The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Lin Feng: The Heavenly Emperor’s Throne is Snatched by the Heavenly Emperor’s Brainwashed Fans


This is one of the top sects in the Ling Xuan Continent.

But unlike other sects.

The Weaponry Sect is not good at fighting, but at refining weapons.

Rumor has it.

The ancestor who founded the Weaponry Sect was also an ancient deity.

This ancestor, known as the God of Weaponry.

He has created all the ancient artifacts of the Ling Xuan Continent.

Including the Gossip Stove, the Century Mirror, etc.

Even the many immortal weapons that are now in circulation in the Lingxuan Continent.

They are all made by the descendants of the Weaponry Sect, imitating the techniques of the old ancestor.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

A hot sea of fire, the contemporary patriarch of the Weapon Spirit Sect, is struggling to strike a piece of special material in his hand.

The strange flames around him burned him with sweat.

But he was unaware of it and focused on the special material in his hand.

“Sovereign, the Heavenly Palace has killed each other, and now there’s actually no one left.”

“No, I’m not available.”

“Sovereign, the palace has a new emperor and has issued an imperial decree, what should we do?”

“Never mind, there’s no time.”

There are disciples of the Weaponry Sect approaching the sea of fire to report the situation to the clan master.

But the head of the Weapon Spirit Sect has no intention of paying attention to the outside world.

Crazy about the smith.

This is a characteristic of almost every disciple of the Artificers.

Even this immortal patriarch of the Weapon Spirit Sect is the same.

But soon.

There was a violent shaking.


The special material that the Weaponry Patriarch had been hammering for days was shattered under his hammer.

“But wicked…”

The Weapon Spirit Sect’s patriarch was furious and his body was on fire: “Who is it that disturbs me from hammering this heavenly crystal.”

With a roar in his mouth, the Weapon Spirit Sect leader rushed out from the sea of fire.

The outside world of the Weaponry Spirit Sect, countless Weaponry Spirit Sect disciples, at this moment have all looked up in dismay, looking at the figure that appeared in the sky.

It’s a young man in basaltic armor.

These ordinary disciples of the Weaponry Sect couldn’t recognize the man’s identity.

However, the head of the Weapon Spirit Sect recognized the identity of the person at once.

“Lin Yan, what are you doing in my Weapon Spirit Sect.”

The Weapon Spirit Sect’s patriarch roared at the young man in the sky.

The one who appeared above the Weapon Spirit Sect at this moment was Lin Yan.

Lin Yan looked down at the Weapon Spirit Sect below, especially the Weapon Spirit Sect leader who he had a chance to meet, and said calmly, “Weapon Spirit Son, it seems that you didn’t care about the Heavenly Emperor’s decree that I issued.”

The Weapon Spirit Sect’s Patriarch was stunned: “I? You are the new Heavenly Emperor of the Heavenly Palace.”


Lin Yan, when Xiao Bufan was the Heavenly Emperor, he couldn’t even order us, how can you order all the immortals in the Lingxuan Continent?

End of story.

The Weaponry Sect’s master turned around and left.

He’s a disciple of the Weaponry Sect, although he’s obsessed with refining weapons.

But there are more than a dozen immortal powerhouses in the clan.

Complemented by the weapons of the Weaponry Sect, these immortals are very powerful in battle.

Even when the Heavenly Palace was at its strongest, it wouldn’t want to mess with the Weaponry Sect.

But now Lin Yan is alone on the doorstep.

Naturally, the Weaponry Spirit Sect’s patriarch doesn’t care about him.

But he’s just turned around.

A huge aura immediately pressed down from above.

At the same time, there was also Lin Yan’s calm voice: “Weapon Lingzi, I give you three breaths of time to lead all the Immortals of the Weapon Lingzi to the Heavenly Palace… If not, I will take you up myself.”

“Arrogant, too arrogant, Lin Yan, don’t think that just because you’ve crossed the Immortal realm and become this bullshit Heavenly Emperor, you can really see everything.”

The Weapon Spirit Sect’s Patriarch was furious and roared.


With a wave of his hand, he told the disciples of the Weaponry Sect to open up the Weaponry Sect’s protection gate.

Take out a couple of handy immortal weapons.

