What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 102

Chapter 102: The Dragon Chicks’ Trump Card

Johann, are you okay?

After the second day of the event .

Johan had been moved to the waiting area after losing HP. When he returned to the guild’s home, the Castle of Darkness, Zecca rushed over to him.

I’m sure Donald and the others have told you what’s going on, but I’m sure they’re still worried about this being the first death.

“Uh… It’s okay, Zecca. I’m sorry I worried you.

Johan pats Zecca on the head.

“Really? Did the people at the end of the line say anything bad to you? I’ve been worried that you might be depressed in the waiting area.

Yeah, I’m fine. I’m really okay.

For what it’s worth, Johann was really okay.

Johan’s heart is undamaged, despite the words of the other members who are in high spirits during the battle. He should not underestimate the strength of his mentality that he has developed over the past five years of his working life.

Instead of being depressed in the waiting area, we met up with the members of the Killing Hobby Club and had a great time playing with the new hobby that shoots plastic bottle caps, forgetting about the time.

(I should probably mention that I’ve been enjoying the waiting area rather… I’d better not tell you.)

Johan and the others go to the meeting room, hiding the fact that they have had a rather productive postmortem. They discuss the standings and how they will fare on the final day.

“I got the impression that you fought the Children of the Farthest Sword… I think they’re a bit too strong.”

Johann said as soon as he sat down at the round table. It could have been taken as a weak comment, but it was Johan’s honest impression after thirty minutes of fighting.

Johann’s plan is working at this stage.

You cut your points in half by destroying the Guild Crystal of the Farthest Sword. This has dropped the Sword of the Farthest Sword to 3rd place. In order to move back up to first place, they will need to earn more points or destroy the first place Sacred Elysian Order crystal and the second place Dragon’s Hatchling crystal.

And if Giltia has a history with Zecca she’ll attack the dragon chicks for sure.

Johan’s intention was to let Zecca and Giltia fight.

Zecca has heard about this from Donald. He is thankful for Johann’s kindness, but his face is clouded at the prospect of an incredibly hard battle on the third day.

(I want to end this with Gilteer… But we’ve come this far… We all want to win…)

Clench your fists.

“Even if you say he’s too strong, Johann-san had a good 1 vs 6 match, right?”

“If we disperse the enemies and get them into a one-on-one fight, can’t Guillmouth win?”

Mei and Oga go to visit. But Johan shakes his head.

“Actually, we were mostly just running around. If it weren’t for your defensive skills, Dirk, you wouldn’t have been able to hold them off.”

I’ve managed to survive by using the defensive skills of the saintly dirk.

“By the way, Johann. When you used the saint skill, did Johann-san also dress up as a saint?”

Johan shook his head as Zecca gave him a serious look.

No, no. You didn’t look the same.

“I see. I’m sorry…”


He looked really disappointed. I whispered, “Slit… Slit… Mumbling…” Johan sees Zecca muttering in a whisper.

“So, I’m trying to figure out what to do…”

“I think Ooga-kun’s strategy of dispersing the enemy and striking them is a good idea.”

Smokejaw P. raises his hand. But Zecca who knows the Sword of the Most Farther shakes her head.

No, you shouldn’t do that. They’re very strong on their own.

That’s the kind of fight that only a large guild can put up.

“Thanks to Johann, we were indeed able to destroy the Farthest Guild Crystal. But as a result, they don’t need to send more men to defend it. They’ll be sending a 50-50 split between the Elysian Sect and us.

Sword of the Farthest End has 70 players today. We can expect 30-40 top class players to attack us.

With only eight dragon chicks they won’t be able to win by dispersing the enemy’s forces.

“But there are summoned beasts, though, aren’t there?”

“… No, Mae. Giltia has that sword.”


“Omega Sword… That’s nasty.

The dragon chicks use many summons to defend themselves in the garden, but if she uses her Omega Sword skill they will all be defeated in an instant.

“Oh, no. Is this what you call a dead end?”

“I don’t see how we can win.”

“Well… As far as I’m concerned, I’d be fine with a Zecca-chan vs. Girtia-chan match-up if it could happen.”

Johann glanced at Zecca. It was for Zecca’s sake that he had risked so much to attack Chalk Castle in the first place. Even if the Dragon Chicks were to be defeated tomorrow, it would be fine as long as Zecca could settle things with her friend. Johann thought that it would be better if the two of them met in person.

“I want to win…”

But Zecca stands her ground.

“And the thing with Girtia and… That’s important too. But I want to be the best with everyone in this guild that I love!”

I’m glad Johann worked so hard for me. Even though the guild’s victory is at stake because of it.

Perhaps Gilteer will really attack. Zecca’s known him for years. He’s going to win.

“Gilteer told me, ‘ I made the strongest guild. But I want to tell her. I want to win. I’m in the best guild! I have the best friends!”

Zecca’s soulful screams changed the atmosphere.

“The best guild… Is it?”

“Best friends… You’re telling me.

“Yeah. We’re going to have to get serious now that you young people are talking like that.”

“… It’s not just adults. We’re gonna give it our all.

“I could’ve beaten that cross. You never know until you try.”

“I’ll do my best, too!”

“Guys…! Yeah, let’s win!

Zecca screams with tears in her eyes, trying not to spill them.

“But the fact of the matter is, we can’t win.”

Yo, Johann…

But Johann was the only one who still saw reality. It’s not surprising since he had just fought six powerful enemies.

Of those six, Gilthier, Chrystar, Gardomor, and Grace, I can think of a way to beat them in a one-on-one fight.

But as for Roland and Kai, I can’t see them winning, not only because of their characters’ specs, but also because their player skills are so outstanding. I think that if you take them into a 1vs1 match, you have less chance of winning. I even think that they have less chance to win if they play 1 vs. 1.

Yes. Johann thinks he’s been out of his element because of his cohorts.

“Guys. I think we’re gonna have to take a few chances if we’re gonna win.


Johann’s words made everyone nod their heads.

I guess I feel a little desperate when I use the word “bet. “Hmmm, well… I’m going to set a new win condition.”

“Victory condition…”

“May, do you know what Guillmouth is saying?”

Not at all.

Bewildered guild members .

“Don’t talk to me in that roundabout way of yours, just tell me what you think, Demon Lord.”

“Yeah, okay. Tomorrow for the final battle, I’m going to use [cocooning]!”

Johann’s statement came as a surprise to the guild members. All but Kon, who knows Worm, are scratching their heads.

“Oh, you’re going to get cocooned on the first day…”

And then Zecca, remembering late, claps her hands.

“Oh, yeah. I’m gonna use that.

“What? That means… Johan is going to have the ultimate metamorphosis!!!!”

“… I won’t.”

Next time, the last day of the turmoil