The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 163

Chapter 163: The First Meeting, Lin Xuan Becomes the Emperor’s Candidate

Heard the words of Zhuo Hang.

A few old men looked back at Zhuo Hang, and their eyes had a little more tenderness in them.

Zuohang is the best talent they’ve produced over the years.

Although it doesn’t compare to Ling Baiyu and Lin Shue back then.

But that’s pretty impressive.

In the present day Sincere Palace.

Except for them.

There’s only one great sage, Zhuo Hang.

“Unfortunately, Zhuo Hang’s qualifications are still not good enough.” Several old men stared at Zhuo Hang for a moment, and could not help but sigh in their hearts.

Zuohang was able to become a great saint.

For an ordinary person, the talent is already exceptional.

But for those of them who were once immortals.

The talent of Zuohang is not enough.

In their opinion.

Zhuo Hang’s chances of reaching immortality in this life are not too high.

Now the Reiken continent has regained its spiritual energy.

The number of immortal powerhouses will increase.

It’s not enough for a saint.

When they, the older generation, had fallen, only Zhuo Hang’s Palace of Sages remained, and there was no way to suppress all the cultivators.

Once the Sage Palace is gone.

The human monks of the entire Ling Xuan continent will be plunged into endless chaos.

After all.

Such ambitious people exist.

There will never be less.

That’s why.

These old men have decided to gather all the great men of the race today to choose the next emperor of the people.

If there is a new human emperor .

Even if some ambitious people appear, the Emperor can easily suppress them.

Not to mention.

With the Emperor leading the way.

The rejuvenated human race will do better.

“Come on, let’s go meet the up-and-comers of our people today.”

The old men slowly turned around, like real old people, and walked out step by step.

It’s just that…

When they reached the door, they couldn’t help but turn around again and look at the tablets behind them.

Especially the tablet of the Confucian saint Lin Shue.

“If only Shou was still alive, with his talent, he’d be more than capable of becoming a human emperor~.”

“If there’s no Shou, it’s better to let that girl Bai Yu wake up.”

Several old men sighed helplessly in their hearts.

Then he turned around and walked out.

Outside the Palace of the Precious.

Some of the great saints who have gathered here are beginning to look impatient.

But with the appearance of these old men.

Even those impatient monks were quieted down at once.

The names of the many sages of the Palace of the Sages.

It’s still very useful among all monks.

Of course.

There are also a few saints.

When he looked at these old men who were senile and weak, a strange look flashed in his eyes.

After these old men showed up.

Then he told us about the election of the next emperor.

Listen to the words of the old men.

The eyes of almost everyone around the room lit up.

Even the ambitious ones.

His ultimate goal is to become the leader of the people.

Now that they have a chance to become the leaders of the people in all honesty, they are overjoyed.

To become the Emperor of the People.

The first thing you need is to be strong enough.

Under the auspices of these old men.

Dozens of saints came here today to compete with each other.

In the end, the ten most powerful saints were selected.

These are the ten most powerful saints.

It’s the Emperor’s choice.

The process of picking a candidate for the throne was developed by many human monks back then.

These old men, today, continue to pick and choose according to this method.

They’ve put together a list of ten emperors.

They were sent to ten areas where the human race lived, and they were to manage them.

A hundred years later.

The area under that emperor’s administration is the best developed.

Whoever becomes the next emperor.

Of course.

The prerequisite for becoming a human emperor is that the opponent must become an immortal as soon as possible.

Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

Look at Lin Xuan as one of the ten candidates for the Emperor.

Xia Bing’s eyes lit up.

She and Lin Xuan first met after Lin Xuan became a candidate for the throne.


It was from this moment that Lin Xuan became a human emperor step by step.

Now Lin Xuan has become a candidate for the throne.

That is to say.

Then it’s time for her to meet Lin Xuan.

Except for Summer Ice.

The other people around, looking at the image inside the light of reincarnation, could not help but shake their heads.

The method these old men used to pick the Emperor.

It’s true that the previous kings had the right approach.


The human emperors selected in this way are indeed the best among all human cultivators.

But they ignore the change of circumstances.

Back then, I picked the candidate.

Except for the first generation of the human emperor, Lin Ware.

The other four emperors were all chosen by this test.

These four emperors, too, are all in good hands.

But the question is.

At the time of the election of the Emperor, most of the human monks who supported the Emperor were powerful.

Once the real Emperor is chosen.

Even if there are others who are not convinced.

With the new Emperor in charge, they were able to quickly suppress the disgruntled candidates.

The situation in the Light of Reincarnation screen is different.

The Sage Palace has fallen.

We’ve lost the power to suppress these candidates for the throne.

Even if a human emperor is eventually chosen.

He can’t sit on the throne without a strong enough force to back him up.

It’s not good.

Such an election would be a source of chaos for the human monks.

“∥These human sages have indeed given a lot to the Lingxuan Continent, but unfortunately, they have become so old that their minds have become dull, and they have not discovered such a loophole.” The people in Qing Yi and the others sighed softly as they looked at the picture in the light of reincarnation.

They can all tell.

The crisis of the selection of the Emperor.

I’m afraid that the moment the real Emperor is elected.

It’s the moment of civil unrest among the human monks.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin Xuan and the other nine human emperors rushed to the area assigned to them by the Palace of Sages.

Today’s Ling Xuan Continent.

The aura has been revived, and there are no more hunting by the demons.

A new city has begun to emerge.

Although these cities are far from being comparable to those of ancient times.

But this one city.

It also means that the Reiken Continent is rapidly returning to its former prosperity.

Lin Xuan was assigned the area .

It’s a place called Ice City.

When Lin Xuan arrived at this ice city, he landed from the sky.

Inside the ice city, a figure swept up and surrounded him.

“Who are you? How dare you trespass on my Ice City.”

With a cold cry, a woman with a chilling look, but with a cold aura, holding a long ice-crystal spear, slowly stepped out.

She’s Summer Bing.

Look at Lin Xuan in front of you.

Xia Bing and other cultivators around, face is full of scorn look