepy state, there was a ponytailed, heroic-looking woman in front of him.

The woman and he were less than half a foot apart.

Lin Shu can even feel the heat and fragrance emanating from the woman’s face.

“You… You…”

The shocked Lin Shu, suddenly got up, was about to scream out, but suddenly reacted.

The face full of unbelievable stared up and down the young girl in front of him several times.

He just stared at the big white bird and said: “Big white bird, why did you come out? And come to me here to scare me.”

At this moment, standing opposite Lin Shu, it is Ling Baiyu.

Look at the look of Lin Shu was shocked.

She couldn’t help but grin.

The first thing I did was shake my head and say, “What do you mean by scaring you? I’ve been here for a long time, okay?

Lin Shu said with a speechless face: “You are a cultivator, I am an ordinary person, can sense you is strange.”

The good thing is that Lin Shu is now wearing a lingerie.

If not.

I am afraid that Ling Baiyu will see the whole body.

Turn over.

While dressing, Lin Shu curiously asked: “You have not said, my mother how they are willing to let you leave that aura cave?”

This question.

The eyes of Ling Bai Yu appeared a little gloomy.

She was able to leave the cave, naturally, as a result of her repeated pleas.

Three days later.

They are about to depart and go to seal the scar of the sky.

Once you go, whether you succeed or not, there is a high probability that you will not return.

It is because of this clarity.

So Ling Baiyu begged Lin Zhengyang and the others to give her a free day.

From the moment he began to practice, Ling Baiyu has been located in that special aura cave, rarely go out.797

For the outside world, she has also been longing for it.

The first time I saw Ling Baiyu’s expectant look, Lin Zhengyang and Immortal Bihua, naturally, could not refuse Ling Baiyu.

Anyway, Ling Baiyu only asked for one day.

As long as Ling Baiyu himself pay attention to some, at most consume a heavenly treasure of the aura, will be able to let Ling Baiyu in the outside world to stabilize the current realm.

After leaving the cave.

Ling Baiyu immediately came to Lin Shou this.

Except for Lin Zhengyang and others.

The only person she knows is Lin Shu.

Confronted with Linsh’s inquiry.

Ling Baiyu bristled and said: “Even if you live in jail, there is a day to get out of jail, not to mention that I just cultivate… Now that I’ve accomplished my cultivation, there’s no need to stay in that cave.”

About what happens in three days.

Ling Baiyu has not told Lin Shue.

Because in his opinion, let Lin Shu know this, but also for nothing let him a few more worries.

“Then I have to congratulate you.” Lin Shu smiled and nodded to Ling Baiyu.

Ling Baiyu reached out and slapped Lin Shou’s head, and said, “What’s the use of congratulating me, I have a purpose for finding you today… Quickly take me to see the rainbow bridge you told me about before, and the seven-color spring…”

Ling Baiyu’s eyes are full of anticipation.

But the opposite of Lin Shu, but the face pulled a crotch down.