What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Let’s go hunting together again

When I’m with my guild. I often talk about school.

They talk about their friends and their tests. They talk about their friends, their tests, the teachers they don’t like, the events they’ve been to.

The dragon chicks listen to me happily. But…

At times, adults… It’s as if they’re thinking of a treasure they left behind a long time ago. Kind and a little sad. They have that look on their faces.

I always sulk inside when he gives me a look like that. Like I’m just a little bit left out. As if everyone else shares something with me that I don’t know.




It’s about time. How are you, Zecca?

Before the event started. I was meditating, and Johan approached me.

Your voice is soft as usual, and I can relax a little.

Same as always. It’s just…”


Zanko… Will fighting Girtia really change anything?”

It’s a question I’ve had from the beginning. At first it was just stubbornness. I don’t want to lose.

Two swords. And I want to show Gilthier who made fun of the dragon chicks. That’s all I wanted.


I wonder if that’s really true.

I left the Farthest Sword because I was angry Giltier broke his promise. She broke her promise to make us the greatest guild of swordsmen alone.


I know how she felt then.

You wanted to win. You didn’t want to keep losing. I understand. I was the same way.

That’s why. Because I know.

I wondered if my fighting Gilthier would make any difference.

“Something’s gonna change. Why? Because Zecca wants to make up with Giltia, right?



When I ask a question, even Johann looks at me like that. No, why are you in question form?

Did I say that?

“I didn’t say it, but that’s the way he was acting. Oh, you didn’t know you were doing that?”

“No, there was no…”

I wasn’t aware of that. What? I wanted to make up with Gilthier? I lied.

“Oh, no, that means the others are…”

“Yeah. I know everyone.

“Oh, my God!”

If there was a hole, I’d want to get in it… I’m so embarrassed.

What’s that?

“But if that’s the case, why did you want me to fight Giltear? Wouldn’t that just make things worse?”

No, it’s not true. Friendships are formed when people fight each other. It’s common knowledge.

Is it a shounen manga?

“No. It’s the oldest story known to man. It’s been a given since time immemorial.

“The Epic of Gilgamesh?”

What a surprise. Don’t you just love it when the enemy you’ve fought becomes your friend?

“Zecca! I know you want to make up. Your desire not to lose… Your desire to prove me wrong… All of it is very important and irreplaceable.

Johann said so.

“You don’t understand now. But don’t run away. Fight. Face Giltia. Someday you’ll be proud of the choice you made today.

“Is… Yes.”

“Yeah. Good boy.”

Johann laughed and patted my head.

Ugh, don’t treat me like a child. I want to be your equal, Johann. I feel so good I can’t help it.

“Sir… It’s time for the event, okay?

Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Johan finally remembered the main topic and took out a summoner from the storage.

“I can’t stay with you. Take her instead.

“You can’t just… You can’t accept this!

Johan was about to hand me the Chronodragon summoner stone that was made chaotic by the Dark Factor.

Along with Hinadora, Johan’s most beloved summoner should be Bachimon.

“It’s okay. Besides. The Chronodragon can regain lost time… It’s a setup!”

Lost time…

“Yes. I hope Zecca gets what’s important to her. I’m praying with her.”

Johann handed me the Chrono Dragon with a smile. I could feel the power in his hand.

To Zanko. And the courage to face myself… I got it.


I was just curious about one thing, so I asked Johan.

This man I love. Did he get something back here. Did he get it back here?

“Mr. Johann… Did you… Did you manage to get something important back?


Johann smiled happily. He handed me Hinadra, who was sleeping on top of him, and hugged me.

“Yes. I met a… I met a very special friend.




Zecca had switched her equipment to the Abyss, the Deep Sea Sword, and switched from the Nito style to the Itto style. The two sword technique she had learned from Roland had been applied to her own style of standing.

[Girtia fires a beam attack from her Ancient Sword at you, and you narrowly avoid all of her onslaught.

(I trained with Mr. Roland with Oga… It wasn’t all for nothing.)

Soon Giltear, frustrated by the lack of hits, changes his swords one after another. But Zecca avoids all of them.

And there for the first time Gilthier took out a sword that wasn’t uniquely his. A sword with a red blade. Zecca was surprised when she saw the sword and wondered if the Unique Equipment she had collected with her Unique Skill [Collector] had been exhausted.

“Flame sword, fire, fire, fire!”

Zecca knew about the sword. It wasn’t a unique piece of equipment but a rare drop. It was the sword that Gilthier had used when he and Miu had played together.

“Hmm. Don’t underestimate it just because it’s not unique. Of course it’s been transcoded and enhanced.

and Gilthier draws his sword. The blade of the flaming sword is engulfed in flames. The sword is now imbued with an attack skill that wasn’t there before.