The body of the Weapon Spirit Sect’s Patriarch flashed and appeared in front of Lin Yan: “Lin Yan, I’ll try out what you, the new Heavenly Emperor, really has.”

Half an hour later.

Lin Yan is carrying the Weapon Spirit Sect’s Patriarch in his hand.

He dragged the rest of the Immortals of the Weaponry Sect behind him and left the Sect.

Back to the Palace of Heaven.

Lin Yan threw all the people of the Weaponry Sect into the hall of the Weaponry Sect.

The patriarch of the Weapon Spirit Sect, who has recovered some of his vitality, is full of frustration.

Suddenly I saw.

This hall, in fact, has been lying around, a number of immortal-level strong people.

He knows a lot of them.

“Master of the Taichou Clan, Dean of the Confucian Academy…”


These immortals, whose strength and status were even stronger than their own, were now sitting here with pale faces.

I don’t know why.

The head of the Weaponry Sect, who was full of grievances, suddenly felt much better.

“Tai Chu Clan, Confucian Academy… Now there’s another one, the Weapon Spirit Sect.”

“Whether it’s the powerful clans of the Lingxuan Continent, or those immortal powerhouses in latent cultivation, they’ve actually been approached by the Heavenly Emperor himself and invited to the Heavenly Palace.”

“No, you can call that a request, to beat someone half to death and then drag them up to the Heavenly Palace… No wonder the immortals who experienced this scene ten thousand years ago don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“There are actually so many immortals in the Lingxuan Continent, the number of immortals captured by the Heavenly Emperor to the Heavenly Palace alone is more than a thousand, is the Heavenly Emperor trying to wipe out all the immortals in the Lingxuan Continent?”

“Ten thousand years ago, was the Heavenly Emperor so invincible?”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Everyone is staring blankly at the image overhead.

No wonder they reacted that way.

It’s just that the Emperor in the picture is so barbaric and domineering.

He issued a decree from the Emperor.

Tell all immortals in Ling Xuan to report to the Heavenly Palace within 3 days for dispatch.

Such an order.

Naturally, no one will take it seriously.

Especially those immortals who boast of their strength, and those who come from powerful clans.


Three days had passed, except for some immortals who had gone to the palace to cause trouble.

Most of the immortals in the Lingxuan Continent are not even present in the Heavenly Palace.

The third day has just passed.

Lin Yan’s figure appeared above the most powerful sect of the Lingxuan Continent, the Taichou Sect.

The same is given to the Taisho clan for three breaths of time.

Let all the immortals in the Taichou Sect follow him to the Heavenly Palace.

The people of the Taichou Clan would not take such a domineering order seriously.

They even opened the clan’s protection array, and the clan’s experts were out in full force, intending to teach Lin Yan, the new Heavenly Emperor, a hard lesson.


Lin Yan is alone.

He broke into the Tai Chou Clan’s protection gate and broke into the clan, killing all the immortals in the clan.

Including the Patriarch of the Primordial Sect.

Forcibly captured in the Palace of Heaven.

After that, Lin Yan’s figure wouldn’t stop.

It is found in all parts of the Reiken Continent.

He appears in all the places where immortals are found in the Ling Xuan Continent.

The immortal located here will be taken away.

Just one day.

The number of immortals he had captured in the Heavenly Palace was already in the thousands.

Such absolute power over everything.

Even if it’s been ten thousand years.

The people of the Ling Xuan Continent were almost suffocated.


It’s so strong.


It’s the Emperor.

“We… really defeated the Heavenly Emperor?”

Lin Feng’s side.

Many monks looked at each other with fear in their eyes.

The Emperor of Heaven 10,000 years ago.

A mere immortal can beat all the great sects of the Ling Xuan Continent.

Thousands of immortals dare not even take a breath.

Now they’re an anti-Tendees alliance.

Although the number of the strongest is also high.

But at best, there are only about 20 immortals, and the rest are great saints.

Such a team is facing a Heavenly Emperor who has crossed into the Eternal Realm.

I’m afraid I’m not even qualified to be the Emperor’s opponent.

So at this moment.

The members of the Anti-Tian-Di alliance were looking at the scene in the sky in awe.

Even begin to doubt.

