What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Why I’m Here

It was reckless of Johan to fight against six top players.

I tried my best to use the skills temporarily made available to me by the Time Maker, but I couldn’t defeat any of them, and I consumed a lot of time.

“I’ve never seen a person who doesn’t know rock-paper-scissors.”

Roland opened his mouth as Johan fell to his knees.

“Why do so many people know rock, paper, scissors? Because the rules are so simple. All you have to do is to remember Guchokipa and the power relationship between them. But what if there were 100 or 200 moves in rock-paper-scissors? I’m sure it wouldn’t have become such a widely known game.”

Roland cuts Johann down. Johan’s 20th gut shot goes off. Johan falls down.

Mr. Johann. That’s why you lost.

“… No, that doesn’t make any sense at all, does it?

Staggering, Johan didn’t quite understand what Roland was saying.

“Ha. So, Roland. You’re saying this, aren’t you? She has too many useless functions… Like Japanese appliances, too many skills she may or may not use.”

Roland nodded at Kai’s wild comment.

“Yes, that’s what I mean. Johann, you have more skills than anyone else in the game. But you have more skills than anyone else in the game, but you don’t know how to use them. I have lost a lot of time before I can figure out the best move to make. You, with your nearly infinite skills, will never be able to beat those of us who have mastered limited skills.

And he was about to swing his sword… but Gilthier stopped him.

Wait, wait, wait! I’ll finish him off! –Final…


Just as Gilteer is about to release his Token Skill, Johan activates it too. With the power of the Time Maker, he activates the Firewall that Dirk used.

A wall of fire surrounds you and protects you.

That should hold me for a minute. But when Kai saw the pillar of fire, his face contorted in obvious discomfort.

“Boring… You’re boring! You have defeated us! A mook who merely prolongs his life is the height of discomfort! If you aim to be the strongest, then admit your weakness and die gracefully!”

Gardmor and Grace calm Kai down.

I’m getting tired of it too. I know how you feel. But…”

“That’s right, Kai. You shouldn’t talk out of turn to the other player~.”

“Ha . I heard Roland wanted a rematch, so I wondered how good a player he was. But it turns out he’s just a small fry player with a lot of skills.”

Roland’s face clouded at Kai’s words. “Then let me do it alone from the start.” He looked like he wanted to say something. But he didn’t.

“Well, you did pretty well against the six of us, didn’t you?”

“That’s right – we’re the top ranked players. We’re the only ones who can beat you.

“Oh my god, Kai, what are you mad at me for? It’s not every day you get to see a guy who’s unique and on top of his game get studied and made to look like a pussy. It’s not that unusual.

The other guild members chide Kai in frustration.

But Kai pointed the tip of his sword at Roland in frustration, perhaps because he hadn’t found a player who could entertain him all day.

“No, I don’t know what I’m logged in for. Roland. When the event is over, you’re going to duel with me.”

“That’s fine, but… But you’re forgetting something, aren’t you? She’s not dead yet.

“What? What are you talking about? All we have to do is finish him off… When this wall of flame is gone, that’s the end of him. Right, girl?”

Yeah, I know.

The wall of flame disappears and Johan emerges from inside. Kai approaches to finish him off.

“I commend you for fighting so well. But you have lost. Somewhere out there you’re the greatest player of all time. I’m sorry.

“Huh… I’ve never claimed to be the strongest… Besides. I got what I came for.

“Purpose”? Yeah, to get our friend out of there. That was noble.

You let him go? I think you’ve got it all wrong.

You think I’m wrong?

You’re so young to be so obsessed with who’s the strongest. But I’ve never been interested in the strongest. I came here today for one reason only. –Shift change.”

“– what?”

[Shift Change]. A skill to swap your summoner’s position with your own.

When Johann activates his skill, he disappears. A white ghostly monster [Ghost] appears in front of Kai as he swings his sword.


At this point, everyone turns around to look behind them. I thought that they had been looking for an opportunity to surprise me by secretly summoning a ghost during the firewall, making it invisible, and placing it behind me.

But Johann was not behind anyone. On the contrary, he was nowhere in the garden. He didn’t exist.

“Stupid… Then where is he?

And the next moment. A message arrives for all members of the Sword of the Farthest End.

