The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 148

Chapter 148: The End, The Trace of Heaven is Completely Sealed


Ling Baiyu led a group of great saints, driving the bronze door, has rushed to the trail of heaven.

But just like last time.

The figures of those ancient monks, at this moment flashed one after another.

And this time.

They didn’t join forces and strike a thunderous blow to push back the Bronze Gate like they did last time.

Instead, they surround the bronze gate and keep attacking these monks on top of the bronze gate.

Although the people are protected by the bronze gate.

But one of their realm fell, the strength is far less than the outside world of these cultivators.


The pure aura on the bronze gate is all provided by the heavenly treasures in their bodies.

One point consumed is one point less.

Unlike these ancient cultivators who are surrounded by extra-terrestrial demons.

The source of their power seems to have become the trace of the sky above their heads.

As long as the trace of heaven is still there, their strength will not be affected by the amount of spiritual energy of the Lingxuan continent.

Only a few moments of hand-to-hand combat.

With this, we have to make sure that we have the right amount of money.

Several of these great saints on top of the Bronze Gate have fallen.

Among them, there is the first to find Ling Baiyu’s fairy Bihua.


Ling Baiyu, who was at the front of the group, looked back with sadness and anger, and almost subconsciously had to turn around to save the people behind him first.


Without waiting for her to turn around, there were several people behind her, and their figures dissipated and fell completely.

This scene made Ling Baiyu almost crazy.

To know.

The monks behind her at this moment, can be considered her mentor.

All these years, in order to nurture Ling Baiyu.

Her mentors have given a lot.

Now watching all the masters die in front of their eyes, Ling Baiyu certainly can not bear.

“Bai Yu, don’t look back… Go up and seal the Heaven’s Mark.”

“Don’t look back, rinse and repeat.”

“It doesn’t matter if we all die, we must succeed.”

Ling Baiyu’s ears, began to appear all the familiar voices.

There are several sounds.

Before I finish, it ends abruptly.

This means that the owner of these voices has completely fallen.

Although Ling Baiyu is heartbroken.

But the roar of the masters behind her made her turn back abruptly, and she continued to drive the bronze door towards the scar of the sky.

As long as we can block the mark of the sky, everything will be over.

The familiar breaths behind Ling Baiyu.

At the moment more and more have disappeared.

Dozens of great saints.

In the blink of an eye, most of the people had fallen, and only a few dozen remained.

And these dozens of people, but also a weakened breath.

It can fall again at any time.

Just as despair appeared on their faces.

The Ling Xuan continent behind them suddenly seems to have completely disappeared.

In its place.

It is a huge scroll.

In the middle of the scroll, the clouds roll over and a fierce crack slowly emerges.

This amazing scene.

The bronze gate above those cultivators, each one first wide-eyed kozo, and then revealed a look of surprise.

“It’s a big deal… Xiao Shu actually drew all the marks of the sky…”

These monks, one by one, sighed in amazement.

In the past few days, they have learned a little bit about the mystery of the spiritual practice created by Lin Shu from his mouth.

It is even clearer.

The picture drawn by Lin Shu can have at least half the power of the person being drawn.

For example, the immortal robbery painted by Lin Shu.

Although it can not threaten the real immortal, but the great sage has a very strong killing power.

Now Lin Shu actually painted the sky this trace of the sky to.

Even though the full power of the Heaven’s Trace cannot be realized.

As long as you can have some of the power of this Heaven’s Trace, it is amazing enough.

Sure enough.

With the appearance of the scroll below the traces of the sky.

A terrifying suction force suddenly emerged from the traces of the sky in the scroll below.

The ancient monks who were attacking the Bronze Gate.

They could not withstand the terrifying suction of this heavenly mark, and were all sucked into the heavenly mark inside the scroll in an instant.

One time.

Around the bronze gate, it became empty.

“Good opportunity.”

The many cultivators located on top of the Bronze Gate are now full of surprise, injecting the remaining power into the Bronze Gate.

I want to take advantage of this opportunity to use the bronze gate to completely seal the scar of heaven.

This huge bronze door.

The sky is approaching towards the sky mark.

Just when the bronze door is about to touch the Heaven’s Mark and seal it completely.

Located at the front of the Bronze Gate.

The bronze door was fully controlled by Ling Baiyu, and suddenly there was a confused look on his face.

Her whole person, but also at this moment instantly frozen, as if lost the soul of the general.

Even the bronze gates that she had activated.

It also completely lost control and fell helplessly in the direction of Ling Xuan continent.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong with this girl Bai Yu?”


The figures of Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan appeared, and the two of them led Lin Shu to land together on the bronze door.

At this moment, there are already monks, the eyes closed Ling Baiyu in the arms.

Slightly checked the situation of Ling Baiyu.

They all look dismayed.

Because, Ling Baiyu does not seem to have the slightest difference, but the only loss of consciousness.

This odd situation left them all a bit confused.

But the bewildered look on their faces only appeared for a moment, and then disappeared without a trace.

“Everyone join forces, push the bronze gate up and seal the Heaven’s Trace.”

Lin Zhengyang sang a sigh of relief and poured his power into the bronze door.

But at this moment, he is just a saint.

Others around, their own power has been exhausted.

Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan are the only two people left, of course, there is no way to activate the bronze door.

The out-of-control bronze gate keeps falling down in the direction of Ling Xuan continent.

Desperate look.

The faces of the people resurfaced.

They are clear.

After this failure, they will never have a chance to seal the scar of the sky again.

“? “Gentlemen, I have one last way.”

When the people were desperate, the pale Lin Shu suddenly opened his mouth.

Look at the look of determination in Lin Shu’s eyes.

Qin Xiaowan’s heart suddenly gave rise to a bad feeling.

“Shush, don’t.” She subconsciously tried to stop Lin Shu.

Look at Qin Xiaowan who is full of despair.

Lin Shu slowly knelt down in front of her and Lin Zhengyang: “Father, mother, there is no other way now… If there is a next life, I will be your son again.”

Lin Zhengyang and Qin Xiaowan’s cheeks were already full of tears.

Qin Xiaowan, in particular, reached out and tried to pull Lin Shou, but Lin Zhengyang grabbed her wrist.

Lin Shu slowly got up and scanned the crowd around him: “Mind cultivation method, only cultivate the mind, not the body, this body, is the key to shackle the mind cultivator… All uncles, I hope you can help me to pass on this spiritual practice. (Tak Lee Hao)”

With the calm voice of Lindsay.

His body, a figure composed of countless light, suddenly rose out.

The figure is holding a pen in one hand and a book in the other.

He took a step forward and immediately held the falling bronze door in his hand.


Holding the bronze door.

Lin Shu’s figure flew towards the sky of the traces of the sky.

When the bronze gate is close to the sky where the scar of the sky is.

Above the bronze gate, a copper-like wire suddenly began to appear, shuttling to know the sides of the marks of heaven, and then a little bit of tension.


It’s like a tug of war.

The copper threads shooting out of the bronze gate kept pulling the cracks on both sides of the Heaven’s Mark together.

After a few moments of this anomaly.

This trace of the sky finally disappeared completely fire.

Above the sky, only a bronze gate remains, standing in it.

It has been endangering the Lingxuan continent for nearly ten thousand years.

The trace of the sky that absorbed almost all the spiritual power of the Reiken continent.

At this moment it is finally sealed