The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 75

Chapter 75: We May Be the Saviour

A beautiful view of the mountains.

Lin Yan is standing here alone.

His silhouette, as if blending in with the surrounding mountains.

Even the squirrels running past his feet didn’t notice his presence.

On the other peak.

Xiao Yanran and the others, standing here, looked at Lin Yan from afar.

“Half-step immortal, my brother is actually a half-step immortal level powerhouse.” Xiao Yanran was screaming, still unable to believe this fact.

Xiao Mei, who was beside him, said in a good mood, “Stop talking about half-step immortals, now your brother has already started to merge heaven and earth with God, he will be a real immortal-level powerhouse soon.”

End of story.

Several people looked at Lin Yan in the distance with envious faces.

The gods merged with heaven and earth and finally became immortals.

This is the dream of almost every cultivator in the Lingxuan Continent.

But not many people make it this far in the end.

And Linam.

Now it’s time to take that final step.

Since settling the matter of the Seven Star Sect.

The knot in Lin Yan’s heart is gone.

When I returned, I began to fall into this state of divine integration with heaven and earth.

If he can fully merge with heaven and earth, and finally pass the immortal tribulation, he will be promoted to immortality.

Ling Xuan Continent.

Xiao Mei and the others, looking at the picture in the sky with a nervous expression.

The year.

It was on the day Lin Yan returned to the Heavenly Palace that he successfully ascended to immortality.

And he’s just been promoted to immortality.

He took the initiative to challenge the old emperor and killed him.

Now Lin Yan has begun to merge with heaven and earth.

That means.

It’s almost time for him to return to the palace.

“Could it really be that the Phase-less Heavenly Demon took advantage of Lin Yan’s breakthrough and possessed him.”

Xiao Mei and Xiao Yanran were looking at the screen above their heads with nervousness.

Ever since Lin Feng said it was possible.

Xiao Mei and Xiao Yanran’s moods became complicated and contradictory.

I hope Lin Yan won’t be possessed by the Phantomless Heavenly Demon.

But in the back of my mind, I was hoping for something like this to happen.

Because once Lin Yan is really possessed by the Phase-less Heavenly Demon.

That means.

All the bad things Lin Yan did afterwards were done by the Wushang Heavenly Demon, not by Lin Yan himself.

But it also means.

Lin Yan had already died ten thousand years ago, and what survived was just a shell possessed by a phantom demon.

“If the Heavenly Emperor is really possessed by the Phase-less Heavenly Demon, then doesn’t that mean that we are actually wrong to blame the Heavenly Emperor, and that the person who slaughtered our clan was actually the Phase-less Heavenly Demon, not the Heavenly Emperor.”

“You can’t think that way, whether it’s the Heavenly Emperor or the Phantomless Heavenly Demon, they are actually one being, we haven’t got the wrong person in seeking revenge on him.”

“Has it ever occurred to you all that if the Heavenly Emperor is really possessed by the Phase-less Heavenly Demon, then if we kill him today, we will not only avenge the destruction of our own clan, but also save the entire Lingxuan continent, we are the saviors of the Lingxuan continent.”

With the mutterings of these monks around .

Especially the excited voice of the last monk.

The others were stunned at first, and then they got excited.


Now the memory of the Emperor can be seen by everyone in the Reiken Continent.

If people see it…

The emperor was possessed by a demon and did all sorts of perverse things.

And they, the members of the Anti-Tenet, emerged as the brightest of all, having gone through many hardships.


He fought his way up to the Nine Heavenly Palaces and destroyed the demon-possessed Emperor of Heaven.

What a glorious image.

If these images do appear, then they can go anywhere in the Reiken Continent in the future.

I’m afraid they’ll all be heroes.

Even Lin Feng.

At this moment, my heart is on fire.

He’s the leader of the Anti-Tendies League team.

If everyone in the Reiken Continent could see it.

It was he who led us through all the hardships and finally destroyed the Emperor, who was possessed by a demon from the sky.

Then his prestige will be at an all-time high.

Throughout history.

I’m afraid no one can match him.

