The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Where’s All the Reiki?


The Light of Reincarnation screen.

A spatial rift appeared around Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan, who were practicing at the same time.

“Finally, I’ve crossed into the Holy Realm.”

Lin Xuan, who was still in hard training on that hill, wore a satisfied smile on his face.

On Lin Jiao’s side, the situation is a little more exaggerated.

I feel Lin Jiao’s breakthrough.

The demon cultivators, such as the White Green Sparrow, had all come to the place where Lin Jiao had closed the door and knelt on the ground, shouting loudly.

“Congratulations on your cultivation breakthrough.”

Lin Jiao’s cultivation broke through the Great Sage.

After feeling the power of the Great Sage, he waved his hand with a domineering face and said, “I have a breakthrough today, prepare yourselves and follow me to destroy the Green Lion.”

The green lion in Lin Jiao’s mouth.

It was a demon cultivator that had been fighting with him recently .

The Green Lion’s training is no less than Lin Jiao’s, and the Green Lion’s men are also numerous.

The demon monks led by Lin Jiao are expanding their territory like crazy.


They’re facing off with the demon monks led by the Green Lion.

Before that.

Lin Jiao has fought the Green Lion many times, but there is no way to tell the winner.

Now that I’ve made a breakthrough.

Lin Jiao’s first thought was to destroy the blue lion as soon as possible.

With a command from Lin Jiao.

All the demon cultivators under him, immediately nervous and ready.

“They’re cultivating so fast, they actually have such a large Saint realm cultivator in just a few decades.”

“Obviously, this is because the Confucian Sage has snatched back the spiritual energy lost in the Lingxuan Continent.”

“Simply by the speed of their cultivation, I’m afraid that the concentration of spiritual energy in their time is stronger than in our time.”

“It’s true, look at the places where Lin Jiao walked, many heavenly treasures have grown, these are all treasures that can only be born if the spiritual energy is strong enough… The spiritual energy of our time is not enough to grow these heavenly treasures…”

Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

Many cultivators in the Linxuan Continent could not help but look strange as they watched Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan break through the Great Sage.

It’s really the images in the light of reincarnation that shocked them too.

Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan, and all the other demon monks.

There’s no inherited techniques, so you have to find your own way.

But that’s true.

They crossed into the Great Sacred Realm in a very short time.

If only Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan were so fast in their cultivation .

That can also be explained by the fact that they are both reincarnations of the primordial god Lin Tian, and therefore gifted with different talents.

But at this moment in the Reincarnation Light screen.

Except for the two of them.

There are many other monks who are also very fast.

This situation.

Anyone can see that.

Obviously, it was because the concentration of spiritual energy in Lin Jiao’s era, the Ling Xuan continent, had already exceeded that of the later generations.

But this is the case!

It obviously doesn’t make sense.

A question came to almost everyone’s mind at the moment.

The concentration of aura in the Lingxuan continent.

The strongest time, naturally, was the ancient period.

But the monks in the ancient times made a fool of themselves by forcibly opening the Heaven’s Trace, causing the concentration of spiritual energy in the Lingxuan continent to drop.

Until the Confucianism of Lin Shue.

To enter the higher realms and get back the lost aura of the Reiken Continent.

Reiki of the Ling Xuan Continent.

That’s how the recovery began.

As time goes by.

The aura of the Ling Xuan continent is getting stronger and stronger.

If the situation remains the same…

If this trend keeps up.

The aura of the Ling Xuan continent should become more and more concentrated until it regains its ancient peak state.

But the question is.

Located in the modern world millions of years from now.

Not only has the concentration of Reiki not returned to the ancient times.

Even Lin Jiao and the others are not as good as they are at this moment.

In between.

Where’s all the lost spirit?

“From the time of Lin Jiao and the others to now, something must have gone wrong again.”

The crowd looked grave again and stared at the light of reincarnation.

“Kill, kill these Lion bastards.”

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin Jiao has already led his men to the Green Lion.

The two sides have been fighting for days, and they already know each other.

Now we’ve just met.

Lin Jiao and Green Lion’s men fought together.

Only Lin Jiao and Green Lion were staring at each other, their eyes full of fear.

Because just now.

When they met, they were both shocked to find that the other had broken through.

That’s right.

Just as Lin Jiao was breaking through the Great Sage Realm .

This blue lion has broken through as well.

Now that they’re both in the Great Sage Realm, they must be careful.

But with their men, the casualties are mounting.

Whether it’s Lin Jiao.

Or the lion. They can’t take it anymore.

The two figures flew up at the same time.

Lin Jiao’s body, a giant boa constrictor emerged.

Under the wrapping of this python figure.

The space around Lin Jiao began to break apart.

The lion monk opposite him is no worse than Lin Jiao.

The lion monk’s body was also covered with a two-headed lion figure.

His body emitted a surge of space power, constantly clashing with Lin Jiao.

The place where they fought.

The space ripped apart, a rift in space, spreading in all directions.

All monks who are touched by these cracks in space will be torn into two pieces immediately.

The scene of a battle of the great saints.

Already far beyond the imagination of these low-level monks.

Seeing the aftermath of the fight between Lin Jiao and Qing Shi, more and more terrifying.

These low-level monks were so frightened that they could not even continue to fight and chose to retreat one after another.

Here on the battlefield.

Soon only Lin Jiao and this blue lion were left.

The two of them clash with each other, the power of magic and the power of space, but they can’t tell the winner.

But the two of them have already fought.

A violent spatial force enveloped both of them.

This time.

Whoever takes a step back will die.

The White Sparrow and the others are standing in the distance.

Watching Lin Jiao and the green lion death struggle, eyes are showing a worried look.

The same thing happened to the Green Lion’s men on the other side.

But after staring at Lin Jiao and the others for a moment.

The Green Lion’s men began to look happy.

And the White Sparrow and the others, their faces turned pale.

Because at this moment, Lin Jiao is obviously starting to show his strength.

He’s going to lose to the blue lion.