The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Heavenly Emperor Has Raised a Bunch of Sons

In the sky screen.

As time goes by.

The number of clans that have been destroyed because of the Emperor is increasing.

This has made the Emperor’s reputation synonymous with cruelty and violence.

And with Lin Yan’s almost unbeatable strength.

The whole Ling Xuan continent.

They all seem to tremble under his feet.

But at the moment.

That’s not what people are concerned about anymore.

Because they can see clearly.

Those clans that were destroyed.

They’re all controlled by the demons and planted on the Emperor.

The intent of the Phantomless Demon.

Everyone can see that.

The Phantomless Heavenly Demon wanted to force Lin Yan to reveal a flaw in his state of mind through this method.

Even if Lin Yan’s heart is like a rock, he will never show any flaws.

But as long as Lin Yan, the Heavenly Emperor, becomes the public enemy of the Ling Xuan Continent.

When that time comes, the demons will be able to fish in the water and mess up the whole Ling Xuan continent.

So at this moment, the people are more concerned.

He is the son of Lin Yan who was chosen from the Ling Xuan continent.

These sons of God.

He’s obviously being groomed as the next Emperor.

Of which.

Including the one with the innate sword bone, Long Feijian.

Dragon Flying Sword, with an innate sword bone.

Duan Xiaoyu, with the body of a spiritual sword.

Your Highness, with the spirit of Long Wind.

A son of God.

They were carefully selected by Lin Yan and then placed in places with abundant spiritual energy.

He’s also been kind enough to give these sons of God.

It’s a lot of natural treasures.

These children are guaranteed to grow up quickly.

The Palace of Heaven.

Those many sons of heaven who are in the League against the Emperor.

They’re all stunned at the moment.

“Brother Duan, the heavenly toad you ate before was actually given by the Heavenly Emperor?”

“Brother Spirit Fox, the sword duel you cultivated was also released by the Heavenly Emperor?”

Eat your own melon.

What does it feel like.

And now these sons of God are getting it.

One by one, their faces were blank.

I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do now.

Heavenly Emperor.

I can’t believe they’re the ones who’ve been grooming them.

It’s like a mentor to them.

But they didn’t appreciate the Master.

But instead, they united and fought in the palace of heaven, forcing the Master to die.

More importantly.

These images.

Now it’s spreading all over Ling Xuan.

Everyone can see the kindness of the Emperor to them.

But they…

There was a big announcement against the Emperor.

I’m confused.

Now these monks, almost all of them, look confused.

Instead, it was Long Feijian who fell to the ground first.

At this moment, he looked around with a sympathetic face and looked much better.

“So I’m not the only one who’s had this happen to me, everyone is…” Long Feijian inexplicably felt a lot more at ease.

“Heavenly Emperor… Looks like he’s raising a son .”

“Yeah, still got a bunch.”

“No, the people who have been making noise against the Heavenly Emperor before, are they the ones.”

“Yes, that’s them, and they’ve formed an alliance against the Emperor.”

“What an anti-Tian-Di alliance, but now it seems to be a white-eyed alliance.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Almost all the monks started to mutter quietly.

These mutterings.

It reached the ears of the anti-Emperor Alliance monks in the Heavenly Palace.

They were so ashamed of themselves that they could hardly find a crack in the ground.

Instead, it was Lin Feng who stood aside.

Although it’s depressing.

But look at these former allies, each one blushing with shame.

He was relieved.

“I don’t have anything to do with the Heavenly Emperor, I’ve been able to cultivate until now, all by myself and my many strange encounters.” Lin Feng muttered secretly in his heart.

The screen continues.

Lin Yan continued to suppress the Phantomless Heavenly Demon.

While secretly nurturing the sons of God.

And he himself.

He has become a tyrant cursed by countless people in the Ling Xuan Continent, and wherever he appears, he is met with many strange looks.

So most of the time.

Lin Yan rarely chooses to appear in front of outsiders.

Even his secretly trained sons have never seen him in person.

This day.

Lin Yan, who was sitting on the emperor’s throne, changed his expression slightly and his figure disappeared into the Heavenly Palace.

Next moment.

His figure appeared in a part of the Ling Xuan continent.

It’s a very ordinary village of mortals.

At the moment, at the head of the village.

There was a middle-aged peasant woman with a sad face, kneeling on the ground, kowtowing and praying for God’s blessing.

In front of the peasant women.

There was a teenage boy lying there.

