The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Joint Attack

Lin Jiao suddenly appeared beside Lin Xuan.

Not only was Lin Xuan surprised.

Even the people outside the Light of Reincarnation didn’t think of this at all.

But I must say.

He’s come just in time.

“Lin Jiao, help me cut down this ice dragon.” Lin Xuan looked up and asked Lin Jiao for help.

When they first met before.

We already know each other’s names.

Lin Jiao cupped his chin and stared down at Lin Xuan, whose situation was becoming more and more difficult.

Look at the way he looks.

It seems like they’re sitting on a mountain watching a tiger fight.

But only for a moment.

Lin Jiao then muttered under his breath, “Forget it, this guy Lin Xuan, after all, is from the same family as me, even if we want to kill, it should be me who kills him, it’s not the turn of an outsider to kill.”

With his muttering.

His figure suddenly lunged towards the ice dragon below.

“Big Worm, I’ll take your meat.”

A whistling sound came out of his mouth, and a giant snake’s silhouette emerged from Lin Jiao’s body.

A layer of spatial power surrounded the serpent’s figure and wrapped itself around the ice dragon in front of it.

While the ice dragon is being pushed back.

The same thing happened to Lin Xuan’s body when a moon and a holy pen appeared and struck at the ice dragon.

Facing the siege of Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao.

This ice dragon was never meant to be.

Because both Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan are only at the early stage of the Great Sage.

And this ice dragon is the pinnacle of the Great Sage.

Even if it’s a two-man team.

And this ice dragon doesn’t care.


Just as the power struck by Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan, fused together in an instant.

A frightening power suddenly exploded between the two men.

Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan’s spatial power, phantom power, and many other powers, all disappeared at this moment.

In its place.

But a vague and indistinct figure.

After this figure appeared, he punched the ice dragon in front of him and immediately broke it into pieces and meteorically fell.


Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

Look at the power of Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan’s joint hands.

Almost everyone was completely dumbfounded.

“That virtual shadow, is that the figure of the Primordial God Lin Tian?”

“I don’t think it’s necessarily Lin Tian, it could also be the first human emperor, Lord Lin Weapon.”

“It could also be the Lord Confucius Saint Lin Shue.”

“Neither, this is definitely the power of their fusion, this is the power of several lifetimes of reincarnation fused together to have how powerful.”

All over the Lingxuan Continent, cultivators began to argue eagerly.

It’s because the power of Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan’s combined hands is too unbelievable.

They are both at the early stage of the Great Sage.


Even if they were to join forces, they shouldn’t be the Ice Dragon’s opponent.

But when the two of them joined hands, once their powers merged, they almost instantly killed the late stage ice dragon.

This means.

A joint attack by Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan could be even more powerful than an immortal monk.

How did such a powerful force come into being?

No matter how much these monks guessed, they couldn’t guess what the reason was.

Resuscitation of the Green Cloth and others .

The scene of Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan’s joint attack was completely astonishing at this moment.

They’re all ancient goddesses.

I know the power of the law best.

So now I’m looking at the image in the light of reincarnation.

Immediately, I felt something.

“Sisters, this power is indeed beyond the power of reincarnation, isn’t it?”

Qing Yi turned back to Mu Lingsha and the others.

Even if it’s a law power, there’s still a difference.

The power of the basic laws, such as gold, wood, water, fire and earth, is far less powerful than the power of reincarnation.

And at this moment, Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan joined hands, and the power they exerted was clearly beyond even the power of reincarnation.

Such unimaginable power appeared in the hands of Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan.

That means.

Once Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan fuse, it is possible to possess power beyond all.

“The two of them, they must fuse.” The two of them suddenly began to look forward to it.

With the power displayed by Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan.

Once fused…

Their power will be able to transcend reincarnation and restore the memories that once belonged to Lin Tian, Lin Weapon, and Lin Shu.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan were both completely frozen at this moment.

“So strong, so strong.”

Stand still for a moment.

Lin Jiao immediately looked at Lin Xuan in front of him with glowing eyes, “Lin Xuan, did you see this, this is the power after our fusion… Now I regret it, if we could fuse, we could unify the entire Ling Xuan continent with our absolute power alone.”

At this moment, Lin Xuan’s eyes were also filled with excitement.

But hearing what Lin Jiao said, he shook his head decisively and said, “I think it’s fine now, there’s no need to fuse, if you want to pursue the strongest power, just keep cultivating and strengthen yourself.”

Lin Xuan’s words.

The look of excitement on Lin Jiao’s face gradually receded.

“Cut it out. You really think I want to fuse with you… I’m here to talk to you about something.”

Lin Jiao snorted coldly and immediately changed the subject.

Lin Xuan walked over to Xia Bing and asked, “What is it?” while examining Xia Bing.

Lin Jiao’s eyes once again showed excitement and said, “Your human race is electing an emperor, I heard about this, and you have become one of the ten human emperor candidates… So I have an idea, how about I help you kill the other nine, so that you can become the Human Emperor directly?”


Lin Jiao’s suggestion made Lin Xuan jump and immediately shook his head, “No, the human emperor elected in this way will not be approved by everyone, not even by the ancestors of the Palace of Sages.”

“Whether they recognize it or not, as long as we have the strongest power, we can force them to recognize it.” Lin Jiao still looked like he had the most power.

But no matter what he said, Lin Xuan still shook his head and refused.

By force over others.

This is not in line with what Rimhyn has been insisting on.

Seeing Lin Xuan’s uninspired look.

Lin Jiao was so angry that his face turned black.

But after lingering for a moment on Xia Bing in Lin Xuan’s arms.

The corner of Lin Jiao’s mouth suddenly revealed a sinister smile.

“There’s a way.” Five.