The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 81

Chapter 81: I just want to avenge my husband’s death

“Lin Yan.”

In the picture of the sky .

While the old emperor and Lin Yan’s bodies were being sacrificed, they were disappearing.

The old Heavenly Emperor, who was possessed by the Phase-less Heavenly Demon, suddenly let out a low voice.

This sound, full of tiredness.

But it lifted everyone’s spirits.

“It’s the voice of the old emperor .”

Everyone can tell.

This weary voice is the voice of the old emperor.

Although the old emperor was possessed by a demon.

But the self-consciousness, after all, has not completely disappeared.

Now, on the verge of death, to be free at last.

Even Xiao Mei, whose face was ashen, had her eyes widened at this moment.

She didn’t expect it either.

At the last minute, her father came to his senses.

“Lin Yan… The Palace is yours from now on, and… My daughter.”

The old emperor’s voice was not only full of fatigue, but also seemed to be extremely difficult to say this sentence.

But that’s all.

A power with the smell of eternal life burst out from the old Emperor.

With the roar of the Phantomless Demon.

Old Heavenly Emperor pushed Lin Yan’s soul directly out of his body.


The red lotus flame burning on Lin Yan’s soul was also sucked up by the old Heavenly Emperor with one mouthful.

“Lin Yan, don’t let my daughter know what her father was like at the end.”

From the mouth of the old emperor, a miserable laugh came out.

He’s in my daughter’s heart.

It’s always been perfect.

That’s why he didn’t want his daughter to know that he had become a puppet of the demon and had killed almost everyone in the palace.

With the old emperor’s miserable laughter.

His figure, flying straight up into the sky, turned into nothing in that huge pillar of light.

This old emperor who has ruled the palace for tens of thousands of years.

And so it falls.

But as his meteor falls…

The bronze door above the pillar of light, now clearly emitted a cackling sound.

The half-buried door, slowly opened a little.

This is the result of the sacrifice of the body of the old emperor.

Lin Yan, whose soul had returned to his physical body, casted the World Only Self and looked up at the bronze gate above his head.

From his point of view.

You can see clearly, inside the slightly open bronze door.

An almost uncountable number of extra-terrestrial demons came out of it in a frenzy.

Violence, cruelty, destruction… All these negative emotions and auras instantly spread to every part of the Lingxuan continent.

The demons that lurked around the Ling Xuan continent.

At this moment, it’s starting to get exciting too.

Ling Xuan Continent.

Looking at the scene overhead, the countless number of heavenly demons were lashing out at the Lingxuan continent.

Almost everyone turned pale.

It’s horrible.

If we let these demons descend on Ling Xuan.

I’m afraid the Ling Xuan continent will be completely destroyed.

“Could it be that the Heavenly Emperor has blocked these extra-terrestrial demons?”

“You don’t need to say that. We are in peace now because of the Heavenly Emperor.”

“But then, didn’t the Heavenly Emperor turn bad? He wiped out so many monks and sects for no reason.”

“I was convinced of this, but now I am beginning to suspect that there is a reason for the Emperor’s subsequent actions.”

“If there’s another reason for the Emperor to go bad, then doesn’t that mean that the Emperor is the benefactor who saved us.”

“Yes, but someone drove the Emperor to his death.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

This discussion comes up almost everywhere.


And all the members of the Anti-Tian-Di coalition around Lin Feng.

All of them look confused at the moment.

What the hell.

What happened to killing the emperor and becoming a hero?

It’s a trend that’s being reviled by millions.

They looked at each other.

They could only look up in silence and see the picture in the sky.

At the moment they can only hope.

What follows.

It’ll change the way people think about the Emperor.


Xiao Mei’s tears were about to dry up.

She’d wanted to know before.

Why doesn’t Lin Yan explain everything to her.

Now she understands.

The reason why Lin Yan didn’t explain this to her.

Just to preserve the perfect image of a father in his daughter’s eyes.

And to do that.

He’s even been willing to be resented in silence for tens of thousands of years himself.

“Husband…” There were tears of blood in the corners of Xiao Mei’s eyes.

Tears are dry, only blood can be shed.


Not just her own blood, but the blood of all those who killed her husband.

Xiao Mei with an air of desperation.

But his eyes suddenly shot to the side of Lin Feng, and all the people around him.

That hateful stare.

It made Lin Feng’s heart thump almost immediately.

His face changed dramatically.

Now Xiao Mei looks even scarier than the previous Queen of All Demons.

“Sister Xiao Mei, the future Heavenly Emperor, who has done so much evil, is not worthy of you…” Lin Feng said urgently, trying to calm Xiao Mei at the moment.

In the face of Lin Feng’s persuasion.

But Xiao Mei’s face showed a sad smile: “What does the future Heavenly Emperor’s actions have to do with me, I just want to avenge my husband.”

Lin Feng was suddenly a bit speechless.

It’s so unreasonable.

He can’t even talk about it.

On the contrary, a great sage behind Lin Feng said stiffly, “Miss Xiao Mei, don’t forget that you are also a member of the Anti-Tian-Di Alliance, and the death of the Tian-Di has a lot to do with you.”

“Yes, I killed my husband with my own hands. I killed him with these hands…”

The smile on Xiao Mei’s face became more and more miserable, and the bloody tears at the corners of her eyes finally rolled down, adding to the fierce aura on her body.