The young man’s eyes are closed, and he doesn’t know if he’s alive or dead.

Inside the Palace of Heaven.

The moment he saw the boy lying on the ground.

All eyes.

It was instantly projected onto Lin Feng.

Lin Feng himself.

Her eyes widened in an instant.

“No, how is it possible… How could the Heavenly Emperor have known about me in the first place.” Lin Feng was stunned at this moment.

This is what appears on the screen at the moment.

It’s the same young man.

Not only did Lin Feng himself recognize himself at once.

The others around, they can easily recognize him.

“So, even Lin Feng was trained by the Heavenly Emperor.”

“Lin Feng has so many immortal weapons on his body and so many strange encounters, it’s clear that they are all given by the Heavenly Emperor.”

“That’s not true, we were looked at by the Heavenly Emperor because we have a special physique, but what does Lin Feng have? When he was a teenager, he was just a mortal, he didn’t even have the talent to cultivate, how could the Heavenly Emperor look at him.”

There were mutterings from all around.

It made Lin Feng almost mad.

“Nonsense, I’ve made it this far all by myself, I have nothing to do with the Heavenly Emperor.”

Lin Feng looked unpleasant and shouted at the surroundings.

But his bellowing, apparently, is of little use.

Even the exotic empress who sits on the throne of the Emperor.

At this moment all smiles and says: “Lin Feng, you are so anxious to do what, the last heavenly emperor, has not secretly help you, give you many opportunities, and then look on will not know.”

Lin Feng’s eyes were red and his face was blue as he nodded his head.


He absolutely refuses to believe it.

All his chances are related to the Emperor.

It would have shattered all his pride.

In the sky screen.

Lin Yan frowned and looked down at the ordinary peasant woman.

But his vision.

More fell on the crimson stone in the farmer’s hand.

There are also small red stones scattered around the farmer’s body.

It’s obvious.

This red stone, originally a whole block.

It was just smashed by a peasant woman.

“Lin Yan, you suddenly came here because of this stone?” The jade pendant hanging around Lin Yan’s waist made a sound.

Lin Yan nodded slightly and said with a look of memory on his face, “Yes, this stone was given to Dr. Qin’s daughter by me back then… It’s been a few thousand years since I gave it to Dr. Qin’s daughter, but I didn’t expect it to reappear.”

Dr. Qin.

These three words reached everyone’s ears.

It was a moment of clarity.

People from other parts of the Lingxuan continent have not seen the earliest memory of the Emperor and do not know who Qin Dafu is.

But all the monks in the Heavenly Palace.

But I know all about it.

When the Emperor was young.

That Dr. Qin saved his life and his sister Xiao Yanran’s.

Later on, when the emperor escaped from the forbidden zone and found Dr. Qin again.

But Dr. Chin has fallen from grace because his practice has gone awry.

In gratitude for Dr. Chin’s kindness.

Lin Yan gave the money he had and the crimson stone to Dr. Qin’s daughter.

And tell Dr. Chin’s daughter.

If there is a crisis…

You can break the stone, he’ll come and help.

For thousands of years.

This stone has never appeared.

But now, here it is.

See the crimson stone in the picture.

All the monks in the Hall of Heaven.

The eyes on Lin Feng suddenly turned strange and envious.

“Lin Feng… What a good birth.”

Lin Feng was completely dumbfounded at this moment.

I’m staring at the image overhead.


Lin Yan looked down at the peasant woman below and mused, “This stone is my reward for Dr. Qin. If this woman is really Dr. Qin’s descendant, then I will help her with whatever she asks for.”

This time.

The spirit around Lin Yan’s waist didn’t say another word.

The whole gratitude thing.

It’s a little too complicated for her.

A flash of shadow.

Lin Yan appeared in front of the peasant woman.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of me.

The peasant woman was shocked, but her eyes immediately flashed with joy and she kowtowed to Lin Yan one after another: “God, you must be a god, please save my son.”

Lin Yan looked back at the boy lying on the ground.

I knew everything right away.

It was a hot day and this boy went to the pond to play in the water.

He fell into the pond by accident.

When he was found, he wasn’t even angry.

But his mother, the peasant woman, wouldn’t give up and held him here, praying for God’s blessing.

Lin Yan frowned slightly.

He sent out a spiritual force to protect the boy’s heart.

The young man’s soul was scattered, and he grabbed it all back.

If a monk with a scattered soul.

Even if Lin Yan wanted to save them, it would be difficult.

