The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 147

Chapter 147: The last battle, the marks of the sky against the marks of the sky

Three days will pass in a flash.

Ling Baiyu, who has adjusted his breath to the best state, took a step out of the aura cave.

“Masters, we are ready to go.”

Ling Baiyu’s face was filled with determination.

But the saints in front of her looked a bit odd.


Many of them could not help but look in the direction of the other side.

Originally they have been sealing the marks of heaven hope on Ling Baiyu.

But now.

But they have put more hope on Lin Shu.

But Lin Shu is not willing to show up voluntarily, they can not tell Ling Baiyu about Lin Shu.

“Let’s go.”

A group of great saints look, also quickly restored the gaze.

Under the leadership of Ling Baiyu, a group of cultivators each grabbed a few pieces of heavenly treasures, directly tear the space and go.

Look inside the light of reincarnation.

A proud and determined face of their own, Ling Baiyu at the moment, but a kind of hate to find a crevice into the feeling.

But her face is burning.

His eyes are still fixed on the light of reincarnation in front of him.

She wants to know.

What did Lin Shu do afterwards?

Want to know more.

Final results for Lindsay?

On the other hand, the side of the revival of Qingyi, looking at Ling Baiyu this look not turn kozo, the heart can not help but sigh a sigh.

“Even sister Ling07 has become like this.”

Before, only she would be so focused, wanting to know the whereabouts of their own son.

After that, there was another Mu Ling Sa.

Now, even Ling Baiyu, has also become this way.

Of course, the sigh is a sigh of relief.

The line of sight of the revived green clothes, also immediately returned to the light of reincarnation in front of.

Today’s Lin Shu, but the reincarnation of Prince Lin Tian.

So Qing Yi is also eager to know, the son of this life, in fact, what is the result?

The Light of Reincarnation screen is in progress.

Ling Baiyu with a group of saints, the figure appeared in a wilderness.

In front of them.

It is a huge bronze door.

This bronze door is the treasure that was created by the efforts of several generations of emperors.

Before the fifth generation of the human emperor led them to seal the traces of heaven failed.

Even this bronze door is now left here.

If Ling Baiyu and others, reappear here, is to refine this bronze door, with the power of the bronze door, seal the sky that the trace of the sky.

Without this bronze door, the treasure would have been.

The chances of them sealing the Scars of Heaven are almost zero.

After 20 years.

The surface of this bronze door, still emits a faint pressure.

All beings who approach this bronze door, and even the demons from outside the realm, will be instantly crushed by the bronze door.

Look at the bronze door in front of you.

Ling Baiyu and those behind the great saints looked at each other, and then took a step out.

Arriving at the bronze door, Ling Baiyu bowed to the door and said, “All the seniors, today I will lead you all to do the last fight for the Ling Xuan continent, so please help me.”

With the voice of Ling Baiyu.

The bronze door in front of you, immediately began to flash out a virtual shadow.

The fifth generation of the emperor and others, although people have fallen.

But their will has always been attached to the bronze door, guarding it.

It is also because of their protection, so this bronze door, not by those extra-terrestrial demons snatched.

This vague shadow flashed for a moment.

Eventually, they all converged on Ling Baiyu.

For a moment.

Ling Baiyu felt a closer connection between her and the bronze door.

This means that Ling Baiyu can no longer spend energy, hard work to refine the bronze door.

Ling Baiyu, who looked very happy.

Take a step forward and come directly to the bronze gate.

When the saints behind her saw this, they too, with joy, stepped on top of the bronze gate.


Ling Baiyu hands, there are at least hundreds of pieces of heavenly treasures.

She threw out all these heavenly treasures.

These heavenly treasures were crushed in mid-air and turned into the purest of spiritual energy.

These pure aura, enveloped the bronze door, so that the bronze door began to buzz.


Finally, the bronze gate suddenly took off into the air and rushed towards the sky.

The group of great saints located on top of the bronze gate also began to quickly absorb this pure spiritual energy.

With this pure inspiration to supplement.

Their strength can be restored to its peak in a short period of time.

The bronze gate becomes bigger and bigger the more you fly.

Ling Baiyu and the others, stepping on the bronze gate, were in the sky.

This scene.

Just as twenty years ago, the fifth generation of the emperor led them, the scene of the sky to fight the scar of the sky.

But now.

Leading them, from the fifth generation of the human emperor, replaced by Ling Baiyu only.

Look up at the sky that the trace of the sky.

At this moment, everyone’s mind, there is only one thought left, that is, we must seal the sky that the traces of the sky.

The same situation as the last time the Seal of Heaven.

As they continue to approach the sky the trace of the sky.

The number of extra-terrestrial demons that appear around them is much higher.

But these foreign demons are nothing.

What really worries them is the ancient monks who are possessed in the sky.

These ancient monks.

There are dozens of eternal life realm powerhouses and thousands of immortal-level powerhouses.

The fifth generation of the emperor fell into their hands.

Now they are a group of people, the strength of the fifth generation of the emperor than back then, are much worse.

If we encounter these ancient monks again.

Then they are still afraid to go home.

When Ling Baiyu led a group of great saints to the sky, the scar of the sky.

On the ground below.

Ye Chen stood on a towering hill, looking up at the sky overhead.

Behind him.

Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan, with stern faces, were guarding him.

Lin Shu looked calm, staring at the sky for a long time, before suddenly moving.

Stinger pull!

He first opened a half-painted scroll.

Then take out the jade pen.

Start adding the other half of this painting.

In the past, when Lin Shu painted, he was able to draw a good picture with just a few strokes.

But this time, Lin Shu painting, than at any time before, seems to be much more difficult.

With his brush strokes.

His forehead even began to sweat, and in a flash, his body was drenched in sweat.

“Xiaoshu.” Qin Xiaowan on the side, some painful step forward, want to let Lin Shu rest a little.

But Lin Zhengyang reached out and pulled back, whispering: “Do not disturb 467 Xiaoshu, this battle today, but the matter of life and death of all of us, including you and me, even Xiaoshu inside, all have to fight…. Even if we have to fight for our lives, we will not hesitate to do so.”

Although Qin Xiaowan’s face still carried the reluctance.

However, they can only stand aside and stare at Lin Shu.

Tick tock!

Tick tock!

Not yet finished the painting, the end of Lin Shu’s nose, there is already blood began to drip down.

A drop of sweet red blood fell on the scroll in front of him.

But the jade brush in Lin Shu’s hand, lightly outlined, became a different color on the scroll.

Lin Shu’s painting lasted for most of the day.

Above his head, a fierce exchange of blows has begun to emerge.

But Lin Shu is unmoved.

Even when the familiar aura in the sky began to disappear, he only changed his expression slightly and did not slow down at all in his painting movements.

Such a state.

It went on for almost a whole day.

Just when Lin Shu’s face was already pale, he suddenly withdrew the jade pen in his hand.

One hand grabbed the scroll in front of him and shouted, “This picture is called the Trace of Heaven… Go to suppress the mark of the sky on the top of my head.”

Although Linshu’s face is pale, his body even began to become shaky.

But his voice seemed to carry an infinite pressure.

What is even more amazing is the scroll he threw out of his hand.

This scroll.

It flew out of his hand and suddenly unfolded in mid-air.

Among the scrolls.

The painting is exactly the picture of the sky that the trace of the sky.

The traces of the sky, flying in the air for a moment, and then suddenly disappear into a little bit of debris