Is there something fishy about them killing the Emperor?

Because of the man named Tendai who appears in the picture.

It’s too invincible.

So invincible that they can’t think of a way to defeat each other.

Lin Feng opened his mouth, but did not say anything.

In terms of how strong the Emperor is.

There is a consensus on almost the entire Ling Xuan continent.

That is.

Heavenly Emperor.

It’s the same as invincible.

So even the confident Lin Feng had to be ashamed of himself when he faced the Heavenly Emperor.

Ling Xuan Continent.

By a clear river.

A young girl with bright eyes and big kozo eyes is sitting on a big rock.

Her skirt was pulled up in a knot, and her little white feet and delicate legs were exposed.

With a smile on her face, she kicked the water in front of her with her little feet.

She kicked the river and splashed it around.

There was a lot of splashing on her, wetting her clothes, but she didn’t care.

Instead, there was a chorus of silvery laughter.

I’m tired of playing.

She was just lying on the boulder behind her, looking up at the sky.

“Handsome, so handsome. I didn’t think the Emperor of the Lingxuan Continent would be such an interesting man… Unfortunately, I’m destined to be the Heavenly Emperor, so I’ll have to kill you first.”

The young girl is clenching her chin.

A pair of eyes twinkled: “I, an exotic empress, want to be the Heavenly Emperor of the Lingxuan Continent, will definitely not be supported by everyone, or else I will also learn from the Heavenly Emperor, beat them up first, and then sit firmly on the throne of the Heavenly Emperor.”

The more I think about it.

The more the girl thinks her idea is great.


The girl leapt up gently, and a pair of tiny leather boots appeared on her feet, covering those tiny feet.

Only then did the young girl sway and disappear.

Taichou clan.

Now everyone in the Taichou clan is as black as the bottom of a pot.

The sky belongs to the memory of the Emperor.

It is like revealing the most unpleasant historical events of the Taichou clan.

And in public.

Although being beaten up by the emperor is not a difficult thing to accept nowadays.

But a scandal is a scandal after all.

Anyone else would be upset.

“This guy Lin Yan, finally died, otherwise we are afraid that we will be suppressed by him for the rest of our lives.”

“I think this matter is still a bit fishy, the Heavenly Emperor’s methods, we have seen a lot, just with the anti-The Heavenly Emperor Alliance’s youngsters, can actually kill the Heavenly Emperor, it is really a bit unbelievable.”

“Don’t think too much, and don’t scare yourself, the Heavenly Emperor is dead, this is approved by that Exotic Empress, it is said that that Exotic Empress, is also an Eternal Life realm powerhouse, not much worse than the Heavenly Emperor.”

“Speaking of this foreign empress, I’m a bit curious, she’s in a foreign land, why is she suddenly meddling in the affairs of our Lingxuan continent? What exactly is her purpose?”

Within the Taichou clan.

A few old qualified immortals are muttering together.

The sound of their muttering.

It was soon interrupted by a crisp sound.

“The foreign empress has only one purpose for meddling in the affairs of the Lingxuan continent… To be your Heavenly Emperor.”

With this sound.

The young girl, who was so pretty before, suddenly appeared beside these immortals of the Taichou Clan.

Before the girl appeared.

These immortals of the Primordial Sect didn’t even notice.

They were so surprised that they turned pale.

“Who are you?”

Several immortals, their bodies immediately emitted a powerful surge of power.

But not before they’ve done it.

The girl opposite, already smiling, said: “I, is not the foreign empress you just said, do not resist, obediently leave with me, when I sit on the heavenly emperor’s throne, you still need to help support the scene.”

The immortals’ eyes went black and they were completely unconscious.

Easy to get rid of these immortals.

The young girl’s figure shifted and she rushed towards the next sect.

It took a while to break in.

Only then did someone find all the immortal powerhouses in the clan.

Now they’ve all been lost.

After a moment of panic.

I don’t know which disciple suddenly thought of the picture that appeared in the sky just now.

A slap on the head.

They suddenly said, “I see, the old ancestor and the others must have been invited away by the Heavenly Emperor… The Heavenly Emperor is really not dead.”

A similar scene.

It’s starting to play out all over the Reiken Continent.