The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 174

Chapter 174: A sad smile, after all, it’s just an ordinary subordinate

“There’s only one way left?”

Lin Jiao was first suspicious, then he said with some annoyance, “I will not choose to fuse with you, I still say the same thing, I am me, I will always be Lin Jiao…”

Lin Jiao’s fusion with Lin Xuan .

Still as exclusive as ever.

Lin Xuan on the side, some speechless shook his head: “What are you thinking, it’s already this time, even if you want to fuse with me, I will not agree… I mean, it’s time for us to go back and prepare for the battle.”


Lin Jiao nodded his head.

Now they were sure that the horrible spirit in the palace before them was destined to break out.

If this force breaks out of its trap.

It will surely bring great disaster to the Ling Xuan continent.

This time.

It is indeed necessary to prepare in advance.

The solemn-faced Lin Jiao, looking at Lin Xuan, suddenly became somewhat annoyed.

This moment.

He actually felt as if Lin Xuan had a head start on him.

Even the decision to prepare for the war was first made by Lin Xuan.

Although the origin is one.

But Lin Jiao, who was very competitive, did not want to be overpowered by Lin Xuan.


After a moment of silence, Lin Jiao then said, “In addition to leading everyone to prepare for war, we also need to open a single 133 separate space for emergencies… We have to prepare for the worst, if the Ling Xuan continent really faces a catastrophe, at least we have to preserve the seeds of the human race and the demon race.”

Without waiting for Lin Xuan to say anything.

Lin Jiao then already raised his eyebrows, not badly, said: “Of course, you can also take this opportunity to send that little girl Xia Bing, who has been quietly watching you, and you have been quite attached to, also into, so that she does not have an accident, you will be sad.”

I was teased by Lin Jiao.

Lin Xuan’s always calm face actually showed a rare bit of embarrassment.

He immediately shouted coldly, “Don’t you talk nonsense? I am a human emperor, how can I care about such personal feelings of children.”


Lin Jiao’s reaction to Lin Xuan was more and more disdainful.

“If you don’t care about that little girl named Xia Bing, how could you react so much… What’s more, Lin Xuan, don’t forget that I’m at least the Lord Warlord of your people, and I’m very familiar with all the cultivators of your people, so I wouldn’t be able to see the dirty relationship between you and that little girl named Xia Bing.”

Seeing Lin Jiao talking more and more.

Even the word dirty was used.

Lin Xuan looked more and more embarrassed.

At the moment he’s…

It’s like a kid who steals candy and someone finds out the secret.

That’s right.

Although Lin Xuan has never wanted to admit his special relationship with Xia Bing.

But no man is without love.

Xia Bing has been with him for hundreds of thousands of years since he went to the Ice City.

It’s been a long time.

Both he and Ha Bing have become the most important people in their hearts.

Look at the smug Lin Jiao.

Lin Xuan suddenly snorted coldly and opened his mouth: “Lin Jiao, don’t forget that I am also a demon commander of the demon race, and I am equally familiar with the cultivators of your demon race… That snow rabbit called White Green Bird, usually hates to stick to you, and the way she looks at you, she is also tender as water.”


The smug look on Lin Jiao’s face came to an abrupt halt .

But right away.

He said with disdain, “Lin Xuan, you think I care about these things like you do… I’m not afraid to tell you that in my eyes, only becoming a supreme being is my goal, and a little girl like Bai Qingqi is just one of my many subordinates.”

End of story.

Lin Jiao’s figure shifted and disappeared into the distance.

In the mid-air, Lin Jiao’s voice remained: “I’m going back to prepare, you should prepare early too.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Reincarnation of the Head of Light.

The crowd looked at Lin Jiao and Lin Xuan, who were fighting in the Light of Reincarnation.

I felt funny and a little down at the same time.

Because they’ve already guessed.

Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao may fall in this cataclysmic event.

On the side, Xia Bing and Bai Qingqin and the others.

More than anyone else, I’m more worried now.

When he heard Lin Jiao use himself to tease his own lord Lin Xuan.

Xia Bing’s heart was already pounding.

She and the White Green Sparrow.

Always worried.

The two lords they follow treat them as mere subordinates.

Although that’s not a bad idea.

But it was far from what they had hoped for in their hearts.

So at this moment.

Xia Bing was staring at Lin Xuan inside the light of reincarnation.

She wanted to see from Lin Xuan’s reaction what his true opinion and attitude towards her was.


I keep seeing Lin Xuan change the subject.

Xia Bing didn’t get the answer she wanted from Lin Xuan either.

Turning his head to look at Ling Bai Yu who was on the side.

Xia Bing’s eyes were immediately filled with envy.

“At least, that Lord Lin Shu once promised to marry Sister Ling… But I have nothing.” Xia Bing’s heart was full of bitterness.

With the light of reincarnation inside, Lin Xuan brings the topic to Lin Jiao.

At once, it was White Green Bird who looked nervous.

She’s the same as Shabby.

I also want to be sure of Lin Jiao’s opinion and attitude towards her.

But Lin Jiao’s last words.

It was like a sharp blade that pierced into the heart of the White Sparrow.

“It’s true, my lord has always treated me as a mere subordinate.”

The white Qingqi face with a relieved smile, but a pair of bright eyes, tears can not help but drop down one after another.


I’m sorry!

And so on and so forth, in the depths of her heart.

Even Ha Bing, who she never got along with.

At this moment, looking at White Sparrow’s face.

She felt the same way and came over to her, hugging the White Sparrow gently and said comfortingly, “We were originally two of your men, and after your return, we will still be your men, as long as we can stay by your side, so… That’s good.”

“Yeah… Pretty good.”

The White Sparrow looks up with tears in her eyes.

But this tear-stained look made her smile a bit sad.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao, each returned to the human and demon clans, and immediately began to issue an order.

The first two orders were issued.

The human race and the demon race have each selected a large number of talented youngsters.

These are the boys they’ve carefully chosen to preserve the vitality of both tribes.

As long as these boys are still around.

Even if the continent of Ling Xuan is once again plunged into infinite destruction.

Sooner or later, the human race and the demon race will be able to make a comeback.