At that time, don’t say he wants to be the Emperor of the Heavenly Palace.

Even if he wanted to be the supreme emperor of the whole Lingxuan continent, everyone would be happy to support him.

Imagine this.

Lin Feng even trembled with excitement.

The image of looking up at the sky.

The group watched with bated breath.

In the picture of the sky .

Although Lin Yan can achieve divine fusion with heaven and earth.

But he didn’t rush into the immortal realm.

Through the divine fusion of heaven and earth, you will be able to understand the laws of the world of Ling Xuan.

Days like this.

It’s been going on for almost a decade.

Just when the crowd was getting a little impatient.

On this day, Lin Yan’s body suddenly disappeared from the spot.

“The highest state of divine fusion of heaven and earth… The world is only me.”

In the Lingxuan Continent, many high ranking cultivators were staring at the image overhead with wide eyes and a blank look on their faces.

The world is only me.

This is the state that an immortal can reach only after he or she has merged with heaven and earth and has understood all the rules of the world.

A monk of this realm.

You can merge everything you are with the Reiken Continent.

Even the physical body can be integrated into the Ling Xuan continent.

As long as the Ling Xuan continent doesn’t die.

He will not die.

It is said that to cross over into the realm of immortality.

The first thing to do is to be the only one in the world.

But it’s not easy to achieve this. Few immortals can achieve this level of spiritual integration.

The world of Lingxuan is a big world, and there are thousands of rules that make up the world.

It is too difficult to understand all these rules.

Even with the life expectancy of an immortal, it is impossible to understand all the rules of the world.

That’s why.

The reason why there hasn’t been an immortal realm powerhouse on the Lingxuan continent for years.

But now…

Lin Yan has not yet entered the immortal realm, but first cultivated the world only I.

It’s like.

Before he became an immortal, he had practiced the foundations for entering the immortal realm.

It’s such a crap shoot.

Everyone else’s practice gets harder as they go on.

But when it comes to Lin Yan, whether at the beginning or at the end, the practice is as easy as eating and drinking water.

Even Lin Feng and the others were left staring at the sky screen at this moment.

Because they’re now Immortal monks.

I know how hard it is to be the only one in the world.

It’s because none of them has the confidence to be the only one in the world.

That’s why they tried to attack the Emperor with the Lingerie Mirror.

In the picture of the sky .

Lin Yan, who had reached the realm of the world only, seemed to have merged with the entire Ling Xuan continent.

His consciousness is free to roam all over the Reiken Continent.

The Eastern Region, the Northern Frontier, the South China Sea, the Ancient Forbidden Zone… The Nine Heavens and Ten Lands.

With a single thought, Lin Yan can travel to these areas.

And no one in these areas, not even the monks, could detect his movements.

“Wow, it turns out that the Ancient Forbidden Zone actually looks like this.”

“The area of the Eastern Region is actually not as big as the Northern Region, but the Northern Region is obviously not as prosperous and strong as the Eastern Region.”

“In the South China Sea, there are many hidden sects, but these hidden sects, in front of the current Heavenly Emperor, I’m afraid they can’t even hide if they want to.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Looking up at the image overhead, countless people sighed in awe.

At this moment in the picture of the sky .

The content that appears is the image of the Heavenly Emperor merging with the world and roaming around the Lingxuan continent.

It’s like.

The Emperor’s vision of what he saw at the beginning was revealed to them.

The magnificent scenery of the Ling Xuan continent.

They were in awe.

You know.

The Ling Xuan continent is too large.

Many of them, even the monks.

In a lifetime, you won’t get very far.

But now…

With the help of the emperor’s memory, they were able to see the beauty and characteristics of other regions of the Lingxuan continent.

After a trip around the Reiken Continent.

Lin Yan suddenly turned around and rushed towards the direction of the Heavenly Palace.

The location of the Palace of Heaven.

It is located in the middle of the entire Ling Xuan continent.

Before Lin Yan could get close to where the palace was.

He then saw a huge pillar of light, like a pillar of light through the sky, shot out from the heavenly palace, straight into the sky.

This pillar of light is so huge.

