What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 100

Chapter 100: The Sword of the Farthest End Gathers

GOO’s summons are the equivalent of a lvl 10 player with a beginner summoner. Stats are all around 80.

Equivalent to a lvl 30 player with an intermediate summoner. Stats all around 150.

And with a senior summoner with stats of around 300, equivalent to a lvl 50 player .

Chrystar, whose summoner’s stats are added to her own by Summon Ride, has her stats increased by the equivalent of two advanced summons, or about 600.

And then Christer pulled out a yellow summoning stone.

“Is that… Is that… Kwaggaiger?

“Hmm, what are you surprised about? Did you really think you were the only one with a kwaggaiger?”

Chrystar pulled out a Quaggaegar summoning stone. A super-class summoner. Its stats are all 500.

“–Samon Ride!”

And her appearance changes again. Her silver armor is covered in patterns that resemble electronic circuits and shines in every color of the rainbow. It’s like gaming armor.

“Eat me– discharge!”

Christer raises his hand and multiple blasts hit Johan and Donald.

“Hey, hey, hey~ I don’t have stun resistance! You have Kwaggaiger, don’t you? Fight back.”

I have it, but I left it behind to defend the castle.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right.”

Johan has stun resistance, but it’s not a guarantee. If he gets stunned by a discharge, he will be killed by a combo of Grapnir and Demon Freeze.

“But it’s weird…”

“Strange is…?”

“No, looking at her strength, I think it’s not only the summoner’s skill but also her status that’s being added.”

Donald was right. Summon Ride adds the summoner’s stats to the summoner’s stats as well, so by his calculations, if he could summon two more advanced summons, he could surpass even Johan’s stats.

Johann also felt that the enemy’s attacks were getting stronger, so he nodded.

I think so, too.

“Yeah. That’s why it’s weird.”

Donald’s point was this.

Summon Ride is a skill that strengthens you the more you use it. Chrystar will have more summons than Johan, if not as many as Johan. If used properly, it will give you more stats than even Johan.

But then why didn’t he use his skill all the way until he met Johan and the others?

That was Donald’s question.

If you’ve been using it since the beginning of the event, you should have got an unbeatable status by now.

“But she didn’t do it… I mean…”

“There’s a time limit on the Summon Ride…?”

That’s it! Then you know what to do.

Yeah, I got it!

“I don’t know what the hell you’re discussing…”

Chrystar is clearly annoyed at the two who keep running away from her. She summons her next summoner, Summon Ride, and launches another onslaught at the two of them.




“Oh, no… This is…”

A few minutes later. Christer summoned and rode various monsters, but was unable to defeat Johan and Donald.

Furthermore, the members of the Sacred Elysian Order who were aiming for the entrance to the castle from a different route had also joined them. In addition to the 10 enemy players including Smokejaw P and Dirk who kept dancing in front of him, Christer was getting quite impatient as the time limit for the Summon Ride was about to expire.

As it turns out, Donald was right. The time limit on the Summon Ride is ten minutes from the time of the first transformation, after which all summons will be released.

Of course, you can just start Summon Ride from scratch again, but the summons used for Summon Ride are treated as summoned, so you can’t use them anymore that day.

(What are the rest of you doing… Even with their infinite guts… But to have them all gathered here… Shame on the most powerful guild…)

Christer thought, swearing in his mind at the members who had gone before him.

(The number of samonrides remaining is one… Half… Or at least three of them… Hmm?)

Christer receives a message that he hopes will help him defeat at least three of them. His face contorts into a blatant grimace when he sees the sender’s name, but what it says makes sense.

Personally, I didn’t want to follow the message, but I would still do it for the sake of the guild’s victory.

As Christer did his final samonride, his arms thickened like logs, their texture changing to that of rocks.

“He… He can turn into a monster?

By the way, what kind of monster is that?

A member of the Order paid Johann a visit. Johann guesses the identity of the monster from the shape of its arm.

Maybe it’s an Earth Golem, an intermediate level monster.

Is he strong?

“No. I think I only had one skill that I didn’t really know how to use…”

“It’s a mystery… But it’s good to be on the lookout. You may not need to be– Luminous Eternal.”

Saint D’Arc activates his skill. This grants everyone invincibility for 10 seconds.

But that didn’t stop Christer. She began pounding the ground with her massive arms.

Over and over. Over and over.

And then an earthquake centered on Crister hitting the ground. The garden field cracked and the ground shook violently.

Earth Golem’s skill [Earthquake]. This skill is not very useful in GOO, because there are few magic effects on the field.

