The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness – Chapter 92

Chapter 92: A Hundred Years to Cultivate an Eternal Realm Powerhouse

In a deserted ruin.

A couple of strange men with green skin, human-like in appearance, but with a strange, hideous look.

He’s staring at a teenage boy with excitement.

The young man’s eyes were closed and he had lost all breath.

“It’s a shame it’s dead. I guess the meat won’t be good.”

“A human child this big, even if it’s dead, the flesh is still tender enough to be roasted.”

“Then make it into a roast .”

After muttering a few words vaguely.

These weird green men turned around and started to build a fire, intending to roast the boy on the ground.

Ling Xuan Continent.

The crowd looked up at the image that appeared in the sky.

All of them look confused.

This… What is it?

The image before, anyone can see that it’s a memory image of the Emperor.

But now…

What’s all this?

Are these also images from the Emperor’s memory?

The Palace of Heaven.

The exotic empress who was lying on the throne of the emperor, with a pair of leather boots on her head, smiling at everything.

But now there was a sudden change of expression.

Sit up straight.

Her mouth was slightly open, and she looked at the top of her head with a puzzled look on her face and said, “Master Stinky.”

In the sky screen.

Under the suspicious eyes of everyone in the Ling Xuan Continent.

The boy who seemed to be dead suddenly opened his eyes.

In his eyes .

A calmness different from that of his age.

Although small and frail.

But the moment he opened his eyes, an amazing power seemed to appear on his body.

Even a green-skinned freak who looked at him was startled.

But there’s something unusual about this teenager.

He appeared for just 08 moments, then disappeared and became a normal teenager again.

The man who was dead is now alive again.

The greenskins got together and cheered a little.

Compared to dead people.

The flesh of the living, they prefer.

The group of greenskins who had decided to have a roast decided to change their diet from roast to boiled meat.

A group of greenskins cheerfully build a fire, ready to start cooking meat.

And the boy who is the prey.

But now he’s slowly scanning around.


Deserted ruins all around.

The main thing, of course, is the huge shadow overhead alongside the sun.

These put a teenager’s face on…

There was a gradual look of dismay.

“This isn’t the Ling Xuan Continent, this is… A foreign land.” The young man uttered an astonished voice.

The Otherworld is a small continent completely separate from the Reiken Continent.

These small continents.

It is usually located around the Ling Xuan continent.

It’s because of the small size.

Most of these small continents are in very poor condition.

Many of these realms are even dead realms, completely devoid of living beings.

Apart from that…

Most of the exotic worlds are wrapped in layers of space.

Even for immortals, it’s a struggle to enter the Otherworld.

So in most cases.

The communication between the Otherworld and the Reiken Continent is completely cut off.

Just as the boy’s face was filled with dismay.

In the ruins behind him.

A teenage girl appeared out of nowhere.

The young girl looked around at the green-skinned monsters with a wary face and slowly approached.

“Don’t make a sound. Come with me.”

After approaching the young man, the girl whispered a warning, took the boy’s hand and slipped away into the ruins.

With a small body.

The girl dragged the boy and shrank into a ruin, but did not run away.

A few moments later.

It took those greenhorns to realize they’d lost their dinner.

Each one roared under his breath and searched frantically around.

“That boy, is definitely the Emperor.”

“I can also see that the Heavenly Emperor should have used some special method to send himself to this teenager.”

“Wait, do you remember what the Heavenly Emperor said during his retreat earlier? He seemed to want to use some kind of secret technique to find the next Celestial Emperor.”

“Could it be that the next Heavenly Emperor is in a foreign land? That can’t be right.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

The people who were suspicious.

By now it’s coming around.

Although it’s not entirely certain.

Now the boy in the picture is the Emperor in possession.

But everyone had already recognized the other side as the Emperor.

The Palace of Heaven.

At this moment, there are already many people who quietly look at the foreign empress in front of them.

Although the young girl in the picture…

He looked disheveled, thin, and dressed in rags.

But the look of the other guy…

There’s a resemblance to the exotic empress ahead.

“Could it be that this young girl is the Empress of the Otherworld, who was found by the Heavenly Emperor and trained to become the current Eternal Realm powerhouse? No, that’s impossible.”

The idea just popped into their heads.

They were immediately and decisively rejected.

It’s a terrible idea.

The time in the sky picture is less than a hundred years from now.

And the girl in the picture.

He looks like an ordinary guy.

Centennial time.

From an ordinary man to an immortal powerhouse.

It’s not a good idea just to hear about it.

After all.

