The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Operation Harassment, The Human Army Master and the Demon Commander

“To work with me?”

Lin Xuan’s words came as a surprise to Lin Jiao, though.

But Lin Jiao’s face still showed a bit of disbelief.

In the beginning.

When he and Lin Xuan first met, they had already agreed to cooperate with each other and become the supreme power of the Ling Xuan continent together.


In the face of his many proposals, Lin Xuan simply disagreed.

That’s why the two of them were talking about working together.

And only verbally.

So now when he hears that Lin Xuan has taken the initiative to cooperate.

Lin Jiao was only surprised for a moment, then shook his head and snorted coldly: “How can we cooperate? Is it still the same as before, you and I going our separate ways?”

“Of course not …”

Lin Xuan’s face was calm, and he could not see his sadness or happiness, “According to what you said before, I can lead the human cultivators to help you solve your opponents, and you can likewise lead your men to help me solve my opponents… Even, at the critical moment, the two of us can directly join hands to meet the enemy.”


Look at the calm Lin Xuan in front of you.

Lin Jiao’s eyes grew more and more astonished.

He always thought that Lin Xuan was the kind of old-fashioned guy who didn’t know how to change.

But I didn’t.

Today, Lin Xuan has changed his attitude.

“You’re not trying to trick me, are you?” Lin Jiao was still a bit suspicious.

He couldn’t believe that Lin Xuan would suddenly change so much.

29 Lin Xuan shook his head and said, “Of course not, although I don’t want to admit it, I have to admit that what you said before was right… Only ruthlessness can quickly quell all the chaos and make the Lingxuan continent stable as soon as possible.”

Lin Jiao sighed in approval.

He looked around Lin Xuan a few times before smiling and nodding: “Not bad, very good, now you look a little like me.”

Look at Lin Jiao’s perverted face.

Lin Xuan shook his head, and immediately handed a list that he had prepared, to Lin Jiao.

“Lin Jiao, these human monks are our next target… You can likewise tell me the target you want to solve, and I will do my best to cooperate with you.”

Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

Almost everyone looked a little dumbfounded .

Who’d have thought.

Lin Jiao, the demon ancestor, has actually joined forces with Lin Xuan, the human leader.

And the way the two sides operate, it’s quite inexplicable.

Whenever one of them goes out to destroy the other.

The other side always comes along and takes advantage of the situation to eliminate all these opponents.


Whether it’s Lin Xuan, or Lin Jiao.

Each has given the other a reasonable identity in his own camp.

When you need your opponent’s help, they will show up in this capacity and help to destroy the powerful enemy.

With such cooperation.

Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan quickly became the true leaders of the human and demon races.

And the enemies that qualify as their opponents are being eliminated one by one, as fast as they can.

“Lord Warlord is actually Demon Ancestor Lin Jiao?”

“Impossible, Lord Demon Marshal is actually a human leader like Lin Xuan?”

Reincarnation of the Head of Light.

The two women, Xia Bing and Bai Qingqiu, were already wide-eyed at this moment.

Everything on the screen in front of you.

They were a bit dumbfounded.

The year.

The leader of the human race, Lin Xuan’s strongest subordinate is not Xia Bing, but a powerful monk known as the Military Master.

This master-at-arms, though mysterious.

But he appears at critical moments to save Xia Bing and the others.

This has led to a high level of prestige in the eyes of the human monks.

In Xia Bing’s heart, apart from his own lord Lin Xuan.

It’s this master warlord who’s the most distracting.

But now Ha Bing knows.

The warlord she’s worried about is actually Lin Jiao of the demon race.

The White Sparrow, who was beside Xia Bing, was just as dumbfounded as Xia Bing at the moment.

There is a mysterious Master of War among the human monks.

Within the demon clan, there is also the mysterious Lord Demon Commander.

The demon lord, who has saved them several times.

He’s the best under the demon ancestor Lin Jiao.

Who would have thought.

A demon commander who is the leader of the human race.

It’s numb.


Both Xia Bing and Bai Qingqi are now a bit numb.

They used to be rivals, each of them had a problem with the other.

And now I understand.

All of this was done by the man they admired the most, secretly.

“Sister Xia Bing, sister Qing Qiao, I don’t think I can blame Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao for this matter, they are also trying to eliminate the killing in the Ling Xuan Continent as soon as possible.”

On the side of the reviving green clothes and others .

The two of them were frozen with a dull look on their faces, and sighed lightly and opened their mouths.

“We know…”

Xia Bing and Bai Qing Qi nodded, but sighed in their hearts at the same time.

For them.

They don’t really care about the truth.

What they really care about is… The way their lord feels about them.

They all thought.

They’re the most important thing in my lord’s heart.

There’s even a chance that she’s the only woman my lord adores.

But now…

The confidence in their hearts was suddenly gone.

If they’re the most important people in your lord’s heart?

Then why didn’t my lord tell himself these secrets.

A look of sadness on her face.

Xia Bing and Bai Qing Qiao looked at each other, but both could see the loss in each other’s eyes.

“Perhaps the two lords we have adored for so many years are simply treating us as two of their best men.”

This thought appeared in the minds of both Xia Bing and Bai Qing Qiao.

The two of them suddenly began to panic.

Even panicked.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

The scene is a meadow.

The grassland was 897 filled with cultivators from the Lingxuan Continent.

One of them is a human monk.

On the other side are the demon monks.

Each of them has pulled away from the other, looking at each other angrily, but there is a clear line between them.

“Please… The Emperor has come down.”

“Please… Lord Demon Ancestor show yourself.”

With two sharp shrieks.

Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao’s figures appeared in mid-air at the same time.

My Lord, the Emperor…

Lord Demon Ancestor…

When the two of them appeared, countless cultivators around them immediately shouted with excitement.

At this moment, Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao have become the true supreme of the two clans respectively.

With chants all around.

The two landed right in front of the human and demon cultivators, and then took a step towards each other.

Under the gaze of countless human and demon cultivators.

Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao, step by step, came to the other side.

Both of them looked serious at the moment.

With a casual wave of the hand, it will make those cheering human cultivators and demon cultivators around, a moment of silence.

The agitated human cultivators and demon cultivators around them, looking at Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao in the center of them, thought that the two were engaged in a heated exchange.

Because today.

It’s the day the human race and the demon race signed the truce together.

But they obviously didn’t expect it.

At this moment, Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao, their expressions were certainly serious, but the content of their conversation was not serious at all