From a distance, it looks like a huge iron bar that cuts through the continent of Lingxuan.

“How can there be such a thing in the Heavenly Palace?”

Lin Yan, who looked stunned, directly lifted the world only status.

With his return to normalcy.

The huge pillar of light he could see before had disappeared without a trace.


It was as if that huge pillar of light didn’t exist.

Frozen for a moment.

Lin Yan chose to enter the world only again.


The huge pillar of light, once again.

Staring at the huge pillar of light in the distance, Lin Yan fell silent.

Ling Xuan Continent.

All those who were looking up at the overhead screen were also silent at this moment.

That huge pillar of light, it just looks so impressive.

A huge pillar of light that seemed to pierce through heaven and earth.

Anyone who saw it would have been stunned.


This pillar of light is not visible or even detectable in normal conditions.

The only way to see the pillar of light clearly is to reach the state of the world alone.

“The Heavenly Palace actually has such a secret.”

Lin Feng and the others looked back eagerly at the Nine Heavens Palace behind them.

They are now located not far from the palace.

But as long as they exhausted all means, they could not see and sense the presence of the huge pillar of light.

“That pillar of light, what the hell is it?”

A sudden feeling of fear came over the group.

If I hadn’t seen the memory of the Emperor.

I’m afraid they’ll never know.

There’s a pillar of light above the palace.

What’s more, they’re in a panic… What the hell is the purpose of this pillar of light.

Such a strange pillar of light must not have appeared out of nowhere.

It’s located here.

There must be something to it.

But they can’t even see where the pillar of light is.

Not to mention the usefulness of the probe beam.

“It’s horrible, the Heavenly Palace is surrounded by such a strange pillar of light, obviously not safe, when I become a Heavenly Emperor, the first thing I will do is to move the Heavenly Palace and leave this place.” The face of the shocked Lin Feng, the heart secretly said.

In the picture of the sky .

Lin Yan stared at the distant pillar of light for a moment.

Then we’ll start approaching slowly.

He came to the palace because he had some questions and wanted to ask the old emperor some advice.

The Old Heavenly Emperor is already a half-step Eternal Realm powerhouse.

Even if you can’t be the only one in the world, it’s almost the same.

The whole Ling Xuan continent.

At this moment, the only one who can guide Lin Yan in his cultivation is the old Heavenly Emperor.

But he didn’t think.

The old emperor has not yet seen it.

The first thing I saw was this terrifying pillar of light.

As Lin Yan approached this pillar of light.

The scene he saw, the more amazing it was.

The pillar of light was below, in the middle of a magnificent celestial palace.

A vein-like pattern spreads out all over the Lingxuan continent.

The entire Heavenly Palace, as if it had become one with the Lingxuan Continent, had formed a terrifying array together.

The spiritual energy of the Ling Xuan Continent is being absorbed by the Heavenly Palace.

Then it became a pillar of light that rose upwards and shot into the sky.

The pillar of light swept through a bronze door in the endless void.

This bronze door is enormous.

It has a rustic, ancient, and many other auras.

One of the bronze doors has been completely closed.

The other half, too, was mostly closed, leaving only a gaping hole.

Lin Yan looked up at the bronze door.

I could feel an aura in it that scared him too.

You know.

Although he has not yet reached the level of immortal, he has been able to become the only one in the world, and his combat power has risen again.

In the entire Ling Xuan continent, even a half-step Elder Heavenly Emperor would find it hard to defeat him.

But face this bronze door overhead.

He’s actually scared.

This means that even at this moment, if he dares to go near the Bronze Gate, he will die for sure.

Staring for a moment at the bronze gate overhead.

Only then did Lin Yan continue forward and enter the Heavenly Palace.

The old emperor is the lord of the palace.

Want to know about this pillar of light.

Asking the old emperor directly is undoubtedly the easiest way.


As he approaches the palace.

The image that appeared inside the Heavenly Palace not only made Lin Yan suck back a breath of air conditioning.

Even in the Ling Xuan Continent, the countless people looking up at the image above their heads.

They’re all stunned at the moment too.

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