Even as strong as the Emperor, it took him tens of thousands of years to become a strong man in the Eternal Life Realm.

Of course.

More to the point.

If all this is true.

Isn’t it true that the words of the Emperor have been confirmed.

They’re the sons of Ling Xuan… They’re all too useless, they can’t make it to the wall.

That’s why the emperor had to find a true son of the gods to train, and in the end he did.

This is the case.

The mere thought of it made Long Feijian and the others tremble.

It’s horrible.

If this comes true, they’ll never get rid of their wastefulness again.

On the throne of the Emperor.

The exotic empress was still staring blankly at the image above her head.

She’s come to the Ling Xuan Continent to seize the throne of the Heavenly Emperor.

It’s because of her mentor’s advice.

And tell her.

If she becomes Emperor, the Master will appear to congratulate her.

Before that.

She’s been looking forward to the moment when the Master will appear.

As soon as the Master appears.

So she can proudly tell them.

She’s become the emperor.

But now…

Her mind’s a mess, though.

But the information we see today is coming together.

The Emperor of Heaven wants to find the next Emperor of Heaven…

So, with the help of a secret technique, he went to a foreign land…

And became her mentor… To bring her back as Emperor…

Everything sounds logical.

And it’s perfect.


Without her beloved Master Fu.

“No, definitely not. How can Master Stinky be the Emperor of Heaven… If I become the Emperor, Master will jump out and laugh at me for taking so much time to become the Emperor.”

The exotic empress shook her head violently.

All these thoughts that came to my mind, I forced them out.

But her gaze .

But there’s no way to move from the picture above your head.

The body is huddled in the small space of the ruins.

Lin Yan’s gaze .

But more on the young girl in front of him.

“It’s actually the Nine Yin Veins, worthy of the strongest talent I’ve found by using the secret technique of the Eternal Life Realm.”

Lin Yan mumbled.

He uses the unique power of the immortal powers to predict destiny.

To find the location of the most gifted person in the Ling Xuan Continent.

But it didn’t work out.

The most gifted man is located in a foreign land.

And a teenage girl.

The young girl seemed to notice Lin Yan’s strange gaze and carefully observed the outside world.

After confirming that the green-skinned freaks are no longer around.

She looked back at Lin Yan, reached out and gave him a tap on the forehead, saying viciously, “What are you looking at, little brother?”

The girl in front of me tapped her on the forehead.

Lin Yan had subconsciously tried to dodge.


The body he’s in is too weak.

He barely tilted his head, but he couldn’t escape the hand of the girl in front of him.

They even call a young girl a stinky brother.


Lin Yan couldn’t help but shake his head at 920.

Since he became Emperor, few people have dared to behave like this in front of him.

With an unnatural cold look on his face, Lin Yan stared at the young girl in front of him and said, “If you worship me as your teacher, I will teach you cultivation.”

The young girl looked back with a stunned expression.

He scanned Lin Yan up and down several times.

After making sure that Lin Yan’s head was not hurt, he laughed out loud: “You’d better be a good boy, you’re not too old, but you’re too loud…”

Talking at the same time.

The young girl crawled out of the rubble.

After Lin Yan crawled out with her, she looked serious again and said, “Hurry up, those demons will be back soon, we can’t be caught by them again.”

Reach out and tug on Lin Yan’s arm.

The young girl hurried off into the distance.

Lin Yan let his opponent tug on his arm and said calmly, “What’s your name?”

The girl didn’t look back and said, “My name is Chien Ling Lung, and you? What’s your name? What’s your name?”

Lin Yan hesitated for a moment, and said with a smile on his lips, “My name is… Master.”


The young girl’s voice was suspicious, as if she thought the name was too odd.

But after a few screams.

Then she snapped out of it and snorted, “Bastard, you’re taking advantage of me… I’ll call you by your name again. Master Stinky.”

“The Heavenly Emperor actually took the initiative to accept a disciple, is this young girl’s talent even stronger than Lin Feng’s?”

“It’s possible, or else why would the Emperor see it.”

“But the time left for the Heavenly Emperor is less than a hundred years, even if the Heavenly Emperor teaches her carefully, I’m afraid that this young girl will not be strong enough.”

Ling Xuan Continent.

Look at the image overhead.

The thoughts of the people are becoming clearer.

After a bit of trial and error.

The Emperor has apparently abandoned the sons of heaven whom he nurtured before.

Turned to this young girl.

I want to train this girl to be the Emperor.

But only for a hundred years.

It’s too short.

Almost no one would think so.

This girl really has the power to take over the throne of Heaven.