The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 143

Chapter 143: When I return, I will marry you

“Liar, big liar.”

In a humble village.

The angry Ling Baiyu walked in front, while walking and accusing Lin Shou.

Lin Shu face with a speechless look.

After walking for a while, Lin Shou shook his head speechlessly and said: “Do not always call me a liar, okay, about the rainbow bridge and the seven-color spring, I also heard some rumors, and then drew for you to see … If you really want to say liar, you should say the head of those extraterrestrial demons, if not for them, maybe we can still see the rainbow bridge and the seven-color spring.”

Hearing Lin Shu mention the extraterrestrial demons.

Ling Baiyu’s expression is stagnant, obviously does not want to say anything more on this topic.

Turn your head and look into the distance.

Ling Baiyu’s face showed an excited look: “What is doing in front? Why so many people? It looks so busy, let’s go over and take a look.”

Without waiting for Lin Shu to say anything.

Ling Baiyu has dragged Lin Shu, squeezed into the crowd in front.

Center of the crowd.

There are two ordinary mortals arguing, even to the point of fighting.

These people around, in addition to a few people in the persuasion of the fight.

Most of the rest are just watching the buzz.

Ling Baiyu, an immortal-level powerhouse, did not care about his image, pulling Lin Shu squatting on one side, and began to watch people quarrel with pleasure.

Such a look.

Let Lin Shu are full of speechless.

But think of Ling Baiyu since childhood, has not seen such a lively scene, Lin Shu also patience, accompanied by Ling Baiyu look up.

After a while.

This fight is finally finished, the surrounding crowd dispersed.

Ling Baiyu, however, looked excited, dragging Lin Shu, and appeared directly in other nearby villages.

Wherever there is a buzz, Ling Baiyu will drill towards wherever.

How does it feel to spend a day watching people fight?

Lin Shu at this moment is considered to feel.

All day long.

Ling Baiyu dragged him to see at least a dozen quarrelsome scenes.

And most of these people quarrel, but also just because of some trivial scenes.

Compared to these quarrelsome scenes.

Instead, it is the decay of these villages that makes Lin Shu more concerned.

Since the end of the ancient times, the traces of the sky appeared.

All the large scale cities in the Lingxuan Continent have been completely destroyed.

The whole Ling Xuan continent has degenerated into a tribal era.

The most populated areas are just scattered villages.

And as the spiritual energy of the Lingxuan continent declines.

The situation in these villages is also getting worse day by day.

“Hey, these people quarrel, how come they are not angry, but one by one, they are laughing so happily?

In Lin Shou sighs now Ling Xuan continent miserable state.

The voice of Ling Baiyu’s surprise suddenly came to my ears.

Lin Shue who came back to his senses.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

At this moment, Lin Shu and Ling Baiyu in front of the scene, it is a couple of marriage scene.

Of course.

Now the Ling Xuan continent is in a dangerous situation, even these ordinary mortals are also affected.

Therefore, the wedding banquet was very modest.

That is, a group of people gathered together to congratulate the newcomer.

A new couple can’t even put together a new outfit.

But even so.

Everyone around is still full of joy.

“Marriage?” Ling Baiyu’s face was full of suspicion.

Seeing that Ling Baiyu does not even know this, Lin Shu could only explain to her: “It is a pair of men and women to live together in the future, and then there may also give birth to several children like that…”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“Uh… Sort of.” Lin Shu was speechless.

He also did not expect that Ling Baiyu would turn the matter to his parents.

Ling Baiyu watched with interest as the couple got married in front of him.

Finally, he even pulled Lin Shu, directly adulterated into the.

Wait until nightfall.

Ling Baiyu is still excited, actually pulling Lin Shu, hiding on the roof of the newly married couple, listening to the whispered words of the young couple.

The house of the young couple said the nasty words.

Listen to the Ling Baiyu that the heroic face, gradually showed a few red.

At the end of the day.

When strange sounds started coming from inside the house.

The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

The figure reappears on a hillside.

Looking back at the calm face of Lin Shu, Ling Baiyu exasperated: “Have you been eavesdropping on people’s walls, or else how come there is no reaction now?”

Lin Shou shrugged his shoulders and said: “Big white bird, this is you see too much, okay, the two marriage of that little thing, I have read more in the book, this kind of small scene, is not worth caring.”

“Book nerd.”

The first time I saw him, I was so angry.


She put her hands behind her head and laid down on the grass directly behind her.

Lin Shu also followed her to lie aside.

The two of them just lay there quietly, no one said anything.

After a long time.

The day is almost over.

Ling Baiyu suddenly softly opened: “Lin Sh, from now on I will not call you nerd, you also have to call my name Ling Baiyu, not called again big white bird, not good… If you hadn’t been with me, I might not have been able to hold on… The two of us, like the two people who got married today…”

The more you talk about it, the more ambiguous it becomes.

But after a few words.

When Ling Baiyu’s face was full of shyness, she was afraid that Lin Shu would say something unpleasant.

But a snoring sound came to her ears.

“Fell asleep.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Many of the things she said earlier, she had the courage to say.

Who knew that I would say a lonely.

Looking at the sleeping Lin Shu, Ling Bai Yu Qi reached out to wake up Lin Shu.

But when the palm of his hand reached Lin Shu.

But her complexion softened.

She stared at Lin Shu in a daze for a long time before she sighed softly: “Lin Shu, wait for me, if I can come back alive, I will marry you and be your bride…”

Get up slowly.

Ling Baiyu put away the reluctance in his eyes, his figure shifted and disappeared in this.

Just a few moments after Ling Baiyu’s figure disappeared.

The original sleeping Lin Shu, but slowly opened his eyes.

Reincarnation of the head of the light source.

Look at Linshu who is slowly getting up from the ground.

Ling Baiyu’s face was already full of embarrassment and shyness.

Back then, she really wanted to get married to Xiao Shi.

The result is that her heartfelt confession is now in front of everyone.

What makes her even more humiliated is that.

She always thought that Lin Shu did not know what she was saying.

Who knows.

Back then, Lin Shu was actually pretending to sleep.

(Li Zhaoge) “Lin Shou this bastard.” Ling Baiyu cursed in his heart, but his expression immediately turned despondent.

Because she knows.

This meeting was the last time she and Lin Shu saw each other.

Qing Yi and Mu Ling Sa.

At the moment, they are looking at Ling Baiyu with envy.

Compared to the two of them.

Ling Baiyu is obviously the most courageous person.

When faced with someone you like, you can also say it directly.

“In this way, Ling is actually the first person to confess her love to you, then I and Lingza, are not only in the back… As a sister?”

When you think about it, Qing Yi suddenly felt something bad.


Lin Feng looked at these ancient goddesses, the eyes of the strange color constantly flashing patrol.

“I have already started to recover my memory, but these fragments of memory are still blurred, if I look further, I will definitely be able to recover more memories.”

As if to appease the heart.

Lin Feng said casually to the surrounding people.

He was surrounded by those evil cultivator demons, and immediately began to compliment Lin Feng with a happy face