The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Lin Jiao’s Harassment Operation

“I have no ill will.”

Looking at these fierce cultivators in front of him, Lin Xuan first made his attitude clear.

But across the street, there’s Ha Bing and others.

He was still jealous of Lin Xuan.

“Outsiders are not welcome here, so you’d better leave.” Xia Bing spoke with a cold face.

Looking at these monks in front of them, they looked unpleasant.

Lin Xuan wasn’t bothered by the fire either.

He shook his head, smiled, and turned to leave.

He didn’t go far, but stayed on a hill near this ice town.

The days after.

By communicating with the monks in the Ice City.

Lin Xuan slowly gained the approval of all the cultivators in Ice City.

“This Lin Xuan senior is so gentle in nature.”

Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

The crowd couldn’t help but sigh as they watched Lin Xuan’s smiling face.

Now Lin Xuan.

He’s already a great saint.

But he never acted like a senior, even to ordinary people.

And compared to the mild-mannered Lin Xuan.

On Lin Jiao’s side, it’s a very different story.

As Lin Xuan strives to become the new leader of the human race.

Lin Jiao is already killing blood elsewhere.

In his words.

It’s called killing to stop killing.

Only by killing all those who oppose him will everyone fear him.

It’s the only way to cut down on the killings.

Look inside the Chakra Light 320.

The mild-mannered Lin Xuan and the murderous Lin Jiao both appear in one scene.

The people outside the Light of Reincarnation.

It’s kind of weird in a way.

The two ancient goddesses, Xia Bing and Bai Qing Qiao.

At this moment, each of them stared at Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao, who appeared within the light of reincarnation, with their expressions filled with tenderness.

Especially Summer Bing.

In the Reincarnation Light screen, Lin Xuan is getting along with the people of Ice City.

She couldn’t help but open her mouth and say, “Lord Lin Xuan was sent here by the Sage Palace, but he never said anything about it until later, when we found out… But it was also Lord Lin Xuan’s many actions that convinced the entire Ice City.”

At the side, Qing Yi and the others nodded their heads slightly.

They didn’t suspect anything about what Ha Bing said.

Not to mention.

Purely based on Lin Xuan’s character at this moment.

It’s easy to impress everyone.

They’re just worried.

If Lin Xuan wins the election, how will it end up.

“The most important thing in the cultivation of an innate cultivator is the condensation of the Dharma phase…”

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin Xuan, with a light smile on his face, was teaching a group of low ranking cultivators his cultivation tips.

After months of work.

The whole city of ice, almost all of it, has recognized his presence.

Not to mention.

Lin Xuan is a Great Sage himself.

By sheer strength alone, he could easily overpower everyone in Ice City.

“Lord Lin Xuan.”

When Lin Xuan was very involved in his explanation, several cultivators from Ice City rushed over in the distance.

“Lord Lin Xuan, Brother Guo and the others went to the ice mountain to collect ice crystals and haven’t returned yet… Captain Xia has already rushed there alone, can you please help us go there too.” These cultivators looked at Lin Xuan with expectation.

Lin Xuan is a great sage.

The strongest cultivator in the whole Ice City, Xia Bing, was only at the Dao Cheng realm, so he was no match for Lin Xuan.

If anything happens.

With the great sage Lin Xuan, the safety factor is much higher.

“Don’t be hasty. Tell us what’s going on.”

Lin Xuan stopped teaching cultivation tips and pulled these cultivators who rushed over and asked them about it.

Before Lin Xuan came to Ice City.

A team of monks was formed to guard the place, mainly by Xia Bing, the highest cultivator.

Because there have been several accidents in the ice city before.

That’s why when Lin Xuan arrived here, Xia Bing and others were so jealous of Lin Xuan.

But a few months after Lin Xuan came here.

There were no more accidents in the ice city.

All the monks in the ice city relaxed a bit.

Today there are several Ice City cultivators who have ventured into the Ice City near the ice mountain, wanting to collect the ice crystal stones unique to the ice mountain.

But who knows.

They went away and never came back.

As the highest cultivated person in Ice City, Xia Bing knew about this matter and naturally rushed over.

The others couldn’t keep up with Xia Bing’s speed, so they turned around and rushed to Lin Xuan’s place, wanting to go over with Lin Xuan to see the situation.

Look at these expectant faces in front of you.

Lin Xuan looked solemn and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll go over and take a look right away.”

With his hand, he ripped out a spatial rift, and Lin Xuan stepped into it.

Look at Lin Xuan rushing to the iceberg without hesitation.

The surrounding Ice City cultivators, a grateful look on their faces.

Inside a mountain completely covered in snow and ice.

Lin Xuan’s figure suddenly appeared here.

The great divine thought swept out, and he found Xia Bing’s figure almost immediately.

At the moment, Xia Bing.

It’s on one side of the iceberg, battling an ice dragon that looks like ice crystals.

Ice Dragon’s cultivation is obviously much higher than Xia Bing’s.

It was as if he was playing a game, and he struck out recklessly, leaving Xia Bing in an awkward position.

Just as Xia Bing’s face was full of despair and almost collapsed.

Lin Xuan’s figure suddenly appeared, grabbing Xia Bing with one hand, while the other hand spurted out a surging spatial force, forcing back the ice dragon in front of him.

“Lin Xuan.”

When he saw Lin Xuan’s figure, Xia Bing’s eyes showed some strange color, and then his body went soft and lost consciousness.

This ice dragon’s cultivation is even stronger than Lin Xuan’s.

He’s got him so far.

It’s all because the ice dragon didn’t kill him.

“How dare you stop this dragon from catching its prey.” A cold snort came from the mouth of this ice dragon.

In a flash.

The ice dragon’s mouth spurted out a mouthful of cold air, spraying towards Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan was protecting Xia Bing with one hand while he fought with this ice dragon.

It took a few moments.

Lin Xuan was forced into a desperate situation by the Ice Dragon.

This ice dragon is an ancient god-like beast that is invincible in its own right.

Not to mention that his cultivation is even stronger than Lin Xuan’s at this moment.

Just when Lin Xuan’s situation was getting more and more dangerous.

Above the ice dragon, a surprised voice suddenly came: “Hey, there’s actually such a big worm in the Lingxuan Continent.”

Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

Lin Xuan’s situation is becoming a cause for concern.

But the sudden sound of the voice made everyone look softer.

Because of this new sound.

It was Lin Jiao who came all the way here