What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 116

Chapter 116: The Strongest Player

[The increase in each of the skills that had boosted Johan’s stats has also been multiplied by 10.

Name:Johan Lv:40

Occupation: Summoner


MP: 75/45(+30)

Strength: 20(15000)


Magic: 20(15000)



It goes without saying that character stats are important in GOO, but agility in particular is difficult to deal with.

Since you control the character as if it were your own body, it takes a certain amount of practice and sense to master the high agility of the character.

In fact, Johan had 520 agility so far and never really used it. This is evident from his playstyle, which is to just blast skills out of his high stats.

With his agility rising to 5000 at once, the character of Johan is no longer a character that can be handled by an office worker named Kei Aikawa. Aikawa Kei is no longer a character that can be handled by an office worker.

“It seems you’ve had a sudden power surge… I didn’t expect that.”

A few minutes after activating the skill.

Roland said to Johan, who had been helped by Zecca and Renma and had managed to move about normally, albeit awkwardly.

There was a hint of disappointment in his voice. It would be easy for Roland to defeat Johan and his men now that they could barely move. Even if it were a good fight, it would not be a fight that would satisfy Roland.

Mr. Roland, are you feeling a little down?

“… She was probably looking forward to fighting you.

“Well… That’s a bad thing to do.

“No, no need to apologize. It’s not every day I’m let down. Well, Mr. Johann. Shall I make up for yesterday?”

Roland holds up his sword. Johann stands alone, away from Zecca and Renma.

What’s the matter? Are you having trouble even holding it up?

No, you’re mistaken.


“Yes. I’m a summoner.

Johann pulls out a summoning stone.

“It’s a profession where you fight alongside your partner! Summoning a summoner–Hinadora!”

A young black dragon emerges from a geometrical magic circle.


“Hinadora… What the hell are you doing?

“Do this. Activate the skill–[Soul Conversion]!”

Momo… What?

Soul Conversion. This is a skill that adds the summoner’s status to the summoner’s, instead of preventing the summoner from directly participating in combat.


Go, Hinadora!


The super powered-up Hinadora wears a golden aura. It attacks Roland with overwhelming speed. Roland guards against Hinadora’s thrust with his sword, but he is unable to fully repel the impact and is knocked down.

“Oh, my God! I can go for this!”

“… . if it’s an AI-controlled summoner, player skill doesn’t matter… You thought of that, sis!”

Yes. We’re stronger together. Me and Hinadora, together we’ll win.


“Damn… I didn’t expect this.”

Hinadora flies across the field and attacks with her body. Roland manages to deal with the onslaught.

(What power and speed. And his small size… It’s so hard to fight. It would have been easier to fight him if he had turned into a chrono-dragon.)

Though its defense is higher, its HP is lower. So if you can penetrate its defenses, you can win. But…

(Even if we defeat Hinadra, what’s the point? You’re up against a summoner. He’ll just summon a new summoner, and then he’ll just enhance it with the same skills…)

So we just go straight for Johann?

No .

It will be impossible to get through the onslaught of Hinadra, and to get through Zecca and Renma, and to kill Johan with a total of 20 [Guts].

“Huh… I lost.

“I see an opening! Hinadora–Black Flame!”


A black fireball is released from Hinadora and hits Roland. The attack, which was fired from more than 15,000 magic power, vaporized Roland’s HP in an instant.

“Damn… That’s beautiful.”

[Hinadora lands in front of Roland, who has withstood Guts. Hinadora seems to be waiting for the invincibility time caused by Guts to pass.

“I’ve lost. I still have many friends outside the castle. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Good day.”

Roland is out of invincibility and gets to his feet.

“Please finish me off.”

Roland, sword at his side, hands raised.


Wait, Hinadora.

Johan stops Hinadra from killing him. Johann asks Roland a question.

Are you okay with that?

Zecca and Ranma tilted their heads at Johann’s question. Only Roland remained silent, waiting for Johann’s next words.

You’ve got something for me, don’t you?

“Haha, I don’t have any tricks up my sleeve. I’ve disclosed all my stats and skills on my Sword of the Farthest Sword channel video. That’s all I have.”

GOO’s top player, Roland, is the hope of the non-unique players, staying the strongest with only skills that are available to everyone. Because he stays on top the way he does, even those of us who don’t have uniques can play the game without rotting.

If Roland uses his unique equipment and skills now, the players who don’t have them will explode in frustration.

That’s why Roland’s fight ends here. This is the limit of what we all know Roland can do.

“Yeah. I know you’re working hard for all of us. But I know. You’re lying to yourself.

“I’m feeling… Lies?”

“Yeah. I know. I’ve been that way my whole life. That’s why I was worried. That you don’t really enjoy this game.




I had a talent for acting.

Unlike her sister, she must have inherited her parents’ talent.

From the moment I was born, I have been playing the role of an ideal second generation actor that my parents and people around me wanted me to be.

As a child actor, he honed his acting skills and at the age of 18, he was cast as the lead in the popular children’s series “Ultrider”. He has been acting in several movies a year since then.

He had a life as an actor that everyone would envy.


“Your play sucks. You know why? Because you’re lying to yourself.”

I was told so by a stage direction master. In reality, there were many people on the net who criticized my performance, and I felt that I was at a loss.

I started playing VRMMO because I thought it would be a chance to change myself. I tried to become the strongest while helping my cute little sister. I thought I would see something, but I didn’t.

I was always tied to the image of ‘the cleanest player who reigns supreme without using uniqueness’. If that’s what people wanted, I had to play that role.

I’ve always thought that’s what being an actor was all about.


Maybe not.

The woman in front of me said the same thing as the master. She went on to ask me if I enjoyed the game. The answer is no. I don’t mean to be glib, but this game is too easy for me.

I gave them all the winning strategies I had, and not one of them ever rose to the same level. Not a single one.


Johan, the player in front of you who is new to the game but has overwhelming power. Maybe she’s the one… She might be the right person to use the last of my power.

If I use that thing. I’d be just like that girl from the pirate raid. I wonder if I’d be able to laugh out loud.




“These days… I haven’t been having much fun. I was thinking of retiring after this event.”

Zecca is surprised by Roland’s words.

“Yeah. So, do you think we’re just going to end up losing?”

“No, I still have a way to turn this around. The final trick I’ve been keeping a secret from everyone.

Roland drew his sword again.

“The secret of the secret?”

“… To the Roland?

“Are you going to show me? I can’t wait.”

“Yes, I’ll show you. But what I’m about to show you is not a unique skill. A skill that’s available to everyone. A skill that’s equally available to everyone. But only I can use it.”

Roland’s body was filled with a golden fighting spirit. And then the overflowing magical energy became visible and clung to his body like a bolt of lightning.

“The only way to get it is to get first place in the rankings. The ultimate skill that only the best players are allowed to use. It’s called… [The Last Champion.”