“So, even if I kill you a hundred times, and then kill myself a thousand times, I’m still sorry to my husband… I’ll kill you, and then I’ll kill myself…”


The people around: “…”

Are you being reasonable?

All the people looked at Xiao Mei with a speechless face.

But immediately he looked at Lin Feng again.

It was Lin Feng who used the immortal weapon to trap the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons.

Now they can only hope that Lin Feng will do it again and trap Xiao Mei as well.

Being watched.

Lin Feng is completely dumbfounded.

Trapping the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons had made him nervous for a long time.

And now it’s going to be Xiao Mei.


He had trapped the Queen of All Demons before, but he had taken advantage of the fact that the Queen of All Demons had lost her mind and made a sudden move.

Now it’s Xiao Mei.

Although Xiao Mei’s cultivation is not as strong as the Queen of All Demons.

But Xiao Mei didn’t lose her mind now, instead she was full of killing intent and wanted to die with everyone.

Trying to trap such an immortal with an immortal weapon.

It’s almost impossible.

Just when Lin Feng was hesitating.

But behind Xiao Mei, Xiao Yanran’s voice suddenly rang out: “Sister Xiao Mei, please calm down first, I think my brother may not be dead.”

Xiao Mei suddenly turned back, her eyes showing indefinite hope as she looked at Xiao Yanran and said, “What did you say?”

Xiao Yanran nodded slightly and analyzed, “You also know, my brother’s character, no matter what he does, he will never stop halfway. If that bronze door is still there and the Phase-less Heavenly Demon is not dead, my brother will definitely not die so simply.”

These words.

Sounds like a good idea.

Xiao Mei’s eyes suddenly lit up and her body came back to life.

She’s looking forward to it now.

Even if we can see each other again.

Just give her a chance.

Just give her a chance to apologize to her husband and tell him how much she regrets her heart.

Instead, it was Lin Feng and the others on the sidelines .

All of them look pale.

The Emperor is still alive.

This is the most horrible thing for them.


The group all fell silent for a moment and stopped talking, quickly looking up at the screen above their heads.

In the picture of the sky .

The countless demons from outside the realm swarmed down through the gaps in the Bronze Gate.

Lin Yan looked up at this scene.

The figure flew into the sky, straight ahead.

At the moment he’s…

He was alone, but he was like a meteor, carrying a courageous aura, and rammed into those extra-terrestrial demons.




A fierce power gushed out from his body.

All kinds of laws, all kinds of mysteries, all kinds of mysteries, all kinds of origins…

The power that could almost destroy the world, instantly destroyed countless extra-terrestrial demons in front of him.

But right away.

More demons are coming towards him.

Three days in a row.

Lin Yan’s figure had been in the deep void above, fighting with these extra-terrestrial demons.

The number of demons killed by him is too many to count.

But there’s no Bagua furnace to help refine it.

These slain demons will quickly turn into a cloud of evil energy and retreat behind the Bronze Gate.

Soon, they will appear again.

There is no end, no end.

Lin Yan’s face began to sink a little while he was slaying with these extra-terrestrial demons.

If there’s no other way.

Even if he’s strong, he’ll be consumed sooner or later.

And at this moment, the continent of Ling Xuan.

Countless monks and sects have learned of the changes in the Heavenly Palace.

“Haha, the Heavenly Palace actually killed each other, not only did all the core disciples die, even the old Heavenly Emperor and Lin Yan, both of them, also died together.”

“Quickly, rush to the Heavenly Palace, from now on the Palace will be owned by the Weapon Spirit Sect.”

“I can’t afford to be left behind. The Heavenly Palace is rich in spiritual energy, so it can be the future home of the Confucian Academy.”

In the sky screen.

The countless cultivators of the Lingxuan Continent.

Now they are swarming towards the Palace of Heaven, trying to seize it from them.

Although the Palace of Heaven is now only an empty shell.

But the location of the Palace of Heaven is excellent.

It is located on the 25th of the largest Spiritual Vein in the Lingxuan Continent, and its inner aura is the most concentrated.

Such a treasure trove.

Even if there’s nothing there, it’s still popular with the monks.

Not to mention the fact that the Palace of Heaven has been turned into an empty shell, but all of the Palace’s magical structures are still there.

As long as these arrays are under control.

They can easily control the palace.

“These clans and monks are too hateful, they only drop stones.”

“Could this be the reason why the Heavenly Emperor later turned his hot hand on the major sects?”

“I’m starting to side with the Heavenly Emperor now, let the Heavenly Emperor fuck up these sect cultivators, I don’t mind either, I’m just a casual cultivator anyway.”

“Support the Heavenly Emperor, let the Heavenly Emperor suppress these shameless sects.”

“No, there’s not even a single person in the Heavenly Palace, and the Heavenly Emperor has to block the constant stream of extra-terrestrial demons overhead, so how did he ascend to the throne of the Heavenly Emperor and convince everyone.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

The crowd looked at the image overhead and muttered.

Only those monks who lived through the scene 10,000 years ago.

Especially the immortal level monks from 10,000 years ago.

Most of them were pale at the moment, and refused to talk even when asked by those around them.

“Shame on you.”

In their hearts, they all wailed silently.

A scene from 10,000 years ago seemed to reappear before their eyes.

When I think of those scenes.

Their bodies even trembled slightly.