(I know. I know you best because you fight with that sword. And more than any unique or rare piece of equipment… Gilthier with that sword… Is the greatest threat.)

Okay, I’ll take this one too.

When Zecca draws her sword, the deep-sea sword is covered with a water effect.

They stand at attention and unleash their power.

“–Flaming Dragon Strike!”


The fire and the torrent collide in the center, and after a tremendous explosion, they are annihilated.

“Ha! You did it, Zecca. But there’s still a long way to go… What?

After the smoke dissipated, Giltier noticed that the area around him was already filled with clock-shaped magic circles.

Zecca activated the skill [Timemaker] of the Chrono Dragon, which had been turned into Chaos by the Dark Factor.

(Johann. Chronodragon… I need your help.)

Zecca stays low and approaches Giltear. Giltia’s ground armor has the ability to block some damage.

With no Dead or Alive, you’ll need to hit Guiltier with a few skill shots at close range to take him down.

“I won’t let you get too close–Flaming Dragon Strike!”

Gilthier fires his skill from the Flame Sword again. Gilthier had expected her to either dodge or retreat. But Zecca’s choice was neither.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa– maelstrom!”

“Are you kidding me? You’re going to die at that distance!

Zecca intercepted the flames that were already close by with a maelstrom of water. The damage from the explosion caused by the clash of the two forces seemed to reduce her HP to zero, but…

“He’s left with 1 HP… Oh yeah!!!”

“Yes, I still have some of my guts left from earlier.”

“Tch… Final Se…”

“Too slow!”

Zecca grips Protocalibur in both hands and enters Giltear’s bosom.

“Oh, shit.”

“–Lightning Bolt– Hades Force– Shining Missile! –Flaming Dragon Strike –Mailstrom –Final Saber!”

And then, with the Time Maker’s ability, he combines his skills with Giltear’s to deliver a furious six-round burst of attacks.

“Tokme– Grand Cross!”

“Ggh– ohh!”

And in the end Zecca’s strongest attack wins the victory.




“Zecca… You win.

Gilthier managed to hold out by activating his Guts, but he seemed to have already lost his will to fight. When Zecca pointed her sword at him he raised his hands in surrender.

And I looked up to the heavens.

(What am I doing? What am I doing?)

Giltea heard the words of her best friends from a year or so ago.

”Hey, hey Girtia, let’s make the strongest guild with only swordsmen!

‘It’s hard, but if we can do it, we’ll be great, won’t we?

But the game was not so sweet that three high school girls could win the game.

That’s why Gilthier brought famous players like Kai and Galdmor and Grace and others who had made a name for themselves in other professions. And it’s why Gilteer brought players like Grace and others who had made a name for themselves in other professions to the Sword of the Farthest Sword.

Because I wanted to win. Win and win and win.

If we build the strongest guild. I know you’ll both come back to me one day.

(But…) After all… The Sword of the Farthest End isn’t our guild anymore.)

I remember Kai’s words. They say my brother Roland is the rightful guildmaster. That’s what they say.

Even Gilthia knows that. She knew from the very beginning that it would be better for her brother to be the guildmaster.

If my brother was a guildmaster, he could make the guild even more awesome.

But there was one reason I wouldn’t give up.

”I want to focus on myself. If you’re a guildmaster, Zanqi is better.”

Yeah. Because Zanko is strong. She’s suitable for a guild master.

I didn’t want to give up my position as guildmaster that my two best friends had chosen for me.

“I’m gonna cry… You’re not crying, are you?

“Bam… Don’t look… Don’t look.

Zecca peeks out at her crying face and Giltear hides her face desperately. Then, after a moment of silence.



“What did I do wrong? I guess it’s because I let non-swordsmen into the guild…

“I don’t care anymore. I was the same way. Now I know how Zanko felt back then. I understand.

“Then… I knew it.”

“Yeah. Let’s apologize to Miyu together next time.

“Yeah… I’m sorry… I’m sorry, you two…”

I’m not mad at you.

Zecca laughed, tears streaming down her face.

“Okay, I have to go upstairs, so I’m gonna… I’m gonna stab you, okay?”

Gilthia nodded. But…

But first, I have to tell you something.

‘No Regrets’.

I don’t know why I keep thinking about what my brother said.

If I don’t tell you now. I’d regret it for the rest of my life. I was sure of it.

“Um… Um… I’m not asking you to go back to the end of the world… But… I’m just saying, like, maybe we could… Play with me?”

He’s blushing, and his eyes are rolling in a suspicious manner.

Gilteer could’ve been honest.

“Yeah! Let’s go hunting together again!”