“Damn… Oh, shit… The ground shook.

The ground shakes so much that P. Smokejaw, who was dancing, gets his feet tangled and falls. The song comes to a halt, and everyone’s Infinite Guts are canceled.

“Is this what she wants?” That’s what she’s trying to do? A wave of golden energy flew from behind Christer, straight towards Johan and the others from the castle.

It’s the most powerful attack skill of the Swordsman class. It’s probably enemy reinforcements.

Dahluk senses the danger quickly and activates one of the saint’s skills [Security Shield]. This skill makes a large shield appear to protect you from attacks, but you can’t get out of the way in time.

The enemy attack strikes before the shield can grow large enough to cover everyone. The attack, with invincibility and various other enhancements, penetrates Durk’s Luminous Eternal and deals massive damage.

All the cult members who were in remote positions were wiped out.

The only survivors were Johan and Donald, who had their own guts, and Dirk and Smokejaw P, who were protected by their shields.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in charge of the defense in front of the Guild Crystal?”

And when the time limit had passed and his transformation was released, Christer turned around to see Roland, the strongest player in the game, standing there.

“I was too busy. I’ve come to help.”

Roland said as he walked up beside Christer with a cool face. His words hurt Christer’s pride badly, but they also helped.

Moreover, he’s managed to easily defeat Smokejaw P’s [Infinite Guts], which everyone who was defending the garden was having a hard time with. And he did it in a way that Christer had never thought of.

“Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much for your help. Thank you so much and please go back to the castle.

“Don’t say that. Let me fight here. After all…”

And Roland glances over at Johann.

“I was hoping to settle things with her sooner or later… Well, I’ll see you then.”

With that Roland pulled a dagger out of storage. The sword was made of a black crystal-like stone and didn’t look like a fighting sword.

I’ve never seen or heard of a sword like that.

The Dalek is surprised. This is a sword that Dalek, a member of the top player group, has never seen before. As they all prepare themselves to see what effect it will have, a black wave of energy is released from the sword. It scatters all over the field.

Johann recognized those waves. And then he screams.

Kronodragon, run!

You’re wasting your time.

The black ripples reach the Chronodragon above in an instant. The Chronodragon’s body is transformed into particles of light and it vanishes.


Johann mutters.

It is a skill of the unique equipment [Omega Sword] that Kong and Zecca saw when they fought against the brother-sister duo of Guilty Aroland.

“But you gave it to your sister, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Even though you’re a collector, it doesn’t seem like it would be effective to return unique equipment to its owner.”

“Yeah. I mean, they don’t even look the same to begin with.”

It’s possible that a sword with the ability to kill summoned beasts was newly implemented in the third layer, but Roland shakes his head. Roland shakes his head and points proudly at the sword.

“This black sword is a replica of the Junk Sword Doppelganger. It’s valuable, but it’s not unique.”

“Duplicate swords… So that means…”

“Yes. This sword is a powerful sword that can copy the skills of another sword by clashing it with it after it’s produced. I clashed it with my sister’s Omega Sword and copied its skills. In preparation for the coming battle with you. But…”

Roland looks a little disappointed and holds up the sword. The duplicate sword cracks open.

“Once you release the skill, it breaks like this and can never be used again. The materials for production are also heavy, so it’s not worth it.”

Roland throws away his shattered sword and grips the main sword.

“But killing one is enough. I won’t let you summon another monster.”

“Oh, you don’t remember me, Mr. Roland. I’m with you… Samon Ride.”

Chrystar lines up beside Roland, summoning an earth golem.

“I don’t mind if I’m alone…”

Roland looked a little disappointed that he couldn’t have a one-on-one match, but he seemed to have changed his mind and turned his sharp gaze towards us again.

Let’s get out of here.


Donald said. It is Dirk who counters.

What are you talking about? We’ve come all this way!

“We’ve come this far… We haven’t even entered the castle yet. And we’ve got the most powerful girl in the world, Roland. All we have to think about right now is survival. Even if we do get through here… it’s gonna be harder inside. We’ll never make it.

“Damn… But…”

Dirk had tears in his eyes in frustration. I think he understands what Donald is saying.

Durk, who has worked hard as one of the top guilds, understands the strength of Roland in front of him.

Now what?

“Show me you’re ready to fight!”

Roland and Christer attack the four of them.

“Oh, God! I’m talking to you right now, so don’t interrupt–firewall!”

Dirk activates the saint’s skill and a circular wall of flame forms around Johan and the other four, preventing Roland and the others from attacking.