‘The guild crystal has been destroyed. All points will now be halved.




All six of us were surprised. Then Giltear received a voice message from one of the guild member girls. Their voices were filled with panic and tears.

“I’m sorry Guildmaster~.”

I couldn’t protect the crystal.

“Oh, calm down… What the hell happened?

They were guarding the throne room and they said Johann suddenly appeared before the crystal. He kicked the crystal and destroyed it.

And then he managed to defeat a battered Johan.

How did he get in front of the Guild Crystal?

“That’s because you made the ghost invisible, moved it to the front of the guild crystal, and then switched its position with a shift change, didn’t you?”

“The question is, how did you get the ghost to the back of the castle so quickly?”

“We’ve been in the way a lot. The only chance we had to summon the ghosts was when they were behind the firewall. Summon the ghosts behind the firewall. Make him invisible and move him into the castle as soon as the firewall clears. From there, we can shift gears and…”

I don’t think so.

Grace’s theory was disproved by Krister.

“It took less than a minute from the time the firewall was deactivated to the time Johan used the shift change. Ghosts don’t move that fast, so it’s impossible for them to get to the guild crystal at the back of the castle in that amount of time.”

“So what? You think he’s using some kind of cheat?

“Didn’t you summon it while you were fighting us? Sneakily.

“No, that’s impossible. I’m the summoner and I assure you. Johann did not summon once during our battle, nor did he show any signs of doing so.”

So how do you…?

The events that have just happened before our eyes are so inexplicable that we are all enveloped in a state of mild fear. The player you’ve just been fighting feels like an unknown, monstrous monster, and you start to get chills.

Roland, who had been silent the whole time, spoke up as if something had occurred to him.

“Hmm. I’m pretty sure the ghost was summoned through the firewall.

“Did you hear what I said, big brother?”

“We were talking about how the summoning during the firewall wouldn’t make the time add up.”

“No, I’m talking about the first time you activated the firewall, Mr. Darhk. That’s when he must have summoned his ghost. It’s been about 30 minutes. It makes sense.”

“But after the firewall was lifted, I tried to summon the Meteor Bird to escape… I don’t think that was… Bluff?

Yes, perhaps. Johann must have been sure. She told her retreating comrades. “to hold the Guild’s home.”

Christer huffed.

Christer didn’t mean anything by it. But at that point, if Johan’s goal was to destroy their crystal, then it all makes sense.

“The Guild Crystal has been destroyed, just in case the Farthest Sword strikes back… So you want us to fortify our defenses?”

“Probably. And we have an hour and a half left on Day 2. Even if we attack now, we won’t be able to destroy the guild crystal.”

Roland thinks that even with the travel and the battle at the castle there isn’t enough time to reach the Crystal.

“Oh, my God. Did she read that far?”

Grace feels an unsettling fear.

“Ha. “Not bad.”

But Giltier’s fighting spirit seems to have been ignited. He clenches his fists and shouts.

“Zecca approved. Okay, that’s funny. Tomorrow… Last day of the event. We of the Farthest Sword will crush the Dragon’s Chicks at all costs! Let’s go to the briefing room for a strategy meeting!”

“Oh, that’s nice.”

Zecca… it’s been a long time. How are you?

“Oh, I’ll stay in the yard and defend myself.”

“Haha, I thought she was just a coward, but she’s quite funny!”


Roland breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the members walk into the castle.

“I’m glad it wasn’t my fault.”

If he had stayed inside as he was supposed to, he might have had a chance to prevent the crystal from being destroyed, but it would be hard to hold him accountable for that, so Roland dared not to say anything.

And he smiles to himself as he remembers the attack earlier.

“I was thinking of retiring after this event… I never thought I’d be a challenger again at this point. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

The second day came to an end, and the rankings were announced.

1st [Sacred Elysian Order] 1004Pt

2nd [Dragon Chicks] 850Pt

3rd [Sword of the Farthest End] 725Pt

Crystal Disappearance

4th [Second Stage] 570Pt

Crystal Disappearance

5th [Eye Opening Bows] 470 Pt.

6th [Minna Lancers] 400Pt

Crystal Disappearance

7th [GOO Support Department] 390Pt

Crystal Disappearance