What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Boss Monster After a Long Time

To get to the fourth layer, you must first go to the third layer, Aska City.

When you go through the gate that suddenly appears in the central square of Aska City, you will be transported to the [Sand Dungeon].

After you break through the dungeon with your usual ghost and shift change, the entrance to the majestic boss room appears.

Johan, who had heard about the boss from Kong on the way here, entered the boss’s room alone without any fear.

Inside was a large red Chinese-style room. Three monsters were waiting in the center. Unlike the previous Kwagiger and Crystal Leo, all three monsters are small.

The monster that takes up the middle of the three is [Gokou].

A 1.5 meter tall ape-shaped monster with white fur and a golden mane. It wears ornaments reminiscent of Sun Wukong in the Journey to the West, and holds a red Ruyi Rod in its hand.

On either side were two monsters named [Sago] and [Cho]. Unlike Goku, these two were beautiful women dressed as a kappa and a pig, respectively.

You’re so cute.

Johann mutters seriously.

“That’s why I’m so sorry…”

Kon, who had broken through first alone, got the boss monster’s super-level summoner, just as in the previous case. According to Kon, the boss was only one [Goku]. All I got was Goku’s summons.

Sagor and Cho are just part of the stage gimmick.

And Johan had heard about the main way these monsters fought.

These monsters have a complete division of roles, just like the players.

First of all, Goku, the attacker.

The skill [觔斗雲 Kin Tou Un] approaches the player at high speed.

His skill [Chishu 72 Changes] makes his body grow to a gigantic size, and he can deal powerful blows.

And when certain conditions are met (the conditions are unknown at the moment), he activates his skill [Superb Transformation]. All the hairs on his body turn reddish-gold, and all his stats increase, making him a high-fire attacker.

Next is Cho, the assistant.

Once the battle begins, he is a nasty buffer who uses his auxiliary skills on Goku endlessly, adding [Speed Increase], [Invincibility Penetration], [Defense Penetration], and [HP Drain] to further strengthen Goku.

Sagor is the last one to recover. He heals Goku and Cho’s damage immediately. He also puts up a barrier that blocks Cho and Sagor from long-range magic attacks. Sago also has a skill that revives defeated Goku and Cho, making him the first monster to be defeated.


The three of them recognize Johan as an enemy and enter a fighting stance. At the same time, Johan summons Hinadora, who is on top of him. The three switch from walking with Hinadora to summoning her.


“You’re ready for this, Hinadora. Well then, let’s keep going– Evolution Summon!”


Hinadra’s body is enveloped in light and a huge magic circle spreads out. a Kronodragon in jet-black armor emerges from within.


Goku shouts and rushes towards you with his Nyoi stick ready. Cho is casting a series of auxiliary spells at Goku.

Johan didn’t know what had been set up. He casts Dance of the Immortal Butterfly on himself and activates Decoy, just in case. He concentrates Goku’s attacks on him.


“It’s… It’s heavy.”

Johan attacks with an overwhelming thrust with his Nyori-Bo. It penetrates the invincibility provided by the Dance of the Phoenix, and takes away Johan’s HP.

“Guts activated? How powerful… Chronodragon!”

Johann, sensing that defensive penetration would probably be used as well, sends instructions to the Chronodragon that was standing behind him.


Chronodragon aims at Goku with [Geoside Force], but Goku avoids it. He uses [Jiku Tensei] to restore his HP and MP.

“I’m going after it… [bug]… [discharge]!!!”

Black insects crawl out of the gaps in Johann’s armor and track Gokou. Johann’s hand fires a volley of electric bolts at Gokou.

“Kikki… Kikki… Gee.”

Goku, on the other hand, activates his skill [觔斗雲]. He rides the small cloud and tries to evade, but he cannot avoid it, and some of his thunderbolts hit him.

“Stan’s here! Chronodragon!”


Chrono Dragon unleashes the Geocide Force again on Goku, who can no longer move.