“Wall of Fire?”

“It’s a firewall, one of the skills saints can use to hide behind a wall of flames for a minute. I can’t get out and I can’t attack you… But that’s not what I was talking about.

Dirk turns to Donald.

Can we even get out of here?

Well, it’s gonna be hard to get all four of them…

Then I’ll take the bait.

It was P. Smokejaw who came forward as bait.

“I’m ashamed to say that all my dancing will be disturbed. I’m the one person in this room who wouldn’t mind being gone.”

It had always been a skill with a lot of openings, but it had just been completely blocked. So it was a reasonable argument for Smokejaw P. to cut himself off.

“No. The earth golem’s skill shaking shouldn’t happen inside the building. Smokejaw P’s skill isn’t completely dead yet. We need you.


“Dirk, when you get out of here, you’ll secure your guild home. Smokejaw P and Donald, you’ll guard the Dark Castle. No more going outside today. I want all seven of you to guard the castle. Do your best.”

“Oh, no, no, no, no. I don’t care.

Wait, wait, wait. So the decoys…

Yeah. I’ll take the bait.




The wall of flame will be extinguished.

At the same time Johan takes the summons.

“Summon the summoner– Meteobar…”

Whoa, I won’t let you!

While you wait outside, Chrystar, transformed into a chimerical looking summoner with more summons summon-ridden, hits the ground. The shaking causes Johan to stagger, and the summoning fails.

“Damn… I can’t summon a new summoner with this…”

“I know what you’re thinking, Johann. You were planning to summon the Meteor Bird and escape together… but that’s not going to happen!”

Christer smirks.

We’ve had our entire garden defense wiped out. We can’t let you escape.

Hey, what the hell, man?

And that’s when it happened. From the garden of the chalk castle came the cry of a girl.

“Oh, no,” said Christer, “that’s not nice.” Roland makes a “Oh, man…” Roland makes a face.

“An intruder. I hope it’s worth my while.”

“Ha-ha-ha. Looks like you’re having fun.”

“That… Johann of the Pirate King’s Raid. I’d like to fight him.

At the entrance to the garden stood Guildmaster Guiltier, who had returned from the attack on the guild outside, and members Gardmor, Grace, and Kai. All of them except for Guiltier are regulars in the top ranks.

“Wow! I can’t believe he’s coming back at this time…”

Dirk holds his head in despair, but that doesn’t change the plan. Johann activates his skill.

All right, everybody. Let’s do it like we were supposed to…

Johann activates the Scapegoat skill [Decoy]. This prevents all enemies in the field except Johan from attacking him.

Gentlemen… While we still can!”

Donald and Dirk run, urged on by P. Smoke.

Then leave the guild home to me.

“Um… Johann. I’m… I’m sorry I got you into this.

“Never mind, Mr. Dalek. When the event is over, we’ll play again… Besides…”


“I haven’t given up yet,” Johan muttered in a voice only Dirk could hear. Johann muttered. Donald took him by the hand and, not knowing what he meant, they ran towards the exit of the garden. As they passed by, Kai opened his mouth provocatively.

“You’re a coward to desert your guildmaster and run away so bravely. What kind of a coward are you?

The three of them ignore him and run off. Kai draws his sword. He draws his sword and leaps to the center of the garden. Giltia and the others follow.

And the six members of the Sword of the Most Farther joined forces. Johan vs. the six top guild members.

“Gentlemen. Can I have a go here alone? I was hoping to settle things with Johann during the ranking event.”

“No, you don’t have to answer that, Roland. I’ll fight her myself. I think it’s time you fought someone who’s ready for a real fight.

“No, no, I’m the guildmaster here. I want to see what the best player in the guild is like.

You can’t win this, little sister.

Stop calling me sister! Besides, I’ve studied her Weaknesses too!

“Oh, Guillermas, I heard that’s not true.”



Johann laughed as he saw the members of the Sword of the Farthest Sword beginning to argue with each other in front of him.

What’s wrong with her?

Kai asked Johan if that was what had upset him.

“No, because, you see. When I saw all these young girls fighting over me… I just felt so much better.”

“What? You’re getting a little carried away, aren’t you?”

“Come at me all together, boys. Or else you’re just… You can’t beat your sister when she’s really trying, can you?”

Johan activates his trump card skill.

A timemaker of the Realm of the True Spacetime Dragon Emperor. In this battle, you can activate all skills which are activated in this field.

“That’s funny. Then, as you wish… We’ll all play with you!

As the sky is covered by a clock-shaped magic circle, the final battle has begun.