The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Peaceful Times, The Last Life

“Lin Jiao, when you led your men to fight our human Nai Fan tribe last time, you even stole the sacred weapon of the Nai Fan tribe, you must return it to me later.”

“Don’t even think about it. I can’t give you back what I’ve stolen, not to mention… I haven’t asked you for the treasures you took from my men last time, posing as a demon.”

“I’m not cheating, it’s that girl called QingQi who is too practical and had to give me those treasures, it’s not appropriate to give something out and return it.”

“Get lost, anyway, I’ve already announced that I’ve expelled the Demon Commander from the Demon Clan, from now on you can’t rely on this name to come to my Demon Clan to cheat and eat.”

“Then I’ll go back and revoke my post as a general. Anyway, the Ling Xuan continent is already the strongest between us two, and my people don’t need you as a general.”

There was a moment of tit-for-tat.

Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan’s faces, however, could not help but reveal a smile.

At this point in time.

They have finally become the two most supreme people in the Ling Xuan Continent, not to mention.

More to the point.

The two are fully capable of stopping all the killings in the Reiken Continent.

Since then.

Then they won’t have to worry about those horrible spirits in the Nine Heavenly Palaces killing them.


In front of all the cultivators around, Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao’s palms, slapped together.

In a flash.

The two men turned to face the human and demon cultivators and announced loudly, “From now on, the human and demon cultivators will not kill each other anymore, and if they violate the law, the two tribes will fight together…”

Although within the human and demon races.

There are still many monks who are very hostile to each other.

But the vast majority of monks.

I prefer this peace, so I cheered with my mouth.

With Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao, representing the human race and the demon race respectively, signing a peace treaty.

For tens of thousands of years after that.

The Ling Xuan continent is generally peaceful.

And during this time of peace.

It was also a time of great prosperity for Ling Xuan.

Whether it was Lin Xuan or Lin Jiao, both of them had crossed into the Eternal Life Realm, not to mention.

Both of them.

Immortal powerhouses have been popping up all over the place.

All over the Lingxuan Continent, a magnificent city has been rebuilt.

This is what it looks like.

It almost compares to the ancient times.

Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

The many demon monks in the Land of Ten Thousand Demons look at the images in the Light of Reincarnation.

Each one is already in tears of excitement.

“This is the most powerful moment of our demon race;∥.”

“That’s right, although Lord Lin Jiao is the reincarnation of half of the spirit of the Tai Chuan God, the demon race he leads is able to compete with the human cultivators in the Ling Xuan Continent, for this alone, Lord Lin Jiao is worthy of being a demon ancestor.”

“If Lord Demon Ancestor were still alive, our demon race might not be in such a state.”

Today’s Ling Xuan Continent.

Although there were major demon kingdoms in the past, there are now ten thousand demon kingdoms.

But these demon nations.

Compared to Lin Jiao, who led many demon cultivators to dominate most of the Lingxuan continent, it is naturally far inferior.

You could even say.

These demon kingdoms only give these demon cultivators a chance to live on.

That’s why all the demon monks in the Land of Ten Thousand Demons.

Naturally, I longed for the time of Lin Jiao.

Compared to those agitated demon monks .

The many human cultivators in the Linxuan continent are a bit dissatisfied.

They’ve gotten used to being above the demon monks.

Now look at Lin Jiao actually lead the demon race, and the human race to fight against each other.

They feel bad though.

If it were not clear that Lin Jiao is also half of the soul of the primordial god Lin Tian.

I’m sure they’ve said countless curses.

Reincarnation of the Head of Light.

The people in Qing Yi and the others looked at the image in the light of reincarnation with excitement.

Follow the time displayed on the screen.

It’s getting closer and closer now.

They can already be sure.

The next screen that appears in the Light of Reincarnation.

I’m afraid this is the ultimate end of the Primordial God Lin Tian.

In time.

All the truth will be revealed.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Time is running out fast.

The human and demon races of the Lin Xuan Continent are led by Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao respectively.

Although there are occasional hiccups.

But the Reiken Continent as a whole has remained absolutely peaceful.

Hundreds of thousands of years.

It was in this peaceful state that it flashed by.

It’s been a long time.

Even the great saints have fallen at the end of their lives.

This day.

In the city of the human emperor in the human region.

The first thing that happened was that Lin Xuan, who was sitting in a palace, judging a document in front of him, as if he sensed something, suddenly changed his expression and looked up into the distance.

The instrument before him could not be further adjudicated.

Lin Xuan rose abruptly, took a step forward, and his figure instantly disappeared in the same place.

Next moment.

His figure appeared in the Nine Heavens Palace.

This Ninth Heavenly Palace is sealed by his and Lin Jiao’s power.

Except for the two of them, no other monks could get close.

When Lin Xuan arrived here.

Lin Jiao’s figure, too, had appeared here.

The two of them stared at the nine-heavenly palace in front of them, but their expressions became more and more solemn.

“∥ can’t carry it.”

After a long time, Lin Xuan let out a long sigh.

Lin Jiao nodded slightly: “I didn’t expect that this Ninth Heavenly Palace would be able to absorb even the death Qi left behind by the normal death of living beings… Even though there has been no more mass destruction of the Ling Xuan Continent, the continent has still lost count of its living souls due to the end of their lifespan, and the death energy left behind by these living souls has caused the unjust souls in this Heavenly Palace to break through the seal here.”

At this moment, Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao were in front of .

The horrible souls in the Nine Heavenly Palaces are too many to count.

Although Lin Xuan’s and Lin Jiao’s cultivation had become countless times more powerful than back then.

But it’s still a nerve-wracking experience to see these horrible ghosts.

The horrible ghosts in this sky.

It is born by absorbing the dead energy of the living.

These years…

Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan, although they stopped most of the killings on the Ling Xuan continent.

This has greatly delayed the time for these horrible souls to break out of this Nine Heavenly Palaces.

But both of them obviously underestimated this Ninth Heavenly Palace.

These years…

This Nine Heavenly Palaces, actually relying on the faint Qi of death born from the death of ordinary beings, has become stronger little by little.

Now there’s only one step left to break through the seal of those scrolls outside the Heavenly Palace.

Look at the dimly lit scrolls in front of you.

Lin Xuan couldn’t help but say, “Or else, let’s join hands again and try to see if we can strengthen these seals.”

Lin Jiao coldly snorted, “Don’t waste your efforts, we have strengthened these scrolls many times before, the problem is, now the power of those unjust spirits inside the Heavenly Palace has started to surpass the power of the scrolls, even if we completely repair the scrolls, it is impossible to continue to block these unjust spirits.”

Lin Jiao’s words caused Lin Xuan to fall silent.

After a long time.

Lin Xuancai looked up suddenly, “In that case, then we only have one way left.”