But this young man is only a mortal, the soul is weak, even if it is scattered, Lin Yan can easily catch it back.

Of course.

The price is that the boy’s soul may still be lost a little, causing damage to his memory.

But compared to surviving.

It’s not worth the price.

Look at these images.

Lin Feng has gone completely numb.

Now it dawned on him.

Why is his memory of his childhood so vague?

It’s because I’ve died once.

And the one who saved him…

It’s the Emperor he’s been waiting to replace.

Inside the Palace of Heaven.

The people around looked at Lin Feng with sympathy.

Although they were nurtured by the Emperor, they owed him a lot of favors.

But the Emperor didn’t save their lives after all.

Not so with Lin Feng.

Even Lin Feng’s life was saved by the Emperor.

But then.

But Lin Feng led his men to the Nine Heavenly Palaces and killed the Heavenly Emperor.

That’s a total white-knuckle act.

And this scene…

And seen by everyone on the Ling Xuan Continent.

How will Lin Feng be able to walk in the Ling Xuan Continent after this.

In the sky screen.

Lin Yan revived the boy on the ground.

Then he looked at the peasant woman in front of him and said hesitantly, “How did you get that stone in your hand?”

To see his son come back to life.

The peasant woman had almost shouted with joy.

When she heard Lin Yan’s question, she looked frightened again and said, “Master Immortal, this stone is my family’s ancestor’s stone, and it is said that if you smash this stone, you can invite the immortals… “Oh, Master Immortal, could it be that you…”

It was only now that the peasant woman seemed to notice.

He stared at Lin Yan with wide eyes.

But Lin Yan shook his head with a bitter smile at this moment.

“Ancestral heirloom, actually passed down this kind of message, only afraid that the descendants of Dr. Qin, no one believes in this kind of message, so this stone, has been preserved until now…”

And he mumbled something under his breath.

He looked down at the peasant woman and said, “My name is Lin Yan, I was saved by your ancestor in the early years and I owe him a great debt of gratitude. I can give you what you want.”

A swing of the arm.

A large piece of gold and silver appeared directly in Lin Yan’s hand.

He remembers.

Back then, Dr. Qin’s daughter had a great fondness for these gold and silver objects.

Sure enough.

Seeing the gold and silver in Lin Yan’s hand, the peasant woman’s eyes immediately glowed.

With this money.

She’ll be able to move to a nearby town for good.

But now this peasant woman has shown a wisdom far beyond that of her ancestors.

Both eyes glowed as he looked Lin Yan up and down once .

The peasant woman said with bewilderment, “Master God, can you make my son a god too?”

“You want him to embark on the path of cultivation too?” Lin Yan looked back at the young man he had just saved.

Teenagers have average physiques.

He’s not too young. His veins are solidified.

It’s not easy to embark on the path of spirituality.

The farmer’s eyes glowed and she said, “I don’t need to be as powerful as Master Lin, I just need to be half as powerful as Master.”

Look at the farmer’s glowing eyes.

Lin Yan pondered for a moment, nodded slightly and said, “Alright, since you have already said so, then I will help him set out on the path of cultivation, as to how far he can go in the future, it is up to him.”

He took out a book of qi practice.

Lin Yan handed it to the peasant woman in front of him and urged, “When your son wakes up, teach him to practice this technique first, and when he has achieved some results, he will naturally have new opportunities.”

The peasant woman looked suspicious.

He took the qi practice decision that Lin Yan handed over.

And when she looked up again.

The Lin Yan in front of me has disappeared.

“A fairy, a fairy indeed.” The farmer’s face was full of joy.

This time.

The boy in front of her woke up with a yelp.


The farmer went over and picked up her son with a happy face.


The farmer found that her son seemed to have forgotten a lot of things, even his own name.

The farmer doesn’t care about that.

On the contrary, I think this is the new birth of my son.

“From now on, my son will be an immortal grandfather. I can’t use the name Dog Egg anymore… Then we’ll call him Lin… Lin Feng.”

The peasant woman looks at the big maple tree on the side.

I gave my son a very nice name in a flash.

“Lin Feng, this young man is actually called Lin Feng, could he be the young warrior Lin Feng who has been screaming against the Heavenly Emperor recently?”

“Most likely, there are only a few people named Lin Feng in the entire Lingxuan continent.”

“Lin Feng’s life was saved by the Heavenly Emperor, but he still turned against him. It’s too unreasonable.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Countless monks looked at the image overhead with odd expressions.

It’s really these images that are appearing now.

