What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 121

Chapter 121: The Forgotten City

After defeating Goku and exiting the dungeon, you find yourself in a city.

Layer 4 Amaterasu City.

The city is lined with buildings reminiscent of modern Tokyo, and the ground is paved with asphalt. In the center of the city, a building similar to the Tokyo Tower rises above the city.

But what’s odd is that everything is covered in moss and ivy, and it looks as if it’s on the verge of collapsing. It was as if Japan had been wiped out a few thousand years ago.

“Oh, I thought modern artifacts only lasted a hundred years or so. Well, whatever. Let’s just take a walk.”

Johann walks away in his jet-black armor. There were shops and cafes here and there, but none of them were usable. He can get in, but there are no NPCs inside, and nothing is there.

“It’s strange. All these buildings and nothing. Is this what the whole city looks like?”

“Ooooh. I see Gilmouth is up there too.”

“Long time no see, Johann!”

“Yeah. You both look great. And… I’m sure you are.

Auga and Mei greet Johan. Cross, the other one, opens his mouth with an exaggerated motion.

Hi. My name is Cross. I am Oga’s mortal rival and one day I will defeat you. I look forward to getting to know you.

(Let’s see. Mr. Ogre’s rival. I remember.)

So what were you three doing?

I asked him about it, and it seems that he was looking for some kind of event or quest in Amaterasu City.

But not only was there nothing like that, there was not even a shop.

“The guild hall, where we can warp to the guild home, was working, but other than that, we can’t use any of the other facilities.”

“I can get in, but it’s like there’s nothing there.”

“I see… Maybe there’s something to it later.”

As we were talking, one of the players shouted, “You can’t just make it and then implement it…” I know how you feel, but calm down, Johan. I know what you’re thinking, but calm down, Johan, there are kids watching.

As I was pondering what to do, Cross seemed to have found something and was beckoning to me.

“What the hell is this?”

“I’ve never seen that before, okay?”

Oga and Mei are also surprised.

“Amaterasu City was built to resemble Japanese architecture. But there was one object that couldn’t be found in Japan. That means… This is the entrance to the hidden passage! Damn it! Don’t think you can escape the eye of this genius!”

Isn’t this a phone booth?

Moss and rust had obscured the inside, but it was really a telephone booth that they were making noise about. Johann thought it was a bunch of elementary school kids playing around, but apparently it was not.

“Johann, do you know what this is?”

“Yeah. So, it’s a phone booth, right?

“A phone booth? From the name, I’m guessing it’s a phone vending machine?”

“No, no. There’s a phone in here, and you pay to make a phone call. Since cell phones became popular, there are fewer and fewer of them.”

Johan remembers that his father used to give him a phone card when he was a child, just in case something happened to him. But even after Johan’s explanation, the children still have question marks in their minds.

“Um… Why bother using a pay phone when you have a phone?”


“Isn’t that a spare in case it runs out of charge?”


“That’s it, Mae. The sound quality is great.”

“Oh, I see!”

“Oh, no.”

Johann thinks it’s a joke, but these schoolchildren really think it’s a telephone booth. You can tell them here that this phone booth is the culture of an older generation, but you can’t be sure that they won’t be traumatized by an unexpected blow from a bunch of schoolchildren. Alaska’s heart is made of glass. Self-preservation is important.

And then it hit Johann. A bad flash. Johann smiles like a child who’s just thought of a trick behind his iron mask.

“Yes, it’s like that, isn’t it, Johann?”

“Yeah. I think you’re about right. There’s a lot of theories.

But I don’t see them anymore. I don’t know why.

“It’s simple, Auger. The average Japanese income continues to fall. That’s probably why fewer people are paying to make phone calls.”

Cross says plausibly, “I’d have to pay for a smartphone, too…” Johan opens his mouth.

“That’s one thing. But there’s another reason.”

Johann’s frightening voice startles the three schoolchildren.

Yeah, another reason… Is it?” (grunts)

“Yeah, yeah. In some of the phone booths. Sometimes you could connect to the afterlife and hear spirits.

The afterlife?

“The voice of the spirit?”

“Yes. When I used it, I heard dead people. After a string of complaints like that, this phone booth disappeared.

Frightened schoolchildren. The sight of them makes Johan’s mischievousness burn even hotter. Johann opens the door of the telephone booth. The sound of a creak is heard, and Mei lets out a little squeal.

And Johan takes the receiver and puts it to his ear.

“Oh, yeah, like this… The world and the afterlife are connected.

‘Dashite… I’m here… Tuskete… Hey… Yeah? Kikoeteru yo ne e?

Johan slammed down the phone.



I don’t care if it’s a phone booth. Let’s not worry about the phone booth.

Johan walks out of the phone booth and starts to walk.

“Excuse me? I’m wondering what’s going on.”

What the hell did you hear?

“I don’t know… Let’s go after Gilmas.”

After that, no one checked the phone booth.