But he wasn’t done. Goku had one point of HP left in his bar. Perhaps Cho had given him Guts. And then there’s the recovery effect.

Gokou’s HP is completely restored by Sagor’s recovery magic.

“Hmm… I guess we’ll have to do something from their side.”

I had originally planned to draw Goku to me and have Chronodragon attack the two support units, but the opportunity presented itself and I ended up going for Goku.

I have reflected on this and now remember the basics again.

“Activate Skill–[Ice Disintegration]!”

Johan activates Crystal Leo’s skill. A pillar of ice appears around Johan, and it gradually takes the shape of Johan. The pillars quickly become three ice dolls with the same stats as Johan.

“Three of them attack Sagor and Cho!”

The three ice puppets dash towards the two assistants.

Unlike the alter ego created by the [multiplication], which must be controlled by your brain, the ice doll created by the ice alter ego is automatically controlled by the AI.

Johan decided to use [Ice Divide], which he hadn’t used so far because he couldn’t use the skill. Johan decided to use [Ice Disintegration], which he hadn’t used before because “I can’t use the skill.


Goku tries to attack the ice puppets running towards Sago & Cho.

“I won’t let you–[decoy]!”

The decoys focus Goku’s target on himself. Goku grits his teeth in annoyance and attacks Johan with his Nyoi Bou.

“I’m not going to beat you up either–[All Dimension][Genocide Wars]!”

But Johan keeps Goku at bay. He unleashes a missile barrage and an all-range attack from the Hinabid. Goku decides that if he doesn’t stop his attack, he’ll be killed in an instant. Goku waits for Johan to run out of breath before switching to evasive maneuvers.

However, the Chronodragon behind Johan activates [Space-Time Reincarnation] at regular intervals, so you won’t have to worry about running out of Attack Skills.

Can we go now?

The Johan vs Goku fight is at a stalemate. All that’s left is for an ice puppet with the same stats as Johan to defeat Sagor and Cho.

“Geez… What the hell is that…”

Johan looked at the Ice Dolls and his voice leaked out. The Ice Puppets had the upper hand against the two bosses, but…

One of the three ice dolls is strangling Cho with both hands.

And the two that remained, one had Sagor pinned in the wings and the other was punching him in the body.

What is that, a lynching?

They must be very durable. Sagor seems to be taking a long time to disappear. It may be an efficient way to fight, but the fact that Sagor and Cho look like pretty girls makes for a pretty ugly picture.


And then he looks at Sagor, who can’t move. He never speaks, but his eyes say, “You fight like hell, don’t you?” “How bad are your fights? Eyes speak louder than words.

“You’ve got it all wrong. This is the work of an AI… Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me like that… You’re making us look like the bad guys.

The other team is a legitimate Journey to the West team, and from the outside Johan and his team are completely the bad guys. But that’s not the first time that’s happened.

“Damn it, Chronodragon! Kill them all at once!”

“Mooooooooo! –Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

At Johann’s direction, Chronodragon unleashes a geocide force of intervention. The strike of light destroys Sagor and Cho, both of whom have only a few HP remaining.

“…!!!” Wai-wai-wai!

“…!!!” Wai-wai-wai!

“…!!!” Wai-wai-wai!

And the remaining ice puppets begin to dance in triumph. Johan is disgusted by their barbaric dance, and deactivates his Ice Division skill. The Ice Dolls melt away.

“The ice alter ego is strong… But it’s kind of hard to use.

I was feeling somewhat disappointed. Goku, who had been concentrating on avoiding the situation, becomes furious.


“Ah, so that’s the rumored [Super Change]…”

Goku’s once-white fur has turned reddish-gold, and his body is enveloped in an aura like a bolt of lightning. His muscles seem to have swelled as well.

“Oh, cool. I wonder if it had to be triggered by one of our own getting killed?”

Johan mumbled in a relaxed manner as he prepared to close the door.