It’s a little subversive of their perceptions.

Those monks who opposed the emperor were actually all cultivated by the emperor himself.

It was unbelievable to them.

“Originally, the Heavenly Emperor nurtured them so that they could become the new Heavenly Emperor, do you think that this alliance of them against the Heavenly Emperor was also formed with the tacit approval of the Heavenly Emperor.”

“That’s for sure, otherwise, with the Emperor’s ability, he wouldn’t have let these people who oppose him, pop up under his nose.”

“If all this was under the control of the Heavenly Emperor, surely the Heavenly Emperor would not have been killed by the Lingerie Mirror.”

“I don’t care about these people anymore, I just want to know what’s going on with the Emperor now.”

With the muttering of the crowd.

A lot of people are starting to feel worried.

Just from the way it looks now.

The future of the Emperor.

It seems like it would be very bad.

Look eagerly at the screen overhead.

They’re desperate to know.

What happened to the Emperor in the end?

In the picture of the sky .

When Lin Feng woke up, his mother forced him to start practicing the qi training book.

But he’s over ten years old.

Every time I practice, my body cries out in pain.

In the end.

He even went on a rampage and refused to practise the Chi Dao again.

That’s how it looks.

His mother couldn’t help but beat him up.

The Palace of Heaven.

The people looked at Lin Feng with more and more strange eyes.

They’ve seen a lot of Lin Feng’s stories of his adventures in the past.

But I’ve never seen it before.

Lin Feng is in such a mess.

“According to Lin Feng, next, he will encounter the 10,000-year spirit ginseng, and with the help of the 10,000-year spirit ginseng, he will be able to broaden his veins, so that he can continue his cultivation… This 10,000 year spirit ginseng must have been given by the Heavenly Emperor as well.”

Many people are already muttering quietly in their hearts.

No wonder they know this.

It’s true that Lin Feng had many strange encounters with him.

It’s all in your mouth.

It’s the envy of everyone.

But now, it’s obvious to anyone who sees it.

This is a bullshit encounter for Lin Feng.

It’s a precise feeding from the emperor.

“Still a good birth.”

When I thought of all the strange encounters Lin Feng had mentioned before, someone could not help but mutter softly again.

Sure enough.

Just as everyone thought.

Lin Feng’s veins are cured. He can’t continue his training.

Lin Yan, who was seated in the Palace of the Sky, had clearly seen his situation.

He can’t even practice his mind.

He shook his head, and a 10,000 year old spirit ginseng appeared in Lin Yan’s hand.

Throw it around.

This 10,000-year soul ginseng immediately fell in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng has eaten this 10,000-year-old ginseng.

That’s how you really start to practice.

But that’s not all.

Whenever Lin Feng is in trouble.

Lin Yan, who was located in the Lingxiao Hall, could not help but frown.

But still, he grabbed a treasure and threw it down.

With his precise feeding.

Not only did Lin Feng’s training run smoothly.

Even the treasures he carries are never lacking.

Several times.

Lin Yan doesn’t even want to care about Lin Feng anymore.

But remembering Dr. Chin back then…

Lin Yan still gritted his teeth and continued to feed with precision.

“The Heavenly Emperor has thrown down several immortal weapons, how good it would be if I got one.”

“I was jealous of those sons of heaven who were nurtured by the Heavenly Emperor, but compared to Lin Feng, they are at best god sons.”

“If it weren’t for Lin Feng’s innocent origins, I’m afraid everyone would suspect that this is the illegitimate son of the Heavenly Emperor.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Watching Lin Yan keep feeding Lin Feng with precision.

The crowd was envious.

And a little jealous.

With an invincible being like the Heavenly Emperor, he throws down heavenly treasures every now and then.

Even a pig can become an immortal.

Inside the Hall of Heaven.

Lin Feng was completely numb by now.

He was frozen in place with a dull look on his face.

And the other monks around .

Although the look on Lin Feng’s face was full of sympathy.

But watch the sky change.

But they were beginning to look apprehensive too.

“Soon, the emperor is going to hit us hard, forcing us to join together to fight the emperor… But don’t make any more mistakes.”

In the past.

These trials and tribulations have occurred.

It’s all a glory to them.

To survive the emperor’s wrath.

It’s an honor to say that.

But now…

They’re really getting a little numb.

Even a little worried.

There’s something else going on here that we don’t know about.

If that’s the case.

They’ve lost face.

I’m afraid I’ll be trampled underfoot forever.