The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: If You Can’t Be the Emperor, Then Be the Emperor’s Man

Ling Xuan Continent.

Ninth Heavenly Palace.

Lin Feng and the others have all rushed back.

But the scene inside the palace.

But they were dumbfounded.

In the heart of the most important hall of the sky.

A pretty girl, lying on her side on the throne of the Emperor, a pair of tiny leather boots, shifting with her legs.

And in the center of the hall.

A group of immortal-level powerhouses, all looking depressed and shriveled on the ground.

This scene… It looks really familiar.

I looked at it for a moment.

Only then did Lin Feng suddenly come to his senses and smiled, “Lord Empress, I didn’t expect that you would come here from the other world and help capture these immortals… The Empress is probably here to celebrate our victory over the Heavenly Emperor and to congratulate me on becoming the Heavenly Emperor.”

Hearing Lin Feng’s words.

Only then did the other people around the room realize that their expressions also suddenly became grave.

The girl in front of me.

It’s the empress of the Otherworld.

This is an eternal power like the Heavenly Emperor.

The exotic empress lying on her side on the throne of the Emperor.

A pair of handsome eyebrows slightly raised, turned over and sat up straight, with a teasing face looked at Lin Feng said: “It seems that just now, my words, you all did not listen clearly ah, then I say again …. From today onwards, I am the Emperor of Heaven.”

Lin Feng was completely dumbfounded.

The empress of emotions.

You’re so ungrateful, you’ve come from a foreign land to fight for the throne of Heaven.

“Impossible, you are a woman, why do you want to be the Heavenly Emperor too.” Lin Feng’s eyes widened.

The exotic empress in front of her had an unhappy look on her face.

Glancing at Lin Feng, she said in a bad mood, “Why can’t a woman be a Heavenly Emperor? My master told me at the beginning that I was destined to be a Heavenly Emperor… That’s why I’m here.”

Say it.

The exotic empress added, “Those who oppose me as emperor, come forward and I will give you a fair chance to challenge me.”

It’s so…

Even Lin Feng was speechless and completely dumbfounded.

This exotic empress may look young.

But a true eternal powerhouse.

Even Lin Feng can only be beaten in front of her.

Not to mention the others.

Now who’s really stupid enough to come forward.

Apart from being hung.

There can be no other outcome.

His eyes scanned the people below him, including Lin Feng.

Seeing that no one dared to oppose herself, the Exotic Empress bristled and said, “Then the matter of my becoming the Heavenly Emperor is settled… When the fragments of the Emperor’s soul have completely dissipated, then I will officially hold the enthronement ceremony.”

End of story.

The exotic empress simply took a comfortable pose and continued to lie on the throne.

At the same time, he muttered softly under his breath.

“Master, I’ll be Emperor soon. We agreed that you’d come back when I became Emperor… I’ll be waiting for you.”

Lin Feng and a group of people around him from the Anti-Tian-Di Alliance.

They’re all standing in place now with blue faces.

Now the Emperor is dead.

Seeing the throne of Heaven and the entire Palace of Heaven.

They’ll all be in their pocket.

But now it’s good.

An exotic empress popped up.

Take away the fruits of their victory and leave them no soup.

Naturally, they’re full of grievances.

“Lin Feng, what should we do?” Someone began to ask Lin Feng in a low voice.

Lin Feng looked equally blue.

He was in a worse mood than the others.

He’s always seen the throne of Heaven as his own.

And now…

There’s nothing left.

With a depressed look on his face, he looked up at the exotic empress in front of him.

Ben wanted to come forward.

Persuade the empress again not to be obstinate and to seize the throne.

But look at the fairy-like face of this exotic empress, her exquisite figure, her playful leather boots…

Lin Feng’s heart suddenly moved.

For beauty alone.

This exotic empress is as good as any woman.


She has a playfulness and a charm unique to the strongest of the Eternal Realm that no other woman can match.

“At first, this empress has been secretly helping herself, obviously she has good feelings for her… If I can form a couple with her, then the throne of the Heavenly Emperor will still be in my hands.”

Think about it.

Lin Feng’s expression was also vaguely agitated.

What do you mean, “We’re both rich.

What does it mean to win twice.

This is…

“All of you, Lord Empress has secretly helped us many times before, now since she wants to be this Heavenly Emperor, then let her have her fun, maybe after a while, she will not be interested in the Heavenly Emperor’s position.”

Lin Feng smiled and began to reassure the other allies around him.

Although most of these allies still look discontented.

But hearing Lin Feng say that.

Still, one by one, they’re holding back their discontent.

Look up with a depressed face.

Keep looking at the sky.

But at the moment.

They’re not interested in these images playing in the sky anymore.

What the emperor has done since his accession.

Both are widely spread in the Ling Xuan Continent.

It’s just a case of killing a clan today.

Kill some monk tomorrow.

He’s been doing a lot of bad things all day.

If it was before…

They’ll be interested to see the content.

But now…

They’re not in the mood.

In the picture of the sky .

Time has rushed by for hundreds of years.

For hundreds of years.

