The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 176

Chapter 176: The Heavenly Plague of the Dead, Returning to the Nine Heavenly Palaces

Outside the Light of Reincarnation .

Almost everyone was dumbfounded.

A dead man can come back to life.

In the Light of Reincarnation screen, there are reanimated corpses almost everywhere in the entire Reiken continent.

Many of these monks’ bodies have not decayed for years because of their aura protection.

And now they’re all coming back to life.

The amount of bodies that have been piled up together is simply astounding.

Not to mention.

These reanimated corpses, almost completely transformed into monsters, attacked when they saw real living beings.

The Ling Xuan continent has just recovered from the devastation of the Scars of Heaven.

The result is a new catastrophe.

At this moment.

The word “disaster” immediately came to everyone’s mind.

“Let us not forget that these calamities are man-made.”

“That’s right, the scene before when the Confucian Sage entered the Scars of Heaven, we all saw it clearly, the reason why our Lingxuan continent is so plagued with disasters is ultimately because of that powerful person from the higher realms.”

“In that case, is the Ling Xuan continent still in danger?”

After a whispering sound.

A shadow was cast over the hearts of almost everyone.

When we saw the higher realms outside the Reiken Continent, many people were worried.

The Ling Xuan Continent is still being attacked by that Higher Realm powerhouse.

Now look at the image in the Light of Reincarnation.

They’re absolutely sure.

That Higher Realm powerhouse won’t let the Ling Xuan continent go easily.

It’s even possible.

The Ling Xuan Continent is still under the control of the High Ranker.

Inside the Light of Reincarnation screen.

Just a few days.

The situation in the Lingxuan Continent has taken a sharp turn for the worse.

Countless revived corpses, rising from the ground.

If it were just the remains of ordinary mortals, so be it.

But as time passes.

The reanimated corpse, becoming more and more terrifying.

Many high ranking monks who have fallen in the ancient times are coming back to life.

Of these high ranking monks.

Not only were there a large number of Great Saints, but even Immortals began to appear more frequently.

Although Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao.

Leading the human and demon men, they have begun to destroy the reanimated corpses as best they can.

But they soon found out.

These corpses, too, seem to have taken on a hint of immortality.

Even if it’s beaten to ashes.

In time, these corpses will rise again from the ground.

The original Ling Xuan continent, which had already recovered its aura and regained some of its ancient beauty, is once again plunged into an extinct catastrophe.

As more and more of the ancient monks’ corpses come back to life.

Even the monks of the two tribes led by Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao were forced to keep retracting their defenses.

Reincarnation of the Head of Light.

The two of them, Xia Bing and White Green Bird, stared at the light of reincarnation in front of them with grave faces.

Those inside the Light of Reincarnation at this moment.

But all of them were once their most familiar associates.

These partners.

Now many have fallen, completely fallen.

This makes the two of them want to rush into the light of reincarnation and save those people.

On the side of the reviving green clothes and others .

I was also a bit irritated by the tragic images in the Light of Reincarnation.

She turned her head to look at the two of them and couldn’t help but ask, “Sister Xia Bing, Sister Qing Qiao, how did you carry through this calamity at that time?”

Xia Bing and Bai Qing Qiao looked at each other.

The situation on the Ling Xuan continent was really bad, but the good thing is… Finally, Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao found a source that could bring back the dead, so we followed them to destroy the source of death.”

The White Sparrow interjected, “That’s right, at that time, our two clans even put aside our past grudges and worked together to attack the source of death under the leadership of the two lords… During the attack on the source of death, I was attacked and fell into a complete coma… And when I woke up, I saw you all.”

“I was attacked and fell unconscious… When I woke up, I saw Sister Revival.” Xia Bing also immediately added.


The two of them stared at each other.

This happened to two people at the same time.

It made them feel a little bad.

I was not aware of all the abnormalities that happened in the Lingxuan Continent, but I only sensed the aura of my son and came out again, and then I came across you.”

Ling Baiyu and Mu Lingsha.

I was standing on one side.

When they heard Qing Yi’s words, the two of them quickly showed their amazement, and Mu Lingsha eagerly said, “Sister Qing Yi, at that time, we also sensed our master’s aura.”

Although Ling Baiyu didn’t say anything, she nodded her head heavily.

She was there.

It was because I felt Lindsay’s breath that I woke up.

Look around at the astonished faces of the people.

Qing Yi suddenly looked grave: “Could it be that the Duke really recovered at that time and we did not sense the wrong thing?”


They immediately turned their attention to the light of reincarnation.

Desperate to know.

What happened next.

Why do the auras of Lin Tian, Lin Weapon and Lin Shu all appear at the same time.

The Light of Reincarnation screen.

Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao’s figures, reappearing.

In the sky above the wrecked Ling Xuan continent, the figures of two people kept flashing.

After touring many places.

The two of them, with blue faces, finally landed in the ninth heavenly palace.

They looked at each other.

They walked step by step into this Nine Heavens Palace.

Even the rules of death have changed.

It’s all because of this Nine Heavenly Palaces.

So they came here to find a way to reverse the rule of death in the Lingxuan Continent from this Nine Heavens Palace.


To the disappointment of both of them.

This Ninth Heavenly Palace seems to be a one-time treasure.

After releasing the horrible spirits that were originally brewing in it.

This Nine Heavens Palace is now an empty shell.

The buildings inside, though magnificent, no longer contain 29 any power.

“No, no, there’s a terrifying force lurking within this Nine Heavens Palace.”

After circling around the Nine Heavens Palace, Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao appeared in the core of the Lingxiao Hall.

Look up above your head.

From the angle of the two men, they could clearly see the bronze door that was located right above the Lingxiao Hall.

When Lindsay used the Bronze Gate to seal the Sky’s Trace.

But in order to recover the lost aura of the Reiken Continent.

He had opened the Bronze Gate again and walked out of this scar of heaven.

Although he succeeded in recovering the lost aura from the Reiken Continent.

But the bronze door, however, is not completely closed.

It’s still half open.

Through the half-opened bronze door, both Lin Xuan and Lin Jiao clearly sensed the terrifying power that was constantly transmitted from inside