It’s enough to stabilize the palace.

Although for a short time.

The Palace of Heaven will never be restored to its former glory.

But with Lin Yan, the number one man in the Ling Xuan Continent, sitting on the throne.

The popularity of the palace is gradually recovering.

Even Vikram and Zhao Ling’er have become important figures in the Heavenly Palace.

But as the Emperor of Heaven, Lin Yan.

But almost every moment, sitting on the cold throne belonging to the emperor of the sky, look indifferent, as if with this throne, become one.

This obsessive attitude towards the throne.

Many people mocked him in secret.

Simply obsessed with the throne of Heaven.

“So you sat on that throne all day long just to guard the bronze door in the sky.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Xiao Yanran couldn’t help but cover her mouth at this moment .

She was back then.

But I’ve heard a lot of people talking about Lin Yan in secret.

At first, Xiao Yanran didn’t take it seriously.

But I’ve heard more.

She’s starting to feel it too.

This brother of hers is indeed obsessed with the throne of Heaven.

If you weren’t so obsessed with the throne of Heaven.

Then why sit on that cold throne all day long, not even wanting to leave for a moment.

Now she finally knows.

It’s not that her brother doesn’t want to leave, but he simply can’t.

Or else.

Who likes to stay in one place for tens of thousands of years.

That cold throne.

For others, it is the throne of the emperor.

But for Lin Yan.

But indeed, it is a real prisoner.

imprisoned him… 10,000 years.

“For tens of thousands of years, the Heavenly Emperor has actually been sitting on that cold throne, guarding the bronze gates where those extra-terrestrial celestial demons have invaded.”

“I didn’t believe the rumors that the Heavenly Emperor was greedy for power and could do anything heartless for the sake of it, but now it seems to be bullshit.”


“The Heavenly Emperor has given so much for all of us in the Lingxuan Continent, but in the end he was killed, it is us who have wronged the Heavenly Emperor.”

“But the Emperor did do a lot of bad things afterwards, many sects were uprooted by the Emperor and many monks were killed for no reason.”

“There must be another reason for this. I don’t believe that the emperor will turn bad later.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

A significant number of people have begun to change their minds about the Emperor.

Some people even believe in it.

The Emperor will never go bad.

There was a reason for all the evil he did later.

In the sky screen.

The screen continues to change.

The number of extra-terrestrial demons is increasing in the whole Ling Xuan continent.

Lin Yan has formed a team of immortal hunters.

And it’s starting to break up.

Only a few teams remain, occasionally patrolling the Ling Xuan continent.

For the next thousand years.

It’s like a complete return to peace on the Ling Xuan continent.

The hijacking of the demons from outside the world.

It’s like it’s all over.

Only Lin Yan, sitting on the throne of the Heavenly Emperor, knew that this tribulation was far from over.

Because of the bronze door above his head.

Over the years, the gaps that have opened up have gotten bigger and bigger.


Unless someone enters the Bronze Door and shuts it completely.

If not.

Sooner or later, a new demonic catastrophe will come to the Ling Xuan continent.

“If that bronze door doesn’t close, the extra-terrestrial demons will never disappear, I wonder if this bronze door is still there.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Watching Lin Yan guard the bronze gate for a thousand years.

More and more people.

I feel sad for Lam-am.

It’s obvious that the Emperor has given so much to the whole Ling Xuan continent, and sacrificed even more.

But the whole Ling Xuan continent.

Now no one is grateful to the Emperor.

Everyone treated the Emperor as a tyrant and cursed him.

“Heavenly Emperor, he didn’t deserve this… Even if he really did something wrong later on.” Many people sighed in their hearts.

Ninth Heavenly Palace.

Even Lin Feng and the others looked slightly changed at this moment.

I can’t help but look up at the sky above.

They’re curious too.

The bronze door above the palace, is it closed at this moment or not.

If it’s not closed.

Doesn’t that mean that those terrifying demons could come back at any time.


Although Lin Feng and the others are already immortals.

But apparently not enough to see the bronze door.

They stared at the top of their heads for a long time, but they couldn’t see anything.

And finally.

It was Lin Feng who smiled and asked, “Lord Empress, you are a strong person in the Eternal Life Realm, so you should be able to see the bronze gate, I wonder if the bronze gate is closed now?”

The exotic empress lying on the emperor’s throne casually glanced up.

He said, “No, when I came to the Lingxuan continent, this bronze door was gone, maybe it has been hidden in the endless void, it can’t affect us anyway, so I don’t bother to look into it.”

I’ve got confirmation from the Exotic Empress.

While Lin Feng and the others breathed a sigh of relief.

But the curiosity is overwhelming.

“Who closed the bronze door? It wasn’t the Emperor, was it?”

“Definitely not, the Emperor died in the Lingerie Mirror, we all saw it with our own eyes.”

“Or maybe the Emperor found a way to close the bronze door before it went bad.”

A group of monks from the Anti-Tian-Di Alliance, who were muttering a few words together.

But no real conclusion can be drawn.


Only then did the